DIY super-simple, super-mod, fabric + foam Wall Art

Simpler is always better, especially when it comes to creating this Abstract Wall Art in just an hour. Who knew you could create such striking wall art with a few basic materials – fabric, foam, grosgrain ribbon, and buttons. I’m all in for style this easy! Kathleen George shares the seven simple steps for making this Easy, Abstract Wall Art. I have a winner to announce today, too.

Very cool wall art! It's made with fabric & foam and a few ribbons.

To make Easy, Abstract Wall Art, you will need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: Three, 12” x 12” x 1” squares*
  • Black fabric: Three, 16” x 16” squares
  • Ultra-thin batting: Three, 12” x 12” squares
  • Optional: Black felt, three, 12” x 12” squares
  • Grosgrain ribbon:
    • ¼” in bright orange, pink, turquoise
    • 1/8” in bright green
  • Buttons, four in bright turquoise
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Adhesive picture hangers, such as Command Strips from 3M
  • Tools needed: Scissors; craft pins

*Note: You can easily cut a larger, 12” x 36” x 1” sheet into three, 12” x 12” x 1” squares. Check out our tips for cutting foam – my favorite is the dental floss technique.

Very cool! And super-simple to make. Get the tutorial on

I love the bold contrast with the black fabric and bright colors. It would be easy to change up the colors, however, to match the decorating scheme in your house.

To make Easy, Abstract Wall Art:

1. Pin a 12” square of batting to the center of each square of STYROFOAM Brand Foam.

2. Center foam square, batting side down, on a 16” square of black fabric. Tightly wrap the fabric around the right and left sides of the foam square, and pin the fabric to the back. Check the front to make sure the surface is tight and smooth from side to side.

3. Pulling fabric firmly, fold the top and bottom edges of the fabric around to the back of the foam square. Neatly fold the corners as if wrapping a gift box or folding a corner on a flat sheet. Pin the corners in place on the sides as well as the back. Check the front to be sure the fabric is smooth and tight. Spot glue fabric to the back, and keep the pins in place.

Wow, just a few ribbons and a button make this wall art stand out! Love this look. Tutorial on

Who knew a few ribbons and a button could create such vivid wall art?

4. Decorate each panel using two or three ribbons. You can follow Kathleen’s designs, or create your own. Test fit the ribbons before cutting, to be sure they’re long enough to wrap around the sides and pin on the back. Once you’re happy with your ribbon placement, spot glue in black; keep the pins in to help hold the ribbons in place.

5. Glue buttons in place.

6. Optional: Glue a black felt square on the back, to cover all loose ends.

7. Hang in place with adhesive picture hangers.

So striking! And really easy DIY wall art. Tutorial on

Here’s the center panel, close up.

I have a winner to announce today, too. The lucky Crafts ‘n Coffee reader who will receive the materials to make the Red, White & Blue Deco Mesh Wreath is Kathy Klein. Congratulations, Kathy ! Please contact me to arrange for your prize.

Pretty hot air balloons! #BlossomTime

I ran into a hot air balloon race at the park where I walk.

Last weekend, I had this chance encounter while out for a walk. This weekend, we’re planning for both an 8th grade graduation and an 80th birthday party. What are your plans for the weekend?

Happy crafting.


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8 Responses to DIY super-simple, super-mod, fabric + foam Wall Art

  1. CraftyB says:

    Happy Graduation! Hope it went well.
    Love the wall decor. A splash of color in an unexpected way.

  2. A huge congratulations to Kathy! Have a great time making your Red, White and Blue Wreaths!
    My weekend is going to (hopefully) be spent getting my flower garden finished! Weather providing that is. If not I will be in my craft room building up a stockpile of cards to keep on hand for last minute needs and also making last minute gifts to have on hand. I may also get started on a napkin art collage!
    As much as I love being in my Craft Room I am hoping that the weather is good and that I can finish my flower bed and some other outdoor projects that I have been waiting to do.
    Hope you all have a great weekend!!

    • Sharon says:

      I agree — sometimes you have to get outside and craft it up in the garden! And that can be just as satisfying when you stand back and see how good it all looks. I hope your gardens are looking gorgeous. You’ll be back in your craft room the next rainy day, I’m sure. Happy crafting! Sharon

  3. Lynn says:

    It just amazes me what a girl can do with Styrofoam.

    • Sharon says:

      Aww, thanks! The possibilities are endless, eh? That’s what makes it so much fun! What’s your favorite project that you’ve made with STYROFOAM Brand Foam, Lynn? Sharon

  4. LisaM6 says:

    Neat idea for artwork.
    High school graduation and state track with lots of visitors are this weekend’s plans.
    Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

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