How would you design these Vintage Snowmen? And planning for 2014

As I was planning for 2014, I came across these sweet, Vintage Snowmen by Beth Watson. Last year, I featured a Valentine’s Day version of these snowmen, and thought you might like to see the original design, too. I know you’re creative, and you’d put your own spin on these, right? For example, at the moment I’m thinking about decorating a few mason jars with these cuties.

Pretty Vintage Snowmen. Tutorial on

The original Vintage Snowmen by Beth Watson.

Vintage, mixed media snowmen for Valentine's Day.

Here’s the Valentine’s Day version of the Vintage Snowmen.

For the original Vintage Snowmen, Beth skipped the heart motifs. She perched one snowman head on a mini set of drawers, which she covered in pages torn from a dictionary (look closely and you can see she chose a page about “snow”.) Then, Beth added rub-ons with winter sayings to both the drawers and the glass jar. Instead of red pompoms, she filled the containers with silver pompoms to look like snowballs.

This is adorable! Vintage Snowman on

This little guy’s drawers are overflowing with sparkly “snowballs.”

Such sweet details on this Vintage Snowman.

Glittered snowflakes, jingle bells, pompoms, ribbons — the embellishments really make the snowman.

While the basic instructions are the same, you can change these up with the embellishments. Accent with blue or purple or pink. Use mini, knit hats and stocking caps. Fill the jars with candy. Use the supplies that you have on hand. How would you change up these Vintage Snowmen? You can use the Vintage, Valentine’s Day Snowmen tutorial as a starting point.

Guess who's coming to!

He’s goofy!

As I’m working on the 2014 blog calendar, let me know if there’s something you want me to include. Lots of Christmas crafts? More home décor? Kids projects? Or?? I’d love to hear about what you’d like to see on Crafts ‘n Coffee this year.

Wait till you see tomorrow’s special guest! Any guesses?

Happy crafting!


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6 Responses to How would you design these Vintage Snowmen? And planning for 2014

  1. ColleenB. says:

    these are adorable.
    Think I would secure some of these snowmen on top of jars that has been filled with snowman soup(cocoa mixture) and give as a gift.
    I don’t do much for Valentine decorating but Looking forward to some Easter decorated items soon……….I hope.
    Love all the ideas that are posted and gives us all wonderful inspiration so from me I thank you

  2. LisaM6 says:

    I like all the different ideas and tuts you post. They are all fun to see and try. I do have a soft spot for snowmen though. Wishing for Spring right now.
    These vintage snowmen are too cute. I can see putting them on all kinds of things. Like the cones with candy in them. I just found some cinnamon hearts today.

    • Sharon says:

      These would be cute on little cones! And you could fill those little cones with cinnamon hearts. Thanks so much for the input — I’m always open to suggestions. Sending spring thoughts your way! Sharon

  3. Birgit says:

    Oh — look! It’s Olaf! 🙂

    Your mixture of crafts is great as it is, Sharon. In early fall, I really love to see new ideas for Halloween. However, you really share a lot of interesting ideas anyway. 🙂

    Happy creating,

    • Sharon says:

      Shhh . . . don’t tell! It will be our secret till tomorrow! I really appreciate the feedback, thank you! And I’ll be thinking about Halloween. Sharon

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