Don’t cut corners when decorating – decorate them instead

Remember the famous line Patrick Swayze uttered in the movie Dirty Dancing: “Nobody puts Baby in the corner”? Well, how about putting a few cones in your corners? Did you notice the Floor Cones in the Wallpaper Wall Art I shared earlier this week? They really make a statement, don’t they? I’m sharing two different ways to DIY these Floor Cones to add a little drama to your corners, or any other nook in need of some decorating dash.

Love this look! It takes just a small amount of wallpaper to DIY this wall art. So easy (and cheap)!

The wallpaper wall art creates an instant focal point, and the Floor Cones finish the look. (You could even wrap the cones in leftover wallpaper.)

To make these Floor Cones, Kathleen George spackled and painted 24” and 30” cones of STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam. On the smaller, 15” cone, she painted on a faux finish to create the crackled texture. For added height, display the cones on foam cubes. The step-by-step instructions are on

A cool idea for decorating corners and other nooks & crannies.

Decorative Floor Cones by Kathleen George.

I featured this Foam + Fabric Safari Wall Art a few years ago, and you’ll see that the Safari Floor Cones give this look a final flourish. These cones are 24” and 30” tall, and simply wrapped in fabric. Easy! (And so is this Safari Wall Art. I made this grouping in less than two hours and for less than $100. Start now and you’ll be done way before dinner.)

DIY this wall art in an hour or two and for less than $100! Love it!

From the home deco booklet “Great Decor in a Flash — Without a lot of Cash.” DIY this wall art in an hour or two and for less than $100!

These floor cones are so cool! And super-easy to make. has the tutorial.

These decorative, Safari Floor Cones make a really cool statement, and are so easy to DIY.

You could also wrap up these cones with the wallpaper leftover after making the Wallpaper Wall Art. Wouldn’t that tie it all together?

If you can’t find the larger cones in the stores, Save-on-Crafts has 24” cones and 18” cones on sale.

The Craft Place has cones up to 36” tall. The taller cones aren’t cheap, but that’s because of how they’re made. It takes a large block of foam to cut out a 36” cone. (And by the way, all of the leftover scrap is recycled.)

Banish the dust bunnies and decorate those corners instead!

Now, who saw the movie Dirty Dancing? I see that it’s now a Broadway show, too. Has anyone see the live show?

Happy crafting.


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4 Responses to Don’t cut corners when decorating – decorate them instead

  1. Katiria says:

    “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”
    However, the cones look great in the corner.
    LOL I haven’t seen the Broadway version but I love the movie.

    • Sharon says:

      I confess that I’ve not seen the movie in quite some time, but I do remember quite a bit of it. Great music and dancing! Have a good weekend! Sharon

  2. What a great idea!! So easy yet BIG impact! Love it! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you, Barb! And they are easy, especially the fabric-covered cones. I wrapped those up in minutes. I love that you can make them stately and sophisticated, or just fun and whimsical. Happy crafting to you. Sharon

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