Button craft: DIY a Button Acorn for fall

I have one more easy fall decorating idea today, and it’s a fall craft the kids can help with, too. My daughter and I both worked on these Button Acorns, and we love how they turned out. Initially, I was worried that so many brown and beige buttons would look too “blah”, but I think the colors are surprisingly warm and rich, like fall. The Indian corn print on the acorn caps reminds me of the texture of a real acorn cap. Here’s how we made our Button Acorns.

I love the colors on these Button Acorns. Easy tutorial over on CraftsnCoffee.com. To make a Button Acorn, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 3” ball and 3-13/16” egg
  • Buttons, brown and beige in assorted sizes
  • Fabric, ¼ yd. (for the acorn cap)
  • Twig, about 3” long
  • Pearl head pins (We started out with yellow heads, and decided they were too distracting. I then switched to a crystal head pin. I think black would be a good choice, too)
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; serrated knife; teaspoon
Pretty button acorns -- perfect colors for fall. CraftsnCoffee.com

Have the kids help pin on the buttons.

To make a Button Acorn:

1. Slice your ball so that you have two slightly unequal halves, or about 2/5 and 3/5. You’ll use the larger half for the acorn cap.

How to slice a ball of STYROFOAM Brand Foam in half. CraftsnCoffee.com

You’ll cut the ball into uneven halves, about 2/5 and 3/5. Use the larger half for the acorn cap.

2. Slice off about 1/5 from the narrow end of the egg.

3. Using the teaspoon, scoop out the middle from the half ball. This will accommodate the extra burlap.

How to carve out a ball of STYROFOAM Brand Foam. CraftsnCoffee.com

Scoop out the acorn cap, making room for the fabrics.

3. Cut a square of fabric to fit around the half ball. Smooth the fabric over the rounded side of the half ball, and pin and glue the fabric to the flat side of the ball, and into the depression you carved out.

4. Pin buttons onto the foam egg. Start by pinning on a layer of larger buttons, mixing the colors and sizes as you go. Pin on additional buttons to cover any gaps, and layer them to add interest, too.

Button detail from Button Acorns. CraftsnCoffee.com

I thought this color palette might be too “blah” but I really love the different shades and textures.

5. Glue the acorn cap onto the egg.

6. Cut a tiny slit into the top of the acorn cap. Insert and glue a twig stem into the acorn cap.

These Button Acorns are perfect for fall decorating. CraftsnCoffee.com. #FallCrafts #FallDecoratingIdeas

The Button Acorns may not look easy, but they really are a fast and easy project.

Have you followed along with the other acorn crafts this week?

Vintage Fabric Yo-Yo Acorns

So pretty, and perfect for fall. These are made with vintage yo-yos, and you could make your own with other fabrics, too. CraftsnCoffee.com.Yarn & Burlap Acorns

So pretty for fall, and easy to make, too. CraftsnCoffee.com.

I found a few more acorn crafts from the past, too. Like this ‘Autumn Welcome’ Yarn Wreath embellished with fabric acorns topped with real acorn caps. Gorgeous!

'Autumn Welcome' Yarn Wreath in gorgeous shades of fall. A thick, chunky yarn is the secret to making a quick yarn wreath. Love the acorns, too.

Here’s another idea for your front door – an Acorn Door Swag. This post has a few more ideas, too, for projects made with nuts.

Christmas package wreath

Wrap it Up Acorn Door Swag by Diane Flowers.

Do you have a favorite acorn craft from this week?

Different ways to made decorative acorns, and they're all so easy (and pretty, too). CraftsnCoffee.com

P.S. It’s the annual Candy Corn Craft Week next week! It’s one of my favorite weeks of the year here on Crafts ‘n Coffee and I hope you’ll join in. And there just may be a giveaway, too . . .

Happy crafting.


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17 Responses to Button craft: DIY a Button Acorn for fall

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  2. Sar says:

    So rich pretty and warm. I can’t wait for fall to arrive.:)

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  4. Reblogged this on Elizabeth Jennings and commented:
    I just found the perfect fall craft for button lovers……

  5. Rebecca Miller says:

    I would love 2 make all these !!! I love doing crafts, I will do these as soon as I can, my daughter would like receiving these as gifts from me !! can’t wait 2 get started !!! thank you !!!

  6. Jackie says:

    Thank you so much for sharing theses are so pretty.

  7. CraftyB says:

    Love these acorns! They would be a great fall accent in our house and a perfect complement to our 3 oak trees with lots of acorns.

  8. Lori says:

    These are adorable Sharon!

  9. LisaM6 says:

    Love the acorns. The buttons make it fun. 🙂
    Fall is here now 28* this morning. Brr

  10. Would love to know where I could get that indian corn fabric!! It is awesome!!

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