DIY a square snowman? Why not!

Snowman crafts are popular on Crafts ‘n Coffee, so I’m sharing a few favorite, DIY snowmen this week. I’ve chosen snowmen of all shapes and sizes, and each one uses different materials and techniques. By the end of the week, I hope you’ve found a snowman that you can’t wait to make. Today, I’m starting with the Paper Cube Snowman – yes, a square snowman! To be more accurate, I think she’s a square snow woman.

DIY snowman crafts with scrapbook paper and Styrofoam

Paper Cube Snowman by Kathleen George.

It’s the details that make this snowy lady so captivating.

How to make a Paper Cube Snowman from scrapbook paper and cubes of Styrofoam brand foam.

Take a closer look at the details on the Paper Cube Snowman, especially the embossed paper and colorful buttons.

The embossed scrapbook paper adds whimsical texture, and makes her plain, paper covering so much more interesting. And check out those colorful button accents. And striped arms! The tutorial to make the Paper Cube Snowman is on, so you can get the full details over there.

I have two more snowmen to share later this week. See you Thursday!

Cute winter craft ideas over on

It’s a week of Snowman Crafts — and a Felted Winter Bird from last week.

Happy crafting.


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8 Responses to DIY a square snowman? Why not!

  1. How intriguing! Thank you for this share of a snow Woman :D. That is really quite pretty.

  2. Don’t you know it’s hip to be square? What an adorable snowwoman! LOVE snowmen and she is a winner! TFS!

  3. Mary says:

    That is soooo cute!

  4. Pat Stacer says:

    Looking for directions for a snowman family in the bottom of a large soda bottle. Daughter received it as a gift unfortunately the family dog liked it as much as her . It was a few years ago. The only info was it was purchased at a craft show.

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