DIY a golden, glittering String Art Heart (no hammer needed)

I have another easy, no hammers and no pounding (ie, no smashed fingers) String Art Heart tutorial today. This Gold & Glittering String Art Heart is a little more free form, and definitely more sparkly than the original. Patty Schaffer and I put our heads together on this one to find a string that would make it special, and this sequin studded, metallic yarn was the perfect choice. Kids like string art, too, so share the love and make it a family time Valentine’s Day craft.

Easy -- no pouding & smashed fingers! Pretty, too.

To make a Gold & Glittering String Art Heart, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 12” x 12” x 1” block*
  • Fabric, 18” x 18” piece
  • Brass escutcheon pins, 1”
  • Double-sided tape
  • Scrap paper, 11” square
  • Glitter yarn (Patty used Enchant from Premier Yarns in the color King’s Crown)
  • Tools needed: Scissors; pencil; ruler

*If you have a larger sheet, here’s how to cut it to size.

Love this idea -- String Art made with gold yarn with sequins. Beautiful!

The sequins in the yarn add sparkle.

To make a Gold & Glittering String Art Heart:

1. Wrap the fabric around the foam square, folding neatly at the corners, and using double-sided tape to secure the fabric to the foam. If needed, pin fabric to the back to help hold it in place.

2. Make your heart template:

  • Fold the 11” x 11” scrap paper in half.
  • Draw half of a heart.
  • Hold the paper up to a window or a light box and trace the other half of the heart on the blank half of the paper.
  • Open the heart template and determine how you will position the nails. Patty’s nails are spaced ½” apart.
  • Make dots along the heart where the nails will go.

3. Center the template on the fabric-covered foam block, and temporarily tape in place. Push the nails into the foam block, using the dots on the heart template as a guide. Keep the nails straight up and down (not angled), and keep the height of the nails even.

4. Once all of the nails are in place, carefully remove the paper template.

Easy String Art Heart Tutorial. Love the gold sparkle, too!

First, outline the heart. Then, wrap your yarn up & down, and all around. Each time you wrap around a nail, go all the way around to help hold the yarn in place.

5. Knot the glitter yarn around a nail, and trim off the tail. Going from nail to nail, outline the heart first, wrapping completely around each nail before moving on to the next. Wrapping the yarn all the way around a nail will help hold it in place and keep it from slipping.

6. Once the heart is outlined, randomly wrap the glitter yarn around the nails, going from side to side, up and down, and diagonally. Be sure to wrap around each nail at least once, and more often as needed to fill in the heart. Keep going till you’re satisfied with your pattern. Tie off and knot the glitter yarn when completed. Snip thread of glitter yarn from skein.

Don’t you love the sparkle?

Sparkling String Art Heart! And easy, too -- no hammers and no pounding.

Gold & Glittering String Art Heart by Patty Schaffer.

The original String Art Heart is also stunning, and I really can’t choose one over the other. I’m just twice as happy now that I can share two different ways to make a String Art Heart.

Really -- no pounding, no smashed fingers! Easy way to make string art on

Both of these are easy -- no hammers, no pounding! Tutorials on

What do you think of adding a little glitter to string art? Are you adding gold accents to you home?

Happy crafting.


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20 Responses to DIY a golden, glittering String Art Heart (no hammer needed)

  1. Posie Connie says:

    Where did you all find 1″ escutcheons?

  2. Deena Marley says:

    I’m wanting to do this as a craft for my church group. Do you have an idea of how much this cost and where to buy the materials?

    • Sharon says:

      Yay! Thank you for reaching out and making this String Art Heart with your church group. The cost of fabric and yarn/string varies widely, so it’s hard for me to estimate that for you. You might even find that some people have a stash they can bring from home. The price on a sheet of STYROFOAM Brand Foam also varies, depending on where you shop. Right now, I see that Jo-Ann Stores is selling a 1″ x 12″ x 36″ sheet of STYROFOAM Brand Foam for $8.99 and you can get three, 12″ squares from one sheet. Always use your coupon, too — right now Jo-Ann Stores is offering 20% off your entire purchase, so the sheet will be $7.20. Please let me know how your String Art Hearts turn out. Happy crafting! Sharon

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  5. kathrynbaugher says:

    Cute! I love string art. Thanks for linking up to The Creative Circle. Hope to see you this week!

  6. Sandy V. says:

    Love the gold glitter heart art. I’m thinking about making a memorial one for my mom for everyone in my family. My mom’s favorite color was red. About how much does it cost to make one and how long does it take? Love your crafts. Thanks!

    • Sharon says:

      Hi Sandy, What a sweet idea! I imagine your cost could vary quite a bit, depending on where you shopped, the yarn and fabric you chose, and whether or not you used a coupon (always use a coupon, right?). I think you could create this for under $10, depending on the yarn and fabric you selected. You could probably “wrap” it up in a few hours, too. Please let me know if you give it a go, and share a photo, too. I’d love to see it. Happy crafting. Sharon

  7. Angie Dyer says:

    These pictures really get me in the mood to decorate for Valentine’s Day! So sweet!

  8. LOVE this! It takes me back to weekends as a child when we would sit around on a Sunday and do string art as a family! I think I am going to give this a try! Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you for sharing your memories, Barb. This is a fun one for kids and families, absolutely. I hope you do give it a whirl, and maybe have your grandkids help out, too. They’ll love it! Sharon

  9. LisaM6 says:

    Those look like fun to make. I can see adding initials and making it as a wedding gift.

  10. kidosmom says:

    I like the middle one. Thanks for sharing.

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