Book page hearts + love letters = Valentine’s Day décor

Book page hearts, love letters and flashes of gold? How romantic is this Valentine’s Day Wall Hanging? Designer Patty Schaffer cut up old books to make the hearts, and then added touches of gold – beautiful! Here’s what else I like – she custom cut the heart from a sheet of foam, so she could make it the size and shape she liked best. So, you can do the same and make it smaller, larger, or any shape heart you like. Read on for Patty’s tips.

Book page hearts + LOVE letters = this pretty, Valentine's Day Wall Hanging.

Love Letters Wall Hanging by Patty Schaffer

To make a Love Letters Wall Hanging, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 12” x 12” x 1” sheet
  • Paper:
    • Pages from an old book
    • Patterned scrapbook paper (to cover the heart)
    • Gold paper
    • Pink glittered cardstock
  • Leafing Pen in Gold (Patty used a Krylon Leafing Pen)
  • Ribbon (for hanging)
  • Glue dots
  • Double-sided tape
  • Tools needed: Scissors; serrated knife and a bar of soap or an old candle OR StyroCutter® Plus*; straight pins; heart punch; sharp pencil

*Note: You can cut the foam sheet with a serrated knife, and waxing the knife blade with a bar of soap or an old candle will make the cutting smoother. Or, do what Patty did and use the StyroCutter® Plus. This handheld tool has a hot wire tip that heats up and cuts right through the foam – clean & easy!

Beautiful details from this romantic, Book Page Heart Valentine's Day Wallhanging.

You’ll gently fold the hearts on top, so they almost look like they’re fluttering.

To make a Love Letters Wall Hanging:

1. Design your heart shape on scrap paper or old newspaper, and cut out. Patty’s heart is 12” wide and 8” tall. Pin the pattern to the foam sheet and trace around the heart with a sharp pencil, scoring the foam. Cut out the heart using a serrated knife or the StyroCutter Plus.

2. Cover the front and sides of the foam heart with patterned paper:

  • Cut 1-½” wide strips of patterned paper to cover the sides.
  • Snip ½” slits into the top edge of each strip, making little tabs.
  • Adhere the strips around the sides of the heart using double-sided tape. Bend tabs over onto the front of the heart.
  • Trace around the heart on the reverse side of your patterned paper. Cut out the paper heart and tape onto the front of the foam heart.
  • Note: If needed, you can also use a paper adhesive to help hold the pieces in place.

3. Punch out hearts from the book pages. Cut out some freehand hearts, too, so that you have an assortment of sizes. Outline the edges with a gold Leafing Pen.

4. Randomly adhere the book page hearts to the foam heart with glue dots. Carefully fold up the sides of the hearts in the top layer so they stick up a bit.

Beautiful gold details on book page hearts.

You’ll outline each heart in gold, and add a few hearts cut from gold paper, too.

5. Punch out five hearts from the gold paper, and freehand cut five smaller hearts from the book pages. Adhere the five gold hearts around the wreath. Adhere the smaller, plain book page hearts on top of the gold hearts.

5. Freehand cut L, V, E and a heart for the O from the pink glittered cardstock. Adhere to the heart.

I LOVE this Valentine's Day wall hanging made with book page hearts.

Patty cut the letters from pink glittered cardstock.

6. Pin and glue a ribbon hanger to the back.

Book page hearts + LOVE letters = this pretty, Valentine's Day Wall Hanging.

The gold accents add so much!

Isn’t it beautiful? And like I said, I love that you can make this any size you like. Have you ever used a StyroCutter Plus?

I’ll have another new Valentine’s Day craft from Patty tomorrow. See you then!

Happy crafting.


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13 Responses to Book page hearts + love letters = Valentine’s Day décor

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  3. CraftyB says:

    Just love that wreath! Festive and fun with a little bookworm thrown in…

  4. Angie Dyer says:

    Looks like love to me! I really like how the pages were cut into hearts and remade into another item! It would also work for a round wreath!

    • Sharon says:

      Re-using what you have is always a good idea, right Angie? And yes, these would be so pretty on a round wreath. Or even a heart shaped wreath. I always love your ideas, and thank you for sharing! Sharon

  5. This is a cute idea! TFS!

  6. Katiria says:

    What a great idea I love the whole look. I haven’t used a StyroCutter Plus but it sounds like every crafter should have one.

    • Sharon says:

      It is an awesome tool, and you would love it, Katiria. Hmm, you have me thinking that maybe I should have a StyroCutter giveaway sometime . . . 🙂 Sharon

  7. LisaM6 says:

    Great idea. Love the use of the paper hearts and glitter letters. You could add all kinds of papers to make it to your own.

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