A whimsical forest of DIY Paper Christmas Trees

These Paper Christmas Trees are so bright and so fun, you absolutely can see the forest for the trees. There’s no missing their colorful patterns and whimsical trims. You can easily make these Paper Christmas Trees your own: make more trees; make them larger or smaller; have each family member design a tree for the forest; and of course, change up the papers and trims. How would you decorate your Paper Christmas Trees?

Super-fun (and super-easy) Christmas display. Make these trees your way! CraftsnCoffee.com

A Forest of Whimsical Paper Trees by Patty Schaffer.

To make a Forest of Paper Christmas Trees, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: Two, 1” x 12” x 12” blocks, or a 1” x 12” x 36” sheet
  • Scrapbook paper, five sheets in coordinating Christmas patterns
  • Ribbon, 1” wide, in assorted styles and colors
  • Trims and accents, including buttons, beads, and ric rac
  • Double-sided tape
  • Tools needed: Scissors; pencil; ruler; serrated knife and an old candle or bar of soap
Sweet details from the Forest of Paper Trees over on CraftsnCoffee.com.

Here’s a closer look at Patty’s embellishments. No doubt you already have a lot of these items on hand!

To make a Forest of Paper Christmas Trees:

1. Using the ruler and a sharp pencil, draw five different triangles on the foam blocks or foam sheet. The triangles can be tall and skinny, short and wide, and anything in between.

2. Wax the knife with an old candle or bar of soap, and cut out each triangle. (Note: If you’re working with kids, always have an adult do this step.)

3. Use the tree shapes as templates and trace each shape onto the backs of the patterned papers. You will need two pieces of the same paper for each tree. Cut out the paper triangles.

4. Apply double sided tape to both sides of each tree. Adhere the paper to each tree, matching the front and back. (Or, mix ‘em up!)

5. Run double sided tape up and down the exposed sides of each tree. Adhere a different ribbon to each tree, covering the foam sides.

6. Decorate each tree with buttons, beads, ric rac, ribbons, and any other accents you have on hand.

These are the cutest Christmas trees! Easy tutorial on CraftsnCoffee.com.

Penguins, buttons, Santa hats — these trees are so fun!

It's the Festival of Trees on CraftsnCoffee.com and here's a sneak peek at tomorrow's tree.

A snippet from tomorrow’s tree . . .

The Festival of Trees continues tomorrow, and here’s a little sneak peek. Gorgeous! You don’t want to miss it!

And don’t forget — today is the last day to enter the Cozy Home giveaway. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow.

Happy crafting.


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4 Responses to A whimsical forest of DIY Paper Christmas Trees

  1. So cute! Will have to make some of these for Christmas decorating this year. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Sharon says:

      Hooray! So glad you’re inspired. Do you have a favorite paper line in mind for these? They could go in so many different directions — love that about this project. Happy crafting! Sharon

      • To be honest I don’t even know the names of any paper lines. I usually just go with a paper pattern that I like, not really paying attention to brand names. But defiantly going to have to attempt this project. Have a great day.

      • Sharon says:

        I’m sure you’ll pick out a beautiful selection. Have fun with this, and please share a photo. I’d love to see your forest of paper trees. Sharon

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