Candy Corn Crafts Week: DIY Glittered Candy Corn (and a giveaway!)

It’s Candy Corn Crafts Week! This week is all about making Halloween crafts with a candy corn theme. I love candy corn crafts almost as much as candy corn itself, and I’ve made candy corn with duct tape, fabric, and scrapbook paper. Each year, I wonder if I’ll run out of fresh ideas for candy corn crafts and then inspiration hits. Today’s sparkling and colorful Glittered Candy Corn is one of my favorites. To celebrate all things candy corn, I have a sweet giveaway this week, too.

Fun idea -- decorate for Halloween with Glittered Candy Corn. Tutorial on

To make Glittered Candy Corn, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 12” x 18” x 1” sheet; optional: 5” cube or scrap piece
  • Scrap paper (for pattern)
  • Acrylic craft paints in orange, white and yellow
  • Glitter, crystaline
  • Tools needed: Scissors; straight pins; sharp pencil; Exacto® knife; wood skewers; stiff paintbrushes, 1” and ½” wide; newspaper

To make Glittered Candy Corn:

1. Draw a candy corn pattern on scrap paper. To make my pattern, I drew a triangle that measured 5” at the base and was 7” tall. Round the corners to create the candy corn shape. Cut out the pattern.

2. Pin the pattern to the foam sheet, and draw around pattern with sharp pencil.

3. Remove pattern, and score again on the lines you made earlier with the pencil, this time using the Exacto knife. Score the foam as deeply as you can.

4. Position the foam so that the score line is along the edge of a table, and snap off the extra foam. (I’ve used several techniques to cut out candy corn the last few years, and this method is the easiest yet.) Round the corners and any rough edges with a scrap piece of foam.

Glittered Candy Corn DIY on

I always have to double check the colors on candy corn — is the middle orange or yellow?

5. Insert a wood skewer or chopstick into the bottom of the candy corn, and use this as a handle as you paint. Squeeze paint directly onto the foam, and paint to look like a candy corn. I used the larger, 1” brush to fill in most areas, and the more narrow, ½” brush for better control where one color ended and another began.

6. Working over newspaper or a box lid, liberally sprinkle the wet paint with glitter.

7. Insert your handle into the foam block, or another scrap of STYROFOAM Brand Foam, and let dry.

Crafting tips: Insert wet paintbrushes and freshly painted items into a cube of Styrofoam brand foam. The foam will hold the items securely.

I find it handy to place items that need to dry in a cube of STYROFOAM Brand Foam. I also use a cube to hold my wet paintbrushes.

8. Display the candy corn on a mantel, shelf, tabletop, or just about anywhere.

DIY Glittered Candy Corn for super-fun Halloween decor.  Tutorial on

Make one, three, five, or more and place them just about anywhere for a little Halloween fun.

For another super-sized candy corn idea, check out the candy corn made with scrapbook paper.

Easy - made this Halloween candy corn with a sheet of Styrofoam brand foam and scrapbook paper.

Make this super easy and super sized candy corn with scrapbook paper and a sheet of STYROFOAM Brand Foam.

I also have a tutorial to make these Candy Corn Cuties with duct tape.

What a fun Halloween craft -- Candy Corn Cuties made with duct tape. Easy, too.

You can display these little cuties just about anywhere.

And now, the giveaway . . . To celebrate Candy Corn Crafts Week, I’m giving away two Candy & Crafts Prize Packages. Two winners will receive one bag each of classic, Indian, s’mores, and caramel macchiato candy corn. Also in the prize package are copies of Better Homes & Gardens Halloween Tricks & Treats, Holiday Crafts and Christmas Ideas!

**Please Note: This Giveaway is Closed**

Candy & Crafts prize package on

I’m giving away two of these Candy & Crafts Prize Packages!

To win this treat filled prize, tell me about the magazines, blogs, web sites and other places you go for craft ideas. I’m eager to know where you find your inspiration. You have till Monday, September 22, and I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday, September 23.

