20+ of my favorite Christmas Tree Cones

It’s happened again this year – it’s December 19 and we don’t yet have our Christmas tree. A lot of bloggers stage “Christmas Home Tours” but not me. There’s not much to see here. However, I do want to share a few of the beautiful Christmas Tree Cones I’ve seen across the blogosphere. Oh my goodness, I’ve seen so many creative Christmas Tree Cones this holiday season. Enjoy!

I’ll start with a little glitz, like these Glittering Ribbon Trees from Trish and Bonnie over at Uncommon Designs.

Beatiful, Glittering Ribbon Trees from Uncommon Designs.

Glittering Ribbon Trees from Uncommon Designs.

I featured this Jeweled Ribbon Topiary on Crafts ‘n Coffee a few years ago. (You’ll find a few other tabletop Christmas Cones in this round up, too).

Gorgeous Ribbon & Beads Topiary for Christmas.

Jeweled Ribbon Topiary by Ed Smith.

Here’s another favorite look for Christmas – pastels. Bev over at Flamingo Toes made the most beautiful Bottle Brush Trees. Her tutorial to make your own bottle brush trees is simply genius. Imagine, you can now make your own bottle brush trees in any size and color you like. And for a lot less than ready-made.

Make your own Bottle Brush Trees with Bev at Flamingo Toes.

Bottle Brush Trees from Flamingo Toes.

I love a good pasta craft, and these retro, Pastel Pasta Cones from Ismoyo’s Vintage Playground are so much fun.

Fun & Vintage Pasta Cones from Ismoyo's Vintage Playground

Pasta Trees from Ismoyo’s Vintage Playground.

How about these gorgeous Beads, Baubles and Buttons Trees over at Shabby Gals.

Sweet, Vintage Christmas Cones from beads, buttons & baubles. Tutorial over at Shabby Gals.

Beads, Baubles & Buttons Cones from Shabby Gals.

This Pastel Button Tree from Sarah at Makin’ Projiks is the sweetest.

Pretty Pastel Button Tree from Makin' Projiks.

Pastel Button Tree from Makin’ Projiks.

Here’s a button tree in a more traditional color palette. Angie from The Country Chic Cottage shared her Candy Cane Button Cone over on Buttons Galore & More. 

Candy Cane Button Tree from Buttons Galore & More.

Candy Cane Button Tree from Buttons Galore & More.

If you prefer traditional Christmas colors, don’t miss this Scrap Fabric Christmas Tree from Kelly at Live Laugh Rowe. She made her Scrap Fabric Christmas Tree with miniature rag balls. What a fun way to use up lots of little bits of pretty Christmas fabric.

Pretty Scrap Fabric Christmas Tree made with mini rag balls from Live Laugh Rowe

Scrap Fabric Christmas Tree from Live Laugh Rowe

I’ve seen some beautiful Christmas trees made with a little help from Mother Nature, too. Like these Rustic, Pine Christmas Trees shared by Liz Marie.

DIY Rustic Kindling Trees with Liz Marie.

Rustic Kindling Trees from Liz Marie.

Lucky Sherry over at Sheer Serendipity lives close to the beach, and she gathered the shells to make this beautiful Seashell Tree with just a touch of bling.

Pretty Christmas Seashell Cone with a touch of bling from Sheer Serendipity.

Christmas Seashell Cone from Sheer Serendipity.

Jen over at Tater Tots & Jello was inspired to make her own Golden Pinecone Topiaries after seeing similar trees in a Pottery Barn catalog. She shared her money-saving DIY over at iheartnaptime.

Jen made these Golden Pinecone Topiaries and shared them at iheartnaptime.

Golden Pinecone Topiaries at iheartnaptime.

I’ve admired a few beautiful, blooming Christmas Cones this season. Like this Red, Rolled Rosette Cone Amy of Positively Splendid made with crepe paper rosettes.

Pretty Christmas Cone made with rolled rosettes by Amy at Positively Splendid.

Red, Rolled Rosette Tree by Positively Splendid.

Over at i-candy Handmade, Autie and Jenn made Red & White Flower Trees from silk flowers dusted with glitter.

Make these pretty trees with the tutorial on i-candy Handmade.

Red & White Flower Trees from i-candy Handmade.

This Paper Flower Christmas Cone is just stunning. Don’t miss this tutorial from Guiseppa who blogs at My Creations.

Pretty, Paper Flower Christmas Cone from My Creations.

Paper Flower Christmas Cone from My Creations.

I wanted to share a few Christmas Cones the kids can make, too. Chelsey at Buggy and Buddy designed these Simple Felt Cones the kids can decorate over and over again (they’re kind of like an old fashion felt board).

Kids love to decorate these cones over and over again. Tutorial on Buggy and Buddy.

Simple Felt Christmas Cones from Buggy and Buddy.

