Have you watched our “5 Ornaments in 5 Minutes” video?

In just five minutes, you can learn how to make five different Christmas ornaments in our video “5 Ornaments in 5 Minutes”. I think we have a hit on our hands – I recently learned that the video has been viewed more than 650,000 times! The ornaments are beautiful and classic, and made with easy to find materials, like fabric, ribbon, buttons and paper. I featured it on Crafts ‘n Coffee a few years ago, and with so many new readers, I bet many of you have never watched it.

Don't mis this video! In just five minutes, you'll learn how to make five different Christmas ornaments. CraftsnCoffee.com

Deco Mesh crafts for Christmas! On CraftsnCoffee.com.

A sneak peek!

Tune in and don’t miss this Christmas craft blockbuster! (Tune in to Crafts ‘n Coffee tomorrow, too, for another blockbuster hit, and a giveaway . . .)

Happy crafting.


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6 Responses to Have you watched our “5 Ornaments in 5 Minutes” video?

  1. ColleenB. says:

    lovely ornaments. Can’t wait to see the sneak peek one.

  2. Debbie Kaste says:

    Sounds like so much fun. Can’t wait for more inspiration. I know a number of gals who love getting new ornaments for their trees every year:)

  3. LisaM6 says:

    Love the ornaments. I can just guess how long the white flowered would take to cut using a punch…good thing I have a couple electronic diecutters. 🙂 I know how long it took to cover half a ball with my cupcakes. But to me that is half the fun. I like that type of work.
    Great tuts!

    • Sharon says:

      Ooh, you have power tools! It would take some time, but it’s a good meditative project, you know? It’s something fun and useful you can do while sitting in front of the TV. Sharon

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