**Please Note: This Giveaway is Closed**

Happy candy corn crafting.


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97 Responses to Candy Corn Crafts Week: DIY Glittered Candy Corn (and a giveaway!)

  1. Cecile Fleetwood says:

    I look at lots of magazines, websites, Pinterest, peruse the aisles of Michaels, Joann’s, Dollartree, etc. I love Halloween & Chanukah!!! Would like more Chanukah ideas though!

  2. Lisa Cook says:

    I love your site and I get allot from the Styro Foam Crafts and PINterest is one of my BEST Friends, lol. And my favorite store to get ideas is Hobby Lobby!

  3. Kris says:

    Pinterest, google and Facebook

  4. Christina Womack says:

    I love Pinterest!

  5. Krista Piazza says:

    I love candy corn & your adorable craft. The sites I love are yours of course, Tatertots & Jello, Pinterest, Lizard & Ladybug. I love Hobby Lobby, Joann’s & Michaels. Tip Junkie is awesome & Craft Gossip!

  6. Mary Catharine White says:

    I get my inspiration from TV shows, Pinterest, checking out Michaels and Hobby Lobby online, your blog and perusing magazines! I would so love to win this prize so that I can continue to be creative not only for myself but for my granddaughters as well! Nothing better than a gift made with our own 2 hands and a big splash of love!

  7. Ashley Flores says:

    Dollar Tree has a value seekers club with great ideas and of course there’s Pinterest -love love love Pinterest-tons of great ideas!

  8. Ginny D says:

    I use pinterest or google..i also follow more blogs than I can does my we get ideas galore. Pinterest has really helped though.

  9. Stephanie says:

    Most of my ideas (inspiration) come from Pinterest.

  10. mary says:

    Where do I go for ideas? I go everywhere & share most of it. I am inspired by the many bloggers, writers & artists that are so amazing, the list is so massive for me I’ve hit my limit of likes & had to weed down some choices. Thank you too for all the work you put into your posts & the time it must take. Good luck to everyone 🙂

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you, Mary. I love sharing these ideas, and it’s always exciting when someone is inspired to make something they see here. I can understand the need to narrow down your list though. You could spend all day online and never get a minute to craft! Sharon

  11. Diane Whitmarshby says:

    I love your newsletter for great ideas year round, and I also look a various magazines and Google that are showing ideas for the holiday. I would love to win the prize. I am working on a candy corn and ghost painted plate decoration. I will post picture on Facebook page when I finish.

  12. Norma McDonald says:

    I use several resources for crafting. Craft Ideas magazines, interest, my own imagination, crafts n coffee, Aileen big book of crafts, Martha Stewart. I’m always looking for New ideas and New places to find craft ideas. I love crafting with a passionR u ready

  13. uniquelyyoursbyshay says:

    My favorite magazine for craft ideas is!!!

  14. Lynn Clogston says:

    Usually start with a generic search, but then like to follow the trail of bread crumbs through different sites until something strikes me.

  15. Lane McLoud says:

    I subscribe to many email newsletters–RedTedArt, AllFreeCrafts, etc.– and Pinterest and FaceBook pages for home decor, crafts, woodworking, etc. I am always looking for new ideas. Glad I found your site.

  16. Chris says:

    I usually go to Fave Crafts and Craft Gossip, JoAnn and Hancock and Michaels as well.I see some new ones on your blog.

  17. Patty says:

    I start buying Christmas at Hobby Lobby as soon as it comes out. For inspiration I use Pinterest and the many blogs I follow.

    • Sharon says:

      Are you a year-round Christmas crafter, Patty? I know Hobby Lobby sets up its Christmas display super early. Glad you stopped in, and thanks for the comment. Sharon

  18. Cindy Koester says:

    I use All You magazines, Crafts and More, Womens Day, Country, Pintrest, Google, etc. Always looking for easy finds for nursing home residents!

