More mad for plaid: DIY no-sew Madras Tie Easter Eggs

Today I have another way to repurpose men’s neckties. If you went shopping for second-hand ties after yesterday’s Madras Tie Topiary, I hope you picked up a few extra to DIY these Madras Tie Easter Eggs. I think you’re familiar with the tucking technique used to make these no-sew, fabric Easter eggs, but what’s different is the colorful star added to the wide end of the egg. Designer Kathleen George walks you through the steps.

Use old Madras plaid ties to make these pretty Easter eggs.

Madras Plaid Easter Eggs by Kathleen George.


Here's how to repurpose those old neckties!

 To make Madras Plaid Easter Eggs, you will need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 4” eggs
  • Madras plaid neckties, two
  • Quilt batting, ultra-thin
  • Trim, such as rickrack
  • Pearl head straight pins
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Tools needed: Scissors; sharp pencil; fine tip marker; rubber bands; tape measure; iron; table knife; nail scissors

To make Madras Plaid Easter Eggs:

1. Divide the egg into quarters:

  • Mark the center point on both ends of the egg using the fine tip marker.
  • Stretch two rubber bands around the egg lengthwise, dividing it into four equal sections.
  • Run the marker next to the edge of each rubber band, marking off the sections. Remove the rubber bands.
How to make a tucked, fabric star on a fabric Easter Egg.

You’ll create the star on the wide end of the egg. First, measure and mark points 2″ and 1″ away from the center, and then connect these points to create a star.

2. Mark the wide end for the star:

  • Measure 2” down from the center point of the wide end, and mark this point on each line drawn in Step 1.
  • Measure 1” down from the center point of the wide end, and mark this point in the middle of each section. Draw a line connecting this point to the center of the wide end.
  • Draw a star around the egg by connecting each 2” mark with a 1” mark.

3. Score all lines from Steps 1 & 2 with a sharp pencil.

4. Cut out four large and four small pieces of ultra-thin quilt batting using the pattern. Center each batting piece inside its corresponding section, and glue in place with several dots of white craft glue.

5. Clip the threads that hold the ties together at the back. Remove the liners from inside each tie. Iron the fabric flat.

6. Cut four large pattern pieces from one tie, and four small pattern pieces from the second tie.

No-sew, quick fabric eggs made from old madras plaid ties.

Tuck the fabrics into the egg of STYROFOAM Brand Foam using the table knife. The foam will grip the fabric and hold it in place.

7. Attach the fabric pieces to the egg:

  • Center a fabric piece over the corresponding section on the egg.
  • Use the table knife to push the fabric edges into the foam egg all along the scored lines.
  • Hold the knife as straight as possible, and keep the fabric smooth.
  • Once the fabric piece is “tucked” into the foam, trim away excess threads and fabric with nail scissors.
  • If needed, add a dab of glue to hold loose ends in place.

8. Glue trim over the “seam” lines. Insert pearl head pins in the points of the star.

Use old Madras plaid ties to make these pretty Easter eggs.

DIY these with silk ties and you’ll have beautiful Christmas ornaments instead.

Don’t you think these would make beautiful Christmas ornaments, too? If you used old silk neckties instead of the plaid, cotton ties, you could create some gorgeous fabric ornaments for your tree.

Who’s crafting this weekend?

Happy crafting!


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6 Responses to More mad for plaid: DIY no-sew Madras Tie Easter Eggs

  1. CraftyB says:

    More madras!! Yea! This makes me think Spring may still be coming although the ground is covered with inches of snow. I would love these eggs on my Easter table.

    • Sharon says:

      I hope you get a chance to DIY a basketful of Madras Plaid Easter Eggs to bring a little spring to your Easter table! Happy crafting. Sharon

  2. I am not usually a plaid kind of girl but I really like these plaids! Yes, they would make great Christmas ornaments! You could do red, white and blue plaid for 4th of July, orange, yellows and reds for Fall or any color combo for summer! Awesomeness!! TFS!

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