Paper Flower Pomander made with paper punches

Last week’s pretty pomanders were like a sweet sign of spring, and as we are snowbound again today, I’ve decided to share another flower craft – a Blooming, Paper Flower Pomander. Designer Kathleen George mixed and matched her punches to create an assortment of asters, daisies and apple blossoms. If you don’t have a big paper punch collection, don’t let that stop you. This would look just as sweet covered in one style of flowers, all in your favorite colors.

A pretty spring pomander made with paper punches.

Blooming, Paper Flower Pomander by Kathleen George

To make a Blooming, Paper Flower Pomander, you’ll need:

Paper punch flowers from

Asters (top), Daisies and Apple Blossoms.

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 5” ball
  • Tissue paper in light green
  • Mod Podge in matte finish
  • Asters:
    • Punches: 1” aster, ½” daisy, & 1/8” circle
    • Paper: Sky blue, dark blue, & deep yellow
  • Daisies:
    • Punches: 1” daisy & 5/16” circle
    • Paper: Light yellow & deep yellow
  • Apple Blossoms:
    • Punches: 1” petal flower & ¼” starburst
    • Paper: White & deep yellow
  • Leaves:
    • Punch: 1” Fern leaf
    • Paper: Olive green
  • Craft pins
  • Ribbon: 12” x 3/8” green for hanger; 12” x 7/8” sheer yellow for bow
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Optional: Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; wood skewer; pencil with clean, fresh eraser; optional: bone folder

To make a Blooming, Paper Flower Pomander:

Cover the ball

1. Insert the wood skewer into the ball of STYROFOAM Brand Foam and use it as a handle. Tear the tissue paper into small pieces. Brush Mod Podge onto a portion of the ball, and attach a piece of tissue paper. Continue covering the ball using pieces of tissue paper and Mod Podge, taking care to keep the paper as smooth as possible.

2. Brush a generous coat of Mod Podge over the covered ball, and let dry.

Make the flowers

Bachelor Buttons (Kathleen used 16 bachelor buttons.)

  • Punch out one 1” aster in sky blue, one ½” daisy in a darker blue, and one 1/8” circle from dark yellow paper.
  • Slightly cup the petals of the aster and the daisy using the flat end of a small blunt tool, such as a bone folder. Assemble the flower using a dab of glue between the layers.
Sweet paper flowers made with paper punches.

The blue asters are made by layering together asters and small daisies.

Daisies (Kathleen used 18 daisies.)

  • Punch out two, 1” daisies from light yellow paper and one 5/16” circle from the deep yellow paper. Glue the two daisies together, with the petals slightly offset. Glue center in place. When the glue is dry, gently lift up the petals of the top layer, so that the two layers are visible.
Details from a pretty, paper punch pomander.

The daisies are pale yellow, and the apple blossoms white. Gently curve the petals to create realistic dimension.

Apple Blossoms (Kathleen used 36 apple blossoms.)

  • Punch out a 1”, five-petal flower from white paper, and a ¼” starburst from dark yellow paper. Shape the petals by drawing the ends over the flat end of a bone folder (or similar tool). You want the center of the petals to curve up. To shape the starburst, place a pencil eraser in the center, and gently fold up the points so that they stand straight up. Glue the center onto the petal base.


  • Punch out 10 – 12 leaves from green paper. You can punch out more later, if needed.

Assemble the Pomander

3. Glue the apple blossoms on first, spacing them evenly around the ball. Where the chopstick is inserted will be the top.

4. Add the asters and daisies, spacing them evenly around the ball.

5. Glue on leaves, tucking them under the flower petals. Trim the bases, if you need smaller leaves to fill in.

6. Gently twist the chopstick out of the ball.

7. Tie the green ribbon into a loop. Add a dab of glue in the hole at the top of the ball, and insert the knot into the hole. Let the glue dry before hanging.

8. Tie the yellow ribbon into a bow, and glue to the top. Add a few more leaves at the very top.

A pretty spring pomander made with paper punches.

Isn’t it pretty?

Is anyone else snowbound today? Or are you seeing signs of spring? Tell me about it!

Happy crafting.


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3 Responses to Paper Flower Pomander made with paper punches

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  2. Sar Tann says:

    This is really lovely,never would have thought of making something like this out of paper.
    No snow in Seattle. We had a relatively warm winter, so I’m not looking forward to the summer as most of the homes where I’m from do not have AC. 😛

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