Christmas tree cones made from office supplies? Yes, indeed

I wanted to share these Christmas Tree Cones last year, and ran out of time. I’m not going to let another year fly by without sharing these amazing and creative Christmas Tree Cones made from office supplies. Yes indeed, office supplies! Jeromina from Paper, Plate, and Plane is the genius behind these surprising, tabletop Christmas Tree Cones.

"Crystal" Pushpin Christmas Trees from Jeromina at Paper, Plate and Plane.

“Crystal” Pushpin Christmas Trees from Jeromina at Paper, Plate and Plane.

This pretty, “Crystal” Christmas Tree is made from – pushpins! How clever is that? You also don’t want to miss Jeromina’s:

Silver, Paper Clip Christmas Tree

Rubber Band Shag Tree

Rubber Band Wrapped Christmas Tree

I love it when I see such surprising craft ideas. What surprising craft ideas have you seen recently?

Happy crafting!


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11 Responses to Christmas tree cones made from office supplies? Yes, indeed

  1. kidosmom says:

    Another great idea, I am going to do this for my white tree theme. Thanks for sharing.

  2. CraftyB says:

    Oh my, I have a lot of those crystal push pins. I will try this sparkly tree project!!

  3. ColleenB. says:

    Who had thought. Clever mind to come up with such ideas. Very unique in their own little way. WOW; over 1000 paper clips to do that tree…..amazing. That’s a lot.
    The shag rubber band tree looks like a bad hair day :}

    • Sharon says:

      I agree – very clever! Angie had an idea to use red & green paperclips for the tree — wouldn’t that be pretty? I wonder if you could find colorful rubber bands, too, for the tree? Might look a little less like a hair-do if it was in color! Glad you stopped in today. Thanks! Sharon

      • ColleenB. says:

        yes, you can get rubber bands in different colors. I have a package here with a variety of colored rubber bands.

  4. Angie Dyer says:

    What about post-it notes? Has to be something done creative with post-it notes!

    • Sharon says:

      Fun idea! And post-it notes now come in so many different colors and patterns. You could just pin on the paper squares to create a paper tree! Thanks for the inspiration. Sharon

  5. Angie Dyer says:

    Beautiful! I was thinking of office supplies – hanging paper clips in red and green, colorful brads, with rubberbands. Would never have thought of tacks. Great creative thinking!

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