How to make a Springtime, Paper Clay Bunny

My apologies to today’s Springtime, Paper Clay Bunny. He’s part of the new blog header, over on the left-hand side, but an unfortunate crop cut off his cute little head (fortunately, he didn’t suffer the same slight over on Facebook, where the photo is larger). This DIY Paper Clay Bunny is the charming companion to yesterday’s Paper Clay Spring Chick. Both of these springtime buddies are designed by Rebekah Meier.

You can DIY this! Just follow the step-by-step tutorial on

Springtime Paper Clay Bunny by Rebekah Meier.

Adorable DIY! Make these with the step-by-step tutorial on

I love these both and cannot pick a favorite. Can you?

To make a Springtime, Paper Clay Bunny, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam:
    • 1” & 1-1/2” balls
    • 4” egg
    • 3” disc
  • Paper clay (Rebekah uses Creative Paper Clay®)
  • Acrylic craft paint: light pink, cream, yellow, soft white, burnt umber
  • Acrylic satin varnish
  • Staining & antiquing medium
  • Ribbon:
    • Grosgrain, ¼” x 12”
    • Satin, 1/8” x 6”
    • Decorative, ¾” x 10” (disc)
  • Fabric in coordinating print, 1” x 12”
  • Scrapbook paper, one sheet, double sided
  • Floral stem wire, 18-gauge
  • Floral tape
  • Pearl beads, two 2mm
  • Button thread & needle
  • Cosmetic blush
  • Fine glitter
  • Glitter glue in yellow
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; deco edge scissors; toothpicks; flat and liner paintbrushes; bamboo skewer; clay roller; wire cutters

To make a Springtime, Paper Clay Bunny:

1. Position 1-1/2” ball on the wide end of the foam egg. Rub the two shapes together so they fit snugly, then attach the head to the body using glue and toothpicks.

2. Ears: Cut two, 5-1/2″ pieces from stem wire. Bend wire in half so ends meet, creating ears. Wrap ears with floral tape. Insert ears into the bunny’s head.

3. Feet: Cut two, 4” lengths of stem wire. Bend each wire into an L-shape and wrap with floral tape. Insert wrapped wires into bottom of egg and glue in place.

4. Cover body with clay: Pinch off a golf ball size amount of paper clay, and roll into a ball. Roll flat with clay roller. Press clay onto the bunny’s body. Continue adding clay, pressing and smoothing until the bunny’s body is completely covered. If needed, wet clay slightly with water to keep it smooth.

Paper clay is easy to use and let's you create so many crafts.

Use a toothpick to create lines for the fingers.

5. Gently pinch the clay on the front of the face, forming a slightly raised area for the bunny’s nose.

6. Roll two, 2” x ½” logs and shape into arms. Attach to the sides of the bunny. Using a toothpick, draw small lines on each hand to create paws.

7. Add thin strips of clay at the wrists and ankles to create cuffs.

8. Roll a small ball of clay and wrap around the 1” foam ball. Add more clay at one end to create an egg. Insert a 4” length of bamboo skewer into the bottom of the egg.

So sweet! This Easter bunny is made with paper clay and Styrofoam brand foam. Tutorial on

What a sweet face.

9. Painting: Be sure clay is completely dry before painting.

  • Head, feet and disc: cream
  • Bunny body: light pink
  • Cuffs at arms and legs: yellow
  • Egg: yellow
  • Bamboo skewer: soft white

10. Once the paint is dry, add details:

  • Egg – Use liner brush to paint zigzag lines and dots in light pink
  • Eyes – using pencil point, dab on two eyes and a nose in burnt umber. Highlight eyes with a small point of soft white.
  • Mouth – using liner brush, paint mouth in burnt umber

11. Mix one part burnt umber paint with two parts antiquing medium and apply to the entire body of bunny (including legs). Immediately remove excess with a paper towel or soft cloth.

Make a base for your crafts from a disc of Styrofoam brand foam.

The bunny stands steady on a disc of STYROFOAM Brand Foam.

12. Trace disc onto scrapbook paper, and cut out with decorative edge scissors. Glue to the bottom of the foam disc. Wrap decorative ribbon around the disc.

13. Glue bunny to the disc.

14. Glue a ½” wide fabric strip around the bunny’s neck. Tie ½” wide fabric strip in bow, and glue to the neck.

15. Apply one coat of varnish to the disc and the chick. While slightly wet, sprinkle with glitter.

16. Blush cheeks and inner ears with cosmetic blush.

17. Squeeze glitter glue on the cuffs at the wrists and ankles.

How to make a ribbon rosette.

There are so many sweet details on this bunny.

18. Ribbon rosette: Stitch a gathering stitch along the edge of a 6” length of ¼” wide grosgrain ribbon. Pull ribbon to gather the ribbon, creating a small flower. Knot thread and cut off. Repeat. Glue ribbon flowers to the front of the bunny. Glue a pearl bead to the center of each flower.

19. Tie ribbon around the bamboo skewer at the bottom of the Easter egg.

20. Brush bunny’s cheeks with cosmetic blush.

Adorable DIY! Make these with the step-by-step tutorial on

They make the cutest couple!

Do you remember the Bunny & Chick Candy Jars Rebekah shared several years ago?

bunny & chick Easter decorating ideas

Folk Art Candy Jars by Rebekah Meier.

This Easter Egg Shadow Box is another springtime craft made with paper clay.

This folk art would cost a lot in the store, but you can make it yourself. Tutorial on

Easter Egg Shadow Box by Denise White.

When I start sharing chicks and bunnies, I know that spring will soon be here. Another sign of spring? Earlier this week, I saw a bluebird! I’m pretty sure he was looking for nesting materials on the snow-covered ground, and you couldn’t miss his bright blue and orange feathers. What signs of spring do you see in your neighborhood?

An Eastern Bluebird.

I saw a bluebird this week!

Happy crafting.


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10 Responses to How to make a Springtime, Paper Clay Bunny

  1. Sar Tann says:

    I’ve always wondered how this was done. Thank you for sharing this!!!! This something I’m definitely going to try once I get a few other projects out of the way. 🙂

  2. CraftyB says:

    Love the vintage look. These would be a great way to welcome warmer weather!!

  3. Angie Dyer says:

    Sweet! Everyone loves these adorable bunnies and chicks! I have never worked with paper clay before. Looks like fun!

    • Sharon says:

      ‘Tis the season for baby critters, right? And who doesn’t love baby bunnies and chicks? I hope you’ll try these and let me know how it goes. Rebekah’s instructions keep it easy. Happy crafting, Angie. Sharon

  4. LisaM6 says:

    The bunny and chick make a great pair. What a fun Easter decoration.
    A blue bird….I hope to see some new birds here soon.

    • Sharon says:

      Do you see bluebirds out there? Their bright colors are almost startling, and they’re just beautiful. I don’t see them often, and it’s a treat when I do. We’ve been a little warmer this week, and I hope you are, too, Lisa.

  5. LOVE his adorable bow tie!! SO cute! Can’t wait to get the clay so I can make these adorable figures! See you next post!

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