How to make a Valentine’s Day Deco Mesh Topiary

Crafts ’n Coffee readers love crafts made with mesh ribbon. In fact, the Deco Mesh Christmas Topiary was one of the top crafts in 2014. Which got me thinking about how easy it would be to transform the Deco Mesh Christmas Topiary into a Valentine’s Day Deco Mesh Topiary. Mission accomplished! Today, I’m sharing the Valentine’s Day Deco Mesh Topiary I made, following Patty’s original tutorial, and adding a few different embellishments. I’m sharing my tips, so you can learn from my process.

DIY a Deco Mesh Topiary for Valentine's Day.
Here’s the original Deco Mesh Christmas Topiary. Both topiaries use red and white mesh ribbon, and changing up the embellishments transforms it from Christmas to Valentine’s Day.


To make your Valentine’s Day Deco Mesh Topiary, you’ll want to follow Patty’s basic tutorial. And then, here’s what I did to change it up from the original.

Supplies to DIY a Deco Mesh Valentine's Day Topiary.

I used 20″ wide mesh ribbon with thin, sparkly ribbons woven through the mesh.

Mesh Ribbon

  • I used a mesh ribbon that had thin, metallic ribbons woven through the mesh, instead of an open weave. I like that this mesh ribbon has a little more “bling.” On the downside, it was 20” wide, so I had to cut it in half for the 10” wide widths. This leads to loose ends, and I’ve had to trim my topiary a couple of times. If you want to avoid this mess, look for rolls of mesh ribbon that are 10” wide.
How to cut deco mesh.

I cut my 20″ wide mesh ribbon into two, 10″ wide strips. It wasn’t hard to do, but it made for loose ends on the finished topiary. If I had to do it again, I would go with the 10″ wide mesh ribbon.

  • One other change I made is that I cut my lengths of mesh ribbon 8” long, about an inch longer than Patty. I had an easier time rolling up my ribbon when I had a little extra length.
How to make a Deco Mesh Topiary.

Roll an 8″ length of Deco Mesh into a tube, and then cinch it in the middle with wire.

Dowel Rod & Pot

  • I used a ½” diameter dowel, about 20” long, for the stem. I think it might look better with a wider dowel, but this is what I had on hand. I painted it red, and then added some red glitter, too.
  • I happened to have a red metal pot leftover from a Christmas poinsettia and it was the perfect size for my topiary. It’s 7” wide at the top and about 6-1/2” tall.
  • I filled the pot with a 4” ball of STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam, and wedged in scraps till it all fit snugly. I topped off the pot with a mix of white paper shred and iridescent basket shred. Adding a few red, glittered hearts on top is optional.

Now, for the embellishments:

Valentine's Day decorations for a Deco Mesh Topiary.

Here’s what I used to decorate my topiary — floral picks, duct tape, and glittered hearts.

  • I substituted white, glittered hearts for the red ornaments. You’ll need about 16 – 20 hearts to decorate your topiary. Here’s how to add the hearts:
    1. Remove the wires from wooden floral picks. Wrap the picks in red duct tape. (You could also paint them red. I just happened to have the duct tape handy and didn’t want to wait for paint to dry.)
    2. Insert a pick into the back of the heart, remove the pick, add a dab of low temp glue, and insert the pick again.
    3. Insert the pick into the topiary.
A DIY heart pick for Valentine's Day.

I wrapped the green floral picks with red duct tape so they would be less visible. You could also paint them.

The red & white color scheme works for both Christmas and Valentine’s Day. I’m wondering now if you could make the embellishments removable, and swap them out for the holidays. Perhaps you could even add a little something blue in the summer and make it a patriotic topiary. Hmm . . .

Make a Deco Mesh Topiary for Christmas OR Valentine's Day!

How would you make this into a Patriotic Deco Mesh Topiary?

Here’s another version – a St. Patrick’s Day Deco Mesh Topiary.

Easy St. Patrick's Day decoration -- a Deco Mesh Topiary.

St. Patrick’s Day Deco Mesh Topiary by Dondi Richardson.

Patty and I have been scheming a few more Valentine’s Day crafts, and I think you are going to love what she’s sharing next. Please be sure to stop by later this week.

Is everyone snug and warm inside today? If you’re in the middle of this winter storm, stay inside, fire up the glue gun and get crafting!

Happy crafting.


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23 Responses to How to make a Valentine’s Day Deco Mesh Topiary

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  2. Carol Moncivaiz says:

    How do you tie all the mesh to stick

  3. Dawn says:

    Hello Sharon, thank you so much for this idea! Can you let me know the gauge of the wire used and the type of glue to keep the dowel in place? Many thanks

    • Sharon says:

      Hi Dawn, Thanks for stopping in! The wire I used was flexible and easy to twist, and it’s something I have on hand. There is no packaging or label, unfortunately. To glue the dowel in place, you can use a low-temp glue gun or a thick, white craft glue. If you use the thick, white craft glue, you’ll need to give the project more time for the glue to set up. Let me know if you have any other questions. I can’t wait to hear how yours turns out! Sharon

  4. eve says:

    hi , I can use some help. can you show a video or image on how you create the tube from mesh and inserting it? i cannot figure out what I am doing wrong
    if you can post a photo would greatly appreciate it

    • Sharon says:

      Hi Eve, I have a photo of the tubes and I’ll add it to the post this morning. I hope it helps, and if you still have questions, please let me know. Thanks so much. Sharon

  5. Katiria says:

    I love the Valentine’s Topiary thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Angie Dyer says:

    I have always enjoyed topiaries, but never made one myself. Love these for Valentine’s Day or for St Patrick’s Day! Hoping that all of you purchased some Christmas leftover deco mesh in reds and greens for these project. Always good to plan ahead in my after the holiday shopping for these types of treasures. I have even seen some of the deco mesh at the Dollar Tree store. Keep your eyes open for sales for future holidays. The magic is being able to utilize these for more than one holiday. With only changing out the decorations, but leaving the deco mesh, could make the red and white into Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, or Christmas. The green can change into spring, fall, Halloween, or Thanksgiving. Have fun!

    • Sharon says:

      You are so right, Angie. In fact, I purchased my mesh ribbon after Christmas and saved a ton! I think the big challenge is remembering what you bought post-Christmas, so you don’t buy it again next season :-). Sharon

  7. annehaun says:

    Oh do I love this topiary especially the ST. Patrick’s topiary.

    • Sharon says:

      It sounds like you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Anne. I have a few more St. Patrick’s Day crafts planned for February/March. Stay tuned! Sharon

  8. LisaM6 says:

    Love those. I’ll have to show my neighbor these. She is looking for a center piece for March. 🙂

    • Sharon says:

      Perfect, Lisa! She could craft this in the St. Patrick’s day theme, or in a springy color scheme, too. These would be beautiful as a centerpiece. Sharon

  9. Paula Collins says:

    Love it how clever!

  10. I love these mesh topiaries!! I have silver, gold and copper mesh so I am going to use those colors to make one! Just need to get a dowel and decide what I want to use as embellishments then I will be ready to go!! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Sharon says:

      Ooh, the metallic deco mesh should be gorgeous! Let me know how you decide to embellish your topiary, and send a photo, too. I’d love to see it! Happy crafting. Sharon

  11. kidosmom says:

    Nice wreaths, I like the rolled up vs just doing the mesh.

  12. I really enjoy your craft ideas. Someone that’s a very good imagination….Thanks for sharing

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