How to make a Button Heart Mosaic

This Valentine’s Day Button Heart Mosaic is so pretty, you’ll be tempted to display it year-round. Patty Schaffer created this beautiful button mosaic with creamy white buttons in all different sizes. She then mixed in a little lux with flashes of gold that put it right over the top. It’s sort of like working a puzzle, fitting in the right button in just the right spot. Another project for TV craft night!

Button-Art-Heart2 I want to share a few more photos of these pretty details.

Pretty Button Heart looks like a mosaic. I love the touches of gold.

Button Heart Mosaic by Patty Schaffer.

There are two reasons for using the sequins: First, they add pretty sparkle; and second, the holes in the buttons are too large for the sequin pins, and the smaller holes in the sequins help to hold the pins in place.

A beautiful button heart with flashes of gold.

The flashes of gold put this over the top!

To make a Button Heart Mosaic, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 12” x 12” x 1” block*
  • Fabric, 18” x 18” piece
  • Double-sided tape
  • Buttons: Assorted sizes of white buttons; several gold buttons
  • Gold sequins, 8mm
  • Gold sequin pins, #8 (3/4”)
  • Floral pins with white pearl heads, 1-1/2” (Note: Patty trimmed these to 1” lengths; if you can find 1” pearl head pins, use the shorter pins.)
  • Tools needed: Scissors; wire cutters

*You can also cut a larger sheet to size with our cutting tips.

To make a Button Heart Mosaic:

1. Wrap the fabric around the foam square, folding neatly at the corners, and using double-sided tape to secure the fabric to the foam. If needed, pin fabric to the back to help hold it in place.

2. Starting with the larger buttons first, arrange your buttons in a heart shape. Fill in gaps with the smaller buttons. Don’t start to pin them on yet, so you can easily move them around till you like the arrangement.

I love button crafts! Prettiest Button Heart Mosaic over on

Patty pinned on the larger buttons using sequins and sequin pins. The smaller buttons and gold buttons are pinned on with pearl head pins.

3. Once you’re happy with your heart shape and the arrangement of the buttons, pin them on:

  • Pin on the larger buttons using gold sequin pins and gold sequins.
  • Pin on the smaller buttons and gold buttons with pearl head pins. (Note: If needed, trim ends of pins so that they don’t stick out the back.)

4. Fill in blank areas with additional buttons. (Because the buttons aren’t glued down, it’s easy to rearrange as you go.)

Love this button heart and the flashes of gold, too.

I think this is too pretty to put away after Valentine’s Day. You can always use a different color for the background fabric, too.

For another Valentine’s Day button craft, check out Patty’s Sweetheart Button Wreath.

How to make a button wreath on

Sweetheart Button Wreath by Patty Schaffer

You’ll also find links to a video all about making button crafts, including this Button & Button Flowers Wreath.

Simply stunning! One of my favorite button wreaths! has the tutorial.

Button & Button Flowers Wreath by Patty Schaffer.

Patty designs for the button company Blumenthal Lansing, too, so it’s no wonder that she’s a whiz at creating with buttons. What button crafts have you made?

Happy crafting.


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8 Responses to How to make a Button Heart Mosaic

  1. LisaM6 says:

    Love the buttons. Wow. I use buttons to make Snowman pins, embellish cards, tags and the wall hangings I make. I am still using the cool buttons I won from you. Love them. 🙂

    • Sharon says:

      🙂 I love a pretty button craft, too, Lisa. I tried making button snowmen, but something about mine didn’t look quite right. I’m sure yours are adorable! Now, you can add a button heart to your list. Happy crafting, Sharon

  2. Angie Dyer says:

    Love these button heart crafts! The pink button one is my fav! I love all things pink. Growing up, I can recall both my mother and grandmother always had a button jar. If a good shirt were missing a button, they would get into the button jar and usually found an exact match to sew back on the shirt. If a shirt was going to be put in the rag box to be used for cleaning, then the buttons were cut off. They were strung together on a thread which was knotted at the end and placed in the button jar. Probably some still good pieces of that shirt were cut into squares for quilting. During the Great Depression, everything was used until it was used up.

  3. These are all so very pretty! TFS!

  4. Becca Christensen says:

    My button stash is about to our seriously depleted. Thanks for all your hard work.

    • Sharon says:

      🙂 Have fun making your own Button Heart Mosaic, Becca. Now you’ll have your buttons on display where you can enjoy them! Happy crafting. Sharon

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