Red & White Christmas: Fringed, Peppermint Stripe Tree

More red & white Christmas decorating ideas today. Have you missed the Peppermint Candy Tree, Peppermint Stripe Sweater Wreath, or the Mitten & Snowball Garland? Today’s tutorial is for a Fringed, Peppermint Stripe Tree. I can see several of these red and white Christmas trees grouped together on the mantel, can’t you? And do you know designer Rebekah Meier’s secret – she made the Fringed, Peppermint Stripe Tree from a second-hand t-shirt.

Pretty red & white Christmas decorating ideas on

Rebekah Meier repurposed an old t-shirt for this Fringed Tree. You could try this technique with old shirts in lots of different colors and not just for Christmas.

To make a Fringed, T-Shirt Tree, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 12” cone
  • Knit shirt (Rebekah used a red & white striped shirt from a second-hand store)
  • Red ball ornament
  • Glitter spray (Rebekah used Krylon® Glitter Blast)
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; ruler; straight pins; optional: rotary cutter and mat
A quick, Christmas craft, AND it's made from repurposed t-shirts.

This one’s easy! You can whip up a forest of these Fringed, T-shirt Trees in an afternoon.

To make a Fringed, T-Shirt Tree:

1. Using scissors or the rotary cutter and cutting mat, cut shirt into 1-1/2” strips.

2. Starting at the bottom of the cone, pin the t-shirt strip around the cone. Make small pleats as you go to add a little flounce and ruffle.

3. Continue pinning and pleating the strips to the cone. Spot glue, if needed.

4. Glue the red ornament to the top of the tree.

5. Following manufacturer’s instructions, spray the tree with glitter spray.

On the Red & White, Peppermint Stripe Christmas Mantel, we paired the Fringed, T-Shirt Tree with the Peppermint Candy Tree.

Fun, red and white Christmas cones to DIY on

Which one would you make? Do you have a favorite?

And tomorrow, I’ll share the tutorial for the Peppermint Snowman. Don’t miss it!

This Peppermint Snowman could not be cuter! Love this. Tutorial on

Adorable, Peppermint Snowman. Tutorial tomorrow!

An entire series of easy, Red & White Christmas decorating ideas on Crafts 'n Coffee!

Happy crafting.


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10 Responses to Red & White Christmas: Fringed, Peppermint Stripe Tree

  1. Reblogged this on Something to Ponder About and commented:
    My project for today.

  2. I love the tree with the recycled red and white striped shirt. Fabulous idea, and it looks so fantastic. I just adore these fantastic ideas of yours, so I have had to re-blog several of them. Thanks for being inspirational.

  3. ColleenB. says:

    Beautiful but not always going to be easy in finding a red and white skirt. It may be easier going to fabric store and buying some red and white fabric. WalMart here I come :}
    That snowman is adorable even if he is potted :} I think I may even have everything on hand already to make this cute guy up.

    • Sharon says:

      You’re right — thrift store shopping is hit or miss, but it’s always an adventure! See you later today for the Peppermint Snowman. Thank you. Sharon

  4. LisaM6 says:

    Love the trees. The candy wouldn’t last here….the kids would find a way to take them off. 🙂

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