Cheery, Felted Birds brighten a winter day

Cardinals are the state bird here in Ohio, and they’re such a pretty sight in the winter (this is a craft blog and not a sports blog, so all references to the state of Ohio have nothing to do with Ohio State and that big game last week 😉  . . .). Rebekah Meyers’ bright red, Felted Winter Birds remind me of cardinals, all bundled up for the winter. Make one or a few to brighten your kitchen windowsill this January.

Cheery winter craft, and easy felting craft, too.

Felted Winter Birds by Rebekah Meier.

 To make Felted Winter Birds, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 2” egg and 1-1/2” ball (for one bird)
  • Wool roving, red
  • Felt: Small pieces of red, cream and yellow
  • Black head pins, two
  • Small baby sock
  • Floral stem wire
  • Optional: Spray glitter (Rebekah used Krylon® Glitter Blast™)
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Tools needed: Scissors; needle felting needle*; pencil; toothpicks

* Note: Felting needles are extremely sharp; use caution. The higher the needle number, the finer the needle and the smaller the hole left in the project.

A cozy winter craft -- easy needle felted bird on

No matter the weather, a flock of these Felted Winter Birds would warm up your day.

To make Felted Winter Birds:

1. Build your bird body: Holding the egg on an angle, attach the ball to the narrow end of the egg. Rub the two pieces together first for a tighter fit. Insert a toothpick between the pieces, and glue them together.

2. Place small, wispy pieces of roving onto the bird. Felt the roving onto the bird with the felting needle, inserting the needle numerous times through the fiberfill and into the foam. Once the fibers are locked into place, continue to add roving, felting it as you go, until your bird is covered in wool roving.

3. Add wings: Cut two, 2” long from the red felt. Glue wings onto the sides of the bird.

4. Add a scarf: Tie a scrap of cream felt around the bird’s neck.

Cute details on this felted bird. Tutorial on

That sweet, stocking cap is a baby sock.

5. Make the hat: Cut a 2” length from the leg of the baby sock, and place on the bird’s head. Tie off the end of the hat with a scrap of felt. Cut fringe into the top of the hat.

6. Eyes: Insert two, black head pins.

7. Beak: Cut a small diamond from the yellow felt. Fold in half, and glue below the eyes.

8. Twist the wire to form the feet, and cut the legs to 2”. Insert legs into the bird. Adjust them if needed so the bird can stand on its own.

9. Optional: Spray with glitter.

If you’re ready to skip right to spring, here’s a Sweet Felted Chick, also designed by Rebekah.

eaasy needle felted Easter Chick tutorial

Felted Easter Chick by Rebekah Meier.

Or, how about this Prim Felted Bunny.

Rebekah Meier shares an easy felting technique to make this Prim, Felted Bunny.

Prim, Felted Bunny by Rebekah Meier.

Are you buried by snow and enduring sub-zero weather this week? How did we live with the Polar Vortex day after day, week after week last year? That said, I don’t think I’m ready for spring yet, are you?

Happy crafting.


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8 Responses to Cheery, Felted Birds brighten a winter day

  1. CraftyB says:

    Love the bright red birds!! Such a great color at this time of the year and I’ll bet they’re hoping for a buckeye win tomorrow!!

  2. These are too sweet for words!! LOVE them all but the Bunny is the best!! Love how he looks vintage!! I haven’t tried felting yet because I am afraid of the needles! I am not allowed sharp things because I have a tendency to get hurt by them! Hubby doesn’t even like me to use a butter knife for fear that I will cut my eye out!
    One day at work I was opening mail and took some papers out of an envelope and they went across my eye. Two hours later my eye was still watering up so bad that I couldn’t see and they brought me to the emergency room. Turns out I had scratched my retina. I had to wear a patch for a week and wasn’t allowed to open the mail after that. Sad but a TRUE STORY!
    maybe one day I will get brave and try this. After I get some shark proof gloves that is! LOL TFS!

  3. Katiria says:

    Oh how cute! My baseball mind envisions those little cardinals as maybe blue jays too or little black and orange ones for Baltimore Orioles fans. Somebody could sell these on etsy…they could make some extra dough. My mind is running away with this. Sharon look at what you started!

    • Sharon says:

      Ooh, what a fun idea! Have you seen the wedding bird cake toppers? Change out the stocking caps for a little top hat and veil, and you could use these at a bridal shower or on a wedding cake. Now you have my mind going, too, Katiria. Thanks! Sharon

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