  19. Lisa Higgins says:

    I look at facebook, I am subscribed to crafts n things magazine and I look at pinterest for craft inspiration. I also go to the ornament girls website for craft patterns and ideas. I am not very creative so I need all the help I can get! I love working with plastic canvas and Styrofoam balls and trees to make ornaments. Thank you for the giveaway!

  20. Jackie Dye says:

    I use pintrest. women’s day magazine. I Love Your blog. Fall and Winter are my fav. Times to craft!!♡

  21. Donna Baker says:

    I get magazines, craft books, check out online items and get ideas from friends and relatives. Have always loved crafting especially for holidays. I check the thrift stores once a week for left over crafting items ( you can sometimes find a lot of treasures there).

  22. Faith K says:

    Running out to get foam for those adorable glittered candy corns. Then I need to figure out where I stashed my glitter. lol A trip to the Dollar Tree might be in order. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful ideas. Pinterest seems to be my ‘go to’ place for ideas, suggestions and tutorials. In another month I’ll be a Christmas craftin’ fool!

  23. Liz Kinneavy says:

    I just love sites like this. Full of easy crafts to do with little ones. Not a lot of equipment needed and some of it can be bought from the £ shops. I love this time of the yesr, so many crafts that can be made for the hollidays. Liz

  24. Family Fun magazine, going to the craft stores especially near the holidays can provide inspiration and the Dollar stores and dollar sections in Target.

    • Sharon says:

      I love Family Fun magazine, too. And you’re right, you never know when you’ll find inspiration wandering the aisles in a store. Happy crafting! Sharon

  25. Cindy Kolpek says:

    I work in a nursing home environment so in addition to your craft ideas I also use a website called which has craft ideas as well as other event planning ideas.

  26. First I love Halloween, second I love Candy Corn, third I love all these crafts!!! I get my inspiration mostly from Pinterest, but I pin from Michaels, STYROFOAM, CraftsnCoffee, 100 Days of Holidays, and It’s Always Autumn. I tried to start a challenge of a Craft-A-Week on a blog “”, but I never had a follower leave a comment and started losing motivation. Now that it is getting close to my favorite holiday, I am getting excited again! Thank you for sharing all your ideas!

    • Sharon says:

      Thanks for such a great list! There are ideas here to keep you crafting for months (years?). The holidays are a fun time to craft — glad you’re feeling motivated again. Happy crafting. Sharon

  27. Birgit says:

    Hi Sharon,

    What fun stuff — I would really like candy corn to be sold in Germany, too. 🙂

    I really enjoying visiting Living Locurto — Amy is one creative soul!

    Happy crafting — and thanks for the chance to win such goodies –,

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you, Birgit, and I wish you could buy candy corn, too! Though I know you have some of your own special sweets over there. Amy is amazing — thanks for adding her to the list. Happy Halloween crafting! Sharon

  28. Oh my gosh, these are adorable! I’m totally going to have to make me a set for the house! This is my favorite time of year so I’m looking year around for fun fall/Halloween craft ideas and my favorite go-to idea sites are Pinterest and Thank you so much for the chance to win such a cute and fun prize pack :)!

    • Sharon says:

      This is my favorite season, too, Stephanie. So glad you like the Glittered Candy Corn, and I hope you’ll share a photo of yours when they’re done. Happy crafting. Sharon

  29. Jenna Oh says:

    I usually use google 😀 And just browse trough different blogs 🙂

  30. Gretchen Lee says:

    I love your candy corn ideas! So stinkin cute. Since I’m a scrapper and a card maker mostly, I usually snoop thru magazines relating to those subjects. I also have a couple good friends that sell Close to my Heart and Stampin Up products so I follow them on Pinterest. I am in love with Tilda with the Magnolia stamps too so I always check out Magnolia websites and their blogs. I started following Ann of One Sutton Place to get inspired on Fall decorating. There are so many wonderful sites and blogs these days to get inspiration from, along with my magazine subscriptions to Better Homes and Garden and HGTV, to name a couple:)

  31. Susan Samuel says:

    What ever did I do before the internet. I love searching to see what comes out, although I sometimes think I must live on another planet with some of the things on offer. Love your site for great ideas – which I am signed up for.

