Tinsel Tuesdays: Repurpose T-shirts to DIY easy Christmas Tree Cones

Don’t you love making something special from nearly nothing? Like the t-shirt wall art I made using old t-shirts. Today, designer Patty Schaffer repurposes a few old t-shirts to make these Christmas Tree Cones. First, you’ll make t-shirt yarn from old t-shirts. Then, it’s on to making the T-Shirt Yarn Christmas Tree Topiaries. We found several of our shirts at a Goodwill Store, so if you don’t have what you need at hand, scout around. I’m sure you’ll find what you need for just a dollar or two.

I love make t-shirt yarns, and it's so easy to do. Here's a great craft made with t-shirt yarn and a cone of Styrofoam brand foam. CraftsnCoffee.com.

To make T-Shirt Yarn Christmas Tree Cones, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 12” and 9” cones
  • T-shirts:
    • Three t-shirts in different shades and patterns of green
    • One red t-shirt
  • White buttons
  • Tools needed: Scissors; straight pins; red, pearl head pins

To make T-Shirt Yarn Christmas Tree Cones:

1. First, you’re going to cut up your t-shirts to make t-shirt yarn. If you’ve not made t-shirt yarn before, don’t worry — it’s very easy to do. Mollie Makes has a tutorial for making t-shirt yarn that’s will have this step wrapped up in 10 minutes or so.

2. Pin one end of the yarn onto the top of a cone of STYROFOAM Brand Foam, and randomly wrap the yarn around the cone. When you come to the end of the strand of t-shirt yarn, pin and glue the end to the cone. Repeat for the next strand of t-shirt yarn, and as you wrap, be sure to wrap over the pins. Keep wrapping ‘round and ‘round till the cone is covered.

3. Pin on buttons with red, pearl head pins.

4. Optional: Wrap the red t-shirt yarn around the cone like a garland.

T-Shirt Yarn Crafts: Make these Christmas Tree Cones with t-shirt yarn and cones of STYROFOAM Brand Foam. CraftsnCoffee.com

5. Cut five lengths of t-shirt yarn, form each into a loop, and pin to the top of the cone. Pin on “tails” to add streamers.

And that’s it. Are you ready to dig through your t-shirt drawer to make a T-Shirt Yarn Christmas Cone?

Summer is drawing to a close, and so are Tinsel Tuesdays. I’ll have one more Tinsel Tuesday next week, and then we’ll really get into the holiday swing. I’ve been planning the upcoming posts for Crafts ‘n Coffee and I adore some of the new projects I’ll be featuring! I have a few new ideas on my craft table, too, so stay tuned . . . (you know how I love a few good candy corn crafts . . .)

Here's what's on my craft table. What's on yours?

Here’s what’s on my craft table. What’s on yours?

Happy crafting.


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9 Responses to Tinsel Tuesdays: Repurpose T-shirts to DIY easy Christmas Tree Cones

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  4. LisaM6 says:

    What a neat way to use the t-shirts my kids shrunk on me. My craft table is covered with new ideas to create fall/winter craft show projects. Wishing it was a bit less cluttered.

    • Sharon says:

      You should absolutely try this. I actually saw skeins of something similar in the craft stores, believe it or not, but of course, it’s a lot more expensive than DIY! What are you making for the craft shows? Happy crafting! Sharon

  5. These are pretty cool! LOVE what is on your craft table right now!

    • Sharon says:

      I am loving it, too, and now I just have to find the time to finish it up! Let me know if you try your hand at the t-shirt yarn. Thanks for stopping in. Sharon

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