Everyone’s favorite Halloween crafts

I have my favorite crafts here on Crafts ‘n Coffee, and many of them are Halloween crafts. My favorite Halloween crafts are not-scary — no blood and gore, please. They’re just fun, cute and always easy to DIY. Which means they’re also great projects that kids can make, too. I’m a little nostalgic for these Halloween favorites, so I thought I’d share them again today. And tomorrow, I’ll have a new Halloween craft.

Fun and non-scary Halloween favorites for kids and adults! Tutorial on CraftsnCoffee.com

A few of my favorite Halloween crafts from Crafts ‘n Coffee. Kids will love these, too.

Deco Mesh Halloween Ghost

How cute is this Halloween ghost made with Deco Mesh? Tutorial on CraftsnCoffee.com.

Adorable Deco Mesh Ghost by Patty Schaffer.

Ghosts in a Cloche

Three itty bitty Cheesecloth Ghosts decorate this Halloween Cloche. Adorable! And, the cloche is made from a repurposed plastic soda bottle. CraftsnCoffee.com

Halloween Ghost Cloche by Kathleen George.

Halloween Marshmallow PEEPS Topiary

Making these Marshmallow Peeps Halloween cones is super easy. This is a Halloween craft for all ages!

Halloween Marshmallow Peeps Topiary Trees are fun and super easy to make.

Halloween Lollipop Tree

A fun tutorial to make a Halloween Lollipop Tree.

Add googly eyes and eyeballs and you have a Halloween Dum Dum Tree.

Halloween Eyeball Bouquet

These are so fun, and really inexpensive to make. Halloween Eyeball Bouquets on CraftsnCoffee.com.

Mix and match your paints, wiggle eyes and chenille stems to create your favorite look for a Halloween Eyeball Bouquet.

A Handful of Pumpkins

Repurpose an orange glove to make these cute little pumpkins. Handful of Pumpkins tutorial on Crafts 'n Coffee.

Handful of Pumpkins by Kathleen George.

Love this glow-in-the-dark duct tape! Halloween crafting, here I come! CraftsnCoffee.com.

Glow-in-the-dark duct tape?? Yes, please!

Is one of these your favorite, too? Or do you have a favorite Crafts ‘n Coffee Halloween craft that I didn’t include today?

Tomorrow’s project started with one of my weaknesses – duct tape. But really, could you walk past glow-in-the-dark Halloween duct tape and not buy a roll? Yeah, me either. So guess what’s coming tomorrow . . .

Happy crafting.


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2 Responses to Everyone’s favorite Halloween crafts

  1. Love the Ghosts in a Cloche and the Mesh Ghost!!! Can’t wait to see your duct tape creations!! I am addicted to it and have at least 150 different rolls of it!! LOL

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