These Pom Pom Cones are so much fun, and super-easy. There’s no tutorial for these, though it looks like the idea came from Target.

Fun and super-cute for kids to make!

Pom Pom Trees for kids.

Ginger, who blogs at Gingerly Made, shares her Feather and Glitter Trees over on Sugar Bee Crafts. Kids + Glitter = Christmas fun!

Have the kids help make these Feather & Glitter Tree Christmas Trees. Tutorial on Sugar Bee Crafts.

Feather & Glitter Christmas Cones from Sugar Bee Crafts.

Who wouldn’t want to make a Gumdrop Tree? Julie and her daughter made this Gumdrop Tree over at Redhead Can Decorate.

How to make a Gumdrop Tree for Christmas, from Redhead Can Decorate.

Gumdrop Tree from Redhead Can Decorate.

Or, try using gumballs, like Glorious Treats did to make these Gumball Trees.

Christmas fun! Make these Gumball Trees over at Glorious Treats.

Colorful Gumball Trees from Glorious Treats.

We’ll finish with dessert, of course. This Cupcake Christmas Tree Cone from Meghan at Buttercream Blondie would be a beautiful way to finish Christmas dinner. Meghan has an easy-to-follow video tutorial so you can DIY it.

Yummy! Make this Cupcake Christmas Tree with the tutorial on Buttercream Blondie.

Cupcake Christmas Tree from Buttercream Blondie.

This Cake Pop Christmas Tree by Lyndsey at Vanilla Clouds and Lemon Drops is pretty spectacular, too.

So pretty! Christmas Cake Pop Tree from Vanilla Clouds and Lemon Drops.

Cake Pops Christmas Tree from Vanilla Clouds and Lemon Drops.

Christmas home tour.

My Christmas home tour! No tree yet . . .

The Cupcake Christmas Tree Cone looks so yummy. I could almost substitute that for a real Christmas tree . . . but I don’t think everyone here would agree! So, this weekend, we’ll find the perfect Christmas tree and decorate it. Promise!

Anyone else out there who doesn’t yet have their tree up and decorated?

Happy crafting (and decorating).


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17 Responses to 20+ of my favorite Christmas Tree Cones

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  2. Angie Dyer says:

    Love all of them! Friends are so very creative. The button and bangle trees are especially pretty. I keep thinking I am going to make one as I have been collecting items. Now to find the time to create!

    • Sharon says:

      Yes! I hope you make your own Button & Bangle Tree! How special would that be, and a decoration that you would cherish for years to come. If you make it, please do share a photo. Happy crafting! Sharon

    • Becca Christensen says:

      I have a love of all thing trees, especially at Christmas time. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!!! Merry Christmas one and all!!

  3. Nancy D says:

    I think your home tour is the best one I’ve seen! It’s real and honest 🙂 because I honestly do not know how those gals with the perfectly decorated homes do it! I have a small table top, pre-lit, tree up and a few decorations scattered. I’m way behind in baking, shopping, crafting and wrapping. Most of it will get done….I hope!

    • Sharon says:

      Why, thank you! It is what it is, ya know? Somehow, it all gets done but it is a lot of work, isn’t it? And time — that’s the gift no one can give. A very merry one to you and yours! I hope you find the time to enjoy it all! Sharon

  4. Cookie says:

    Loveall of these.i AMA tree fan. Have collected all kinds of trees for years. I started with glass ones and then moved on to other types. Beautiful

  5. Sar Tann says:

    These are so wonderful. Some of them I want to eat other to display. And that button tree, simply beautiful!

  6. LisaM6 says:

    I agree the cupcake tree looks yummy. Our tree is up and has yet to be decorated. Just finished sending out gifts. This weekend will be our tree trimming event.

  7. Katiria says:

    I love the Pasta Trees, Pom Pom Trees,Colorful Gumball Trees, and that Cupcake Tree won’t last an hour in my house 😉
    Thanks for the lovely ideas. I hope you find the perfect tree this weekend.

    • Sharon says:

      I know — that Cupcake Tree is way too tempting! Is your tree up and home decorated? I’m sure we’ll find the perfect tree for us — and fingers crossed that it gets decorated, too. I hope you’re enjoying the season, Katiria. Sharon

      • Katiria says:

        yup, our tree went up on Thanksgiving… but we have a trick planned for my son. We are going to do a Grinch Christmas. On Christmas Eve we are removing all the decorations and switching it to the back room. When he wakes up, he will see a Grinch doll where the tree once stood. He’ll have to hunt for the tree and presents. We think it’ll be a great prank, Hee Hee Hee

      • Sharon says:

        Oh my, I hope you’ll have the camera rolling. This will be a Christmas he won’t forget! Let us know how it turns out. Thanks for sharing, Katiria. Sharon

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