Here’s how to make Elegant Moss Topiary Cones

Here’s a beautiful riff on traditional Moss Cones. Designer Diane Flowers wrapped the tops in silver paper to create Elegant Moss Topiary Cones. To keep it easy, she used a silver adhesive paper, found in the scrapbooking aisle. Diane decorated her DIY Moss Cones with beads and sequins for extra “wow.” I think you could display these Elegant Moss Topiary Cones all winter long – there’s no need to take them down with the Christmas decorations. Ya gotta love that!

DIY these elegant moss topiaries using moss sheets and scrapbook paper. A lot easier than they look!

I’ve used the moss sheets before, and they’re easier to use than loose moss. And a little less messy, too. One other tip – you can change the silver foil paper to another color – you’ll see several options in the scrapbook aisle.

To make Elegant Moss Topiary Cones, you’ll need:

(Note: The materials listed will make two)

  • STYROFOAM™ brand foam:
    • Two, 18”x 5” cones
    • Two, 8”x 4” x 2” blocks
  • Moss cloth sheets, two packs
  • Adhesive backed paper in silver, two 8-1/2”x 11” sheets
  • Sequins, ¾”:
    • 30 green
    • 70 silver
  • Beads, 3/8”:
    • 30 iridescent green
    • 70 iridescent clear
  • Head pins, six stems with green and opal beads*
  • Containers, two 5”
  • Wood skewers, six, 6” lengths
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; ruler; straight pins; serrated knife and old candle or bar of soap

*Note: Beaded head pins are often found in the floral aisle. If you can’t find them, DIY your own using head pins from the jewelry aisle and extra beads.

To make Elegant Moss Topiary Cones:

1. Roll each of the glittered paper sheets into cone shapes, adjusting them so they fit snuggly and evenly on the top 6” of each cone. Trim paper, remove the adhesive backing and carefully wrap the sheets around the tops of the cones.

2. Wrap the bottom 12” sections of each of the cones with the moss sheets. Use scissors to trim the moss as needed to avoid excessive overlap and use floral pins to secure the moss sheets to the cones.

3. Insert a blocks of STYROFOAM Brand Foam into each of the containers. Wax the serrated knife with an old candle or bar of soap, and trim the tops of the foam blocks so they’re even with the tops of the containers. Cut scraps into smaller pieces and use to fill the containers. Be sure the containers are packed tight.

The sequins, beads and silver paper add beautiful and contrasting textures to the Moss Topiary Cones.

You’ll use the silver sequins and clear beads on the moss half, and the green sequins and green beads on the silver portion.

4. Insert three wooden skewers halfway into the top of each container and secure with hot glue.

5. Carefully position the cones on top of the skewers in each container, making sure they are centered. Apply glue to the tops of the skewers and push the cones down onto the skewers until they rest securely on top of the containers.

6. Use straight pins to secure the silver sequins to the moss half and the green sequins to the silver portion. Adjust as needed so the sequins are evenly spaced around the cones.

7. Glue (or pin) the green beads to the green sequins, and clear beads to the silver sequins.

8. Twist together three of the beaded head pins, and insert into the top of a topiary. Repeat with remaining head pins for the second topiary. Or, if making your own, thread beads onto head pins, twist to secure the beads, and then insert into the top of the trees.

Pretty (and easy) Elegant Moss Topiary Cones. Pretty enough to be displayed all year long!

These topiaries can be displayed all winter long (maybe even summertime, too?).

How would you change up this Moss Topiary? Or, would you make it just like this?

And speaking of topiaries, don’t forget about our Deco Mesh Christmas Topiary giveaway!

Happy crafting.


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8 Responses to Here’s how to make Elegant Moss Topiary Cones

  1. ColleenB. says:

    Oh, how pretty.
    I think I would cover the whole thing in moss and probably add nothing else to it

  2. I would mark the center of the cone and block in the container before inserting the skewers. Other than that, looks very nice and elegant and clean.

  3. LisaM6 says:

    Very nice. Love the glitz with nature.

  4. Katiria says:

    I’ve seen these in the stores before. They charge triple what it would cost to make it myself. Thanks for the ‘how to’.

    • Sharon says:

      Wow, really? Where did you see them? I love a good knock off! I hope you get to craft these up. Thanks for stopping in today, and happy Thanksgiving! Sharon

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