Make someone’s day with an Ice Cream Cone Greeting Card

It would be a special day if I received this handmade Ice Cream Cone Greeting Card in the mail! Sure, it’s pretty with those sparkly sprinkles and all, but I also love that it’s dimensional. It’s the perfect card to wish someone a “Happy National Ice Cream Day” on Sunday, especially if you tuck in an ice cream gift card. The tutorial for the Ice Cream Cone Card wraps up a fun week of ice cream crafts, and now all that’s left to do is to celebrate National Ice Cream Day on Sunday.

This is such a cute card! Who wouldn't love to receive it, along with an ice cream gift card tucked in it.

Ice Cream Cone Card by Patty Schaffer.

To make an Ice Cream Cone Card, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 2” x 3” cone and a 2-1/2” ball
  • Purple glitter cardstock, 8-½” x 5-½”
  • Scrapbook paper in a coordinating color and print, 3-½” x 4-¾”
  • Tissue paper in light purple
  • Washi tape in light brown
  • Mod Podge
  • Bugle beads in assorted colors
  • Decorative paper accents
  • Paper glue, glue dots, or other paper adhesive
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; serrated knife; bar of soap or old candle; stiff paintbrush
Cute idea for a birthday -- make this card and add in an ice cream shop gift card! Tutorial on

Patty wrapped the cone in washi tape, and used bugle beads for sprinkles.

To make an Ice Cream Cone Card:

1. Score, and then fold the 4-¼” x 5-½” piece of purple glitter cardstock to make a card.

2. Adhere the 3-½” x 4-¾” scrapbook paper to the front of the card, with a ¼” border on the top and left side.

Ice cream cone greeting card embellishments.

Patty added a border and the word “delightful” to her card.

3. Adhere any other accents you’d like. Patty included a border and the sentiment “delightful” on her card.

4. Wax the serrated knife with a bar of soap or an old candle. Cut the foam cone in half, from top to bottom, and cut the foam ball in half.

5. Cut off the bottom of one half ball, so it will sit flat on the half cone.

6. Wrap the half cone in strips of light brown Washi tape.

7. Brush Mod Podge onto the half ball, and cover it with the light purple tissue paper.

8. Glue the ice cream “scoop” onto the cone. Glue them together on a flat surface, to be sure they line up evenly in back.

Bugle beads sprinkled on this Styrofoam ball look like real sprinkles! Super-cute ice cream cone card on

Who can resist sprinkles on their ice cream cone?

9. Working quickly and carefully, drizzle hot glue on the top of the ‘ice cream’ and sprinkle with the bugle beads. Carefully press the beads into the hot glue to help hold them in place. Don’t burn your fingers!

10. Glue the ice cream cone to the card.

11. Hand deliver or tuck into a small box and send off in the U.S. Mail.

Have you followed along with this week’s ice cream crafts? If you’ve missed any, I’ve linked to them below.


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How will you celebrate National Ice Cream Day on Sunday? Are you planning for a sundae on Sunday? Or your favorite flavor cone? Or??

Happy crafting, and happy National Ice Cream Day!


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4 Responses to Make someone’s day with an Ice Cream Cone Greeting Card

  1. LisaM6 says:

    You really would make someones day with that card. Great tut.

  2. Yummy! I just might make one of these to let hubby know that Sunday is national Ice Cream Day in hopes that he will take me down to get one! Thank you for the inspiration!

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