Whip up a Burlap & Ruffles Topiary for your fall décor

It was love at first sight when I spotted this fall fabric – the orange is the color of bittersweet and the pops of turquoise add a little sass. It’s the perfect fabric for fall decorating. And then I mixed it up with a little burlap, too. These Burlap & Ruffles Fall Topiaries are a cinch to make, so easy that I’m thinking about making another Fall Topiary with just rows of the fringed burlap in alternating colors . . .

Pretty topiaries for fall, and easy to do, too. CraftsnCoffee.com

If time is tight, you’ll love making these topiaries. I made the pair in less than two hours.

To make a Burlap & Ruffles Fall Topiary, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 12” and 9” cones
  • Assorted fabrics, ¼ yd for each topiary
  • Burlap, ¼ yd in each color
  • Needle & thread
  • Pine cone, one for each topiary
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; straight pins; measuring tape; optional: rotary cutter & mat; sewing machine
Materials needed to make a quick & easy Burlap & Ruffles Fall Topiary. CraftsnCoffee.com.

And what are those acorn jingle bells, you ask? I was going to use them to top off each topiary, and then decided to use pine cones instead.

To make a Burlap & Ruffles Fall Topiary:

For the 12” cone:

Pretty fall fabric from Jo-Ann Stores. Perfect for the Fall Topiary on CraftsnCoffee.com. Jo

Here’s the fabric that started it all, which I purchased at Jo-Ann Stores.

1. The 12” cone has four ruffled fabric layers and three burlap strips. To start, cut a 30” x 3-3/4” fabric strip. Using a needle & thread or sewing machine, sew a basting stitch ½” along the top edge of the fabric strip. Gently pull the thread to ruffle the strip. If you stitched on a machine, gently pull the bobbin thread to ruffle. Test fit the ruffled strip around the base of the cone, and then pin and glue in place.

2. Cut a 3” wide strip of burlap to fit around the cone, over the ruffled layer. Cut tabs 1-1/2” apart to within about ½” of the edge. Pin and glue the burlap strip around the cone. The burlap tabs will naturally flare out.

Steps to making an easy Burlap & Ruffles Topiary. CraftsnCoffee.com.

Cut tabs 1-1/2″ apart in the burlap strip, and then wrap it around the cone. The tabs will naturally flare out.

3. For the additional fabric strips, measure around the cone where the layer will go, and multiply this number by 3; this will be the length of your fabric strip. Each fabric strip is 3-3/4” wide.

4. For the additional burlap strips, measure around the cone and add 1”; this will be the length of your burlap strip. Each burlap strip is 3” wide. A few notes on the burlap strips:

  • As you work your way up the cone, you’ll cut the burlap tabs closer together. For the last burlap strip, I cut my tabs just 1” apart.
  • In several spots, I thought the burlap tabs were spaced too far apart. I cut out additional 1-1/2” x 3” tabs, and pinned and glued them in place.

5. Once you’ve glued all of the layers in place, glue a thin strip of burlap around the top of the cone. Glue a fabric strip over the burlap strip.

These Burlap & Ruffles Topiaries are perfect for fall. I love the orange and aqua color combo. CraftsnCoffee.com.

How would you change up these topiaries? Different colors? A different topper? Or?

For the 9” cone:

6. The 9” cone has three fabric layers and three burlap layers. To start, cut a 30” x 3-1/2” fabric strip. Following Step 1 above, baste, gather, and pin and glue the first ruffled layer in place.

7. Cut a 3” wide strip of burlap to fit around the cone, over the ruffled layer. Follow Step 2 above to finish the burlap layer.

8. Continue to add the additional ruffled fabric and burlap layers to the cone, following Steps 3 – 5 above. For the 9” cone, the fabric strips will be 3-1/2” wide.

9. Glue a pine cone to the top of each topiary.

Fall is my favorite season, and I am so excited about the projects I’ll share in the weeks ahead. I can’t wait! In the meantime, don’t forget to enter the Crafts & Coffee Giveaway. You could win Crafty Crimes, a trio of mini mysteries; the summer issue of Where Women Create; and two bags of Starbuck’s coffee.

The Crafts & Coffee Giveaway over on CraftsnCoffee.com.

Win these goodies!

In my house, here’s a sure sign that fall is on its way — I pulled out my slow cooker this week. Is anyone else starting to think about stocking up on soups and other slow cooker meals?

Have a good weekend, and happy crafting!


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12 Responses to Whip up a Burlap & Ruffles Topiary for your fall décor

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  7. Jan says:

    I am doing a lampshade with the same with the burlap but use white lace instead for my guest room.

  8. studiorose says:

    Oh, I really like these! I’ve been using burlap a lot lately; it adds just the right rustic touch to so many projects. And I love simple/quick crafts that look great!

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you! Burlap is really “hot” right now, isn’t it? And the rustic look, too. I just made a few other projects with burlap and I really love them. What have you made with burlap? Sharon

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