  32. LisaM6 says:

    Sharon~ besides your blog…I ilke pinterest, craftaholics, hugsisters board and I love to read anything I can find on crafting.

  33. Teri says:

    This may sound unusual, but I find a lot of my inspiration from a game on FB called Pet City. There are an amazing group of people who play and they come up with so many interesting ideas when designing their rooms, or asking the developers for new items to use in the game. It gets my creative juices flowing and keeps me busy trying to figure out how to reproduce some of the items I see there. I also try to reproduce items that I see on crochet sites with different mediums too.

  34. Angie Dyer says:

    Candy corn makes everyone happy and smile! Love the glitter techniques as well as the painted ones. Candy corn is a fun autumn treat not only to eat, but also to decorate. Use Pinterest and Hobby Lobby for inspiration

  35. I like to watch tutorials on You Tube, along with this site & all of the “All Free……” sites, especially knitting, sewing & crochet. Thanks for the tutes!!

  36. I always check out! Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. Mandy says:

    Cool giveaway! I love your site for crafting ideas and I love Craft Gossip too!

  38. April Adler says:

    I like to get ideas from oriental trading co books, I make my own patterns and personalize them. Also different sites on pinterest are great, would like more tutorials tho… some of them are hard to figure out! I love Crafts n Coffee for inspiration!

    • Sharon says:

      I like Oriental Trading, too. I was just paging through a few of their catalogs yesterday. What sort of patterns do you make? Thanks for stopping in. Sharon

  39. Sharon, your site provides the best craft ideas I can find. Love lookin at all your ideas. Even made a few crafts and I am not crafty

    • Sharon says:

      Awesome! Which projects did you try? I’d love to hear about your crafty adventures! And thank you so much for following Crafts ‘n Coffee! I really appreciate every one of my readers. Sharon

  40. Carla says:

    I use Lowes Home Ideas, pinterest and lots and lots of craft blogs(this one included) to get ideas and inspiration!

  41. Donna O'Neil says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Candy corn but I never crafted with it! I usually check pinterest or my favorite crafting blogs like Tatertots and Jello and UCreate or I go to

  42. annehaun says:

    What a fantastic giveaway. I seem to get most of my inspiration from your blog and pinterest. I also enjoy Craftoholic Anonymous and Tater Tots and Jello blogs. My favorite magazine inspiration comes from Better Homes and Gardens, Womens Day and Family Circle. These magazines offer great ideas but not always the tutorials that I enjoy.

  43. Unsmileys says:

    Shiny & creative 🙂
    And I do DIY too 🙂


    Please check out my blog if you want
    Thanks & Happy blogging

  44. Angie says:

    Thanks for the chance of getting some great prizes! I am always on pinterest looking for new ideas and I love getting the email telling me when you’ve posted something new! I don’t have any particular magazines that I look to for inspiration but any time I’m at the craft store I always look for one that strikes my fancy!

  45. Annette says:

    I love to read Better Homes & Gardens holiday & quilting magazines for inspiration. Country Sampler is another favorite magazine.
    I also love to decorate with the seasons, with my quilts and holiday table toppers.

  46. isabella says:

    Great idea! 🙂

  47. I get my inspiration from Facebook posts, blogs, pinterest, Craft Ideas magazine, Scrapbook & Cards Today magazine and dreams. I have to keep a notebook and pen beside my bed because I wake up in the middle of the night with a card or project idea just bursting to get out into the real world. If I am too tired to get up and go make it right away I write it down so I can get back to sleep and make it later. Nature also is a great inspiration to me. I love trying to pick out a few colors from nature and creating something using them.
    PS. What a sweet giveaway!! Definitely want my name to be in the hat for this one! LOVE the glittered candy corn. They are two of my favorite things so combining them is awesome! TFS!

  48. Lori says:

    Sharon, these are so fun!!

  49. hobby lobby and then the dollar store to get glitter and then on the net holiday crafts
    and any book i can get hands on

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