Peacock feather Christmas crafts made with duct tape (yes, duct tape!)

I know, I know, we’re getting down to the wire and time is short. But I love a good and easy duct tape craft, and when I saw peacock feather duct tape, I knew I had to make a few duct tape Christmas crafts. I timed myself and it took just two hours and one roll of duct tape to make a Peacock Duct Tape Wreath, Peacock Duct Tape Deco Spheres, and a Peacock & Pompom Garland. Nontraditional decor for Christmas? Maybe. Fun? Yes!

Make these Christmas crafts in two hours and with one role of Peacock Duck Tape.

To make a Peacock Duct Tape Wreath, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 12” wreath
  • Peacock print duct tape (I used Duck Brand Duck Tape from Walmart)
  • Peacock feather picks, two
  • Small glass ornaments
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; straight pins; wire cutters

An elegant Christmas wreath made with duct tape? Yes! CraftsnCoffee.comTo make a Peacock Duct Tape Wreath:

1. Tear a 36” length of duct tape from the roll. Starting at one end of the strip, tear off 1/3 and save this narrow strip for making Duct Tape Deco Spheres.

2. Pin the wider duct tape strip to the back of the wreath and wrap the strip round & round the wreath, slightly overlapping with each pass. Pin the other end of the strip to the back of the wreath, and trim any extra tape. Repeat, wrapping the wreath with strips of duct tape till it’s covered.

3. If needed, trim excess feathers from the feather picks. Arrange the picks on the wreath, and tape in place with a thin strip of duct tape. Add glue to secure the hold.

4. Arrange the ornaments on the wreath, covering the feather stems.

5. To hang your wreath, fold in half a 12” x 1” length of duct tape and pin and glue the tape loop to the back of the wreath. Or, use a 12” length of ribbon as your hanger.

Duct Tape Deco Spheres - wow, you could use these so many ways!

To make the Deco Spheres, I paired the peacock duct tape with other coordinating colors. Pin on a hanging ribbon and you’ve made Duct Tape Ornaments.

To make Peacock Duct Tape Deco Spheres, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM Brand Foam: 4” balls (or other sizes)
  • Peacock print duct tape
  • Tools needed: Scissors

To make Peacock Duct Tape Deco Spheres:

1. Tear a length of duct tape from the roll. Make it a length you find easy to work with; it could be as short as 18”, or as long as 30” – 36”. Much longer than that, however, and your tape will tangle.

2. Tear the strip into three strips. (Or, if you have the leftover strips from making the Peacock Duct Tape Wreath, use those instead.)

3. Wrap the tape around the ball till it’s covered. The tape will stick to itself, and there’s no need for glue.

How to make a garland with Peacock Duct Tape and pompoms.

String this garland across a mantel or a window, around a tree, or even hang it vertically.

To make a Peacock and Pompom Garland, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 2” balls (I used five)
  • Pompoms
  • Yarn
  • Tools needed: Scissors; wooden skewer; carpet needle

To make a Peacock and Pompom Garland:

1. Tear a length of duct tape into thirds. Wrap each strip around a 2” ball of STYROFOAM Brand Foam till the ball is covered.

2. Using pointed end of wood skewer, “drill” a hole through the duct-tape covered balls. (The point will easily pierce through the duct tape.)

3. Using the carpet needle, thread the duct tape balls and pompoms onto a length of yarn. If the carpet needle gets stuck while stringing on the foam balls, use the wooden skewer to push it through.

This may be nontraditional for Christmas, but it's so fun and easy. Duct tape Christmas crafts!

In two hours, you can transform your mantel with a roll of duct tape and STYROFOAM Brand Foam.

And you’re done! In just a few hours, you can decorate for Christmas in a whole new look. See, it’s not too late!

Have you tried crafting with duct tape? Don’t you love it?

Happy crafting.


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6 Responses to Peacock feather Christmas crafts made with duct tape (yes, duct tape!)

  1. Love love love, just made one, not as pretty as yours but I like it. How did you get your tape so smooth?

    • Sharon says:

      I’d love to see your wreath! So glad you gave this a try. Please feel free to post a photo on our Facebook page. I think the key to getting a smooth surface is that I didn’t use the entire width of the tape. I tore off about 1/3 from each strip, and wrapped the wreath in the remaining tape. If you use the full width, I believe it would be harder to wrap it around smoothly. Sharon

  2. Angie Dyer says:

    Beautiful! Love the peacock designs. I would never, ever have guessed the duct tape!

  3. LisaM6 says:

    WOW! That is cool. Love the colors. It is a statement maker that one! 🙂

    • Sharon says:

      Thanks, Lisa. Peacocks always make a statement, don’t you think? The peacock duct tape is a must-have, imo! I had a lot of fun with it, that’s for sure. Sharon

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