Valentine Craft: Is it a Lollipop Tree, a Lollipop Cupcake or something else entirely?

I’m not sure if this is a DumDum Tree, Lollipop Topiary, or something completely new, like a Lollipop Cupcake. Lollipop Trees are a favorite for kids’ parties, and I wanted to make one for a Valentine’s Day party. My fondness for cupcakes is no secret, and as I looked at my sweet tree, I saw a cupcake shape, of course. It’s assembled just like the Halloween Lollipop Topiary I made, but decorated to look like a cupcake. Here’s how I made my Valentine’s Day Lollipop Cupcake (or is it a Valentine’s Day Lollipop Tree??).

Fun for Valentine's Day -- a Lollipop Cupcake! #DumDumTree #SweetTree #LollipopTopiary #ValentinesDay

Cute Sweet Tree for Valentine's Day. It looks like a cupake! #DumDumTree #SweetTree #LollipopTopiary #ValentinesDay

Dum Dum Lollipops are free of most allergens, so this is a fun idea for a Valentine’s Day classroom party.

To make a Lollipop Cupcake, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 5” ball
  • Terra cotta pot large enough to hold the ball (mine measured 4-1/2” across the top)
  • Dum Dum Pops (I used a 2.7-lb. bag & had lots leftover)
  • One red heart lollipop
  • Scrapbook paper, 12” x 12”
  • Glittered, foamie hearts (found mine at the dollar store)
  • Glue Dots
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; pen or pencil; ruler
Cute Dum Dum Lollipop Topiary for Valentine's Day decorated to look like a cupcake.  #DumDumTree #SweetTree #LollipopTopiary #ValentinesDay

It’s a decoration and a dessert.

To make a Lollipop Cupcake:

1. Place the ball of STYROFOAM Brand Foam on the pot. Insert a ring of lollipops around the ball where it meets the pot. Remove the ball and fill in the top half of the ball with lollipops. When the ball is covered, return it to the pot.

How to make a candy tree for kids. #DumDumTree #SweetTree #LollipopTopiary #ValentinesDay

Here’s the underside of the Halloween Lollipop Tree. The Lollipop Trees are easiest when you first insert a ring of Dum Dum pops around the ball where the ball will rest in the pot.

2. Cut two, 5” x 12” strips of scrapbook paper. Accordion fold the paper strips, glue them together, and fit the strip around the pot. Trim off excess paper, and then attach the folded strip to the pot using Glue Dots or low-temp glue.

3. Rest the lollipop covered ball in the pot. You can glue it in place if you like; I’ve found that the weight of the lollipops holds the ball in place without glue. Attach heart shaped, foamie “sprinkles” to the top of the “cupcake” using Glue Dots.

4. Insert a red, heart-shaped lollipop in the very top.

Easy, Valentine's Day fun for the classroom -- DIY a Lollipop Cupcake.  #SweetTree #DumDumTree #LollipopTopiary

Sprinkle on glittered, Foamie hearts and add a red, heart-shaped lollipop for the cherry on top.

Sweet! And super easy, too. And because one thing leads to another, I have another sweet tree to share tomorrow . . .

Happy crafting!


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19 Responses to Valentine Craft: Is it a Lollipop Tree, a Lollipop Cupcake or something else entirely?

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  2. Sharon, this is super cute. Did I ever tell you I am obsessed with Tootsie Roll Pops? I am pretty sure you made that for me 😉

  3. CraftyB says:

    Oh my, so fun!! Very festive for Valentine’s Day!

  4. ColleenB. - Texas says:

    The lollipop cupcakes are adorable.
    Styrofoam and wrapped candy almost always makes for cute set-ups for parties, etc., plus they are fun and easy to make.
    Sharon; nice to see craft project done by you
    Have a wonderful and enjoyable week end

    • Sharon says:

      Thanks, Colleen, and it was so nice to create a few things myself last weekend. I had a lot of fun! Candy buffets are so popular now, and this would be a good addition. Sharon

  5. Sar Tann says:

    This is simply wonderful Would be great in a classroom and everywhere else. 🙂

  6. Cookie 17 says:

    This so cute be cute take school & give to kid’s,,,,every body should get one {sucker} there’s so many,great job …..

  7. This is adorable! Thanks for the tutorial

  8. DebbieK says:

    So cute! Love it!!!

  9. LisaM6 says:

    What a great idea. I will have to see if my daughter’s class is having a party this year. I think that would be a perfect centerpiece for the party.

    • Sharon says:

      This is a great idea for a class party — the teacher will love it (and you!). Let me know if you give it a try. Super-easy to do. Thanks for stopping in today, Lisa. Sharon

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