A last-minute round up of Halloween Crafts

Yesterday, the weather report said snow is on its way, which means October is coming to an end. So, I’m going to wrap up the Halloween craft season with a few favorite crafts from past years. I really enjoyed some of these, so it’s good to see them again.

What a cute collection of googly eye crafts for Halloween.We all know that wiggle googly eyes make everything a little more fun, right? Well, I had a lot of fun with Wiggle Eye Craft Week last year. There were classics, like Wiggle Eye Aliens, a Red Eyeball Alien and an Eyeball Cluster Alien.

Cute Wiggle Eye Aliens -- great for Halloween or really, any time.  #BoyCrafts

Wiggle Eye Aliens by Dondi Richardson.

The boys will love these wiggle eye crafts!  CraftsnCoffee.com

Eyeball Cluster Alien and Red Eyeball Alien by Dondi Richardson.

Or, you might “pick” these Halloween Eyeball Bouquets.

These are so fun, and really inexpensive to make. Halloween Eyeball Bouquets on CraftsnCoffee.com.

Mix and match your paints, wiggle eyes and chenille stems to create your favorite look for a Halloween Eyeball Bouquet.

Eyeball Topiaries make perfect Halloween gifts – they’re colorful, quick and I found most of the supplies at a dollar store. Cha ching!

More adorable eyeball crafts from CraftsnCoffee.com. These Eyeball Topiaries are easy and most of the supplies are purchased at a dollar store.

Halloween Eyeball Topiaries

While we’re on the subject of eyeballs, how about making an Eyeball Cloche.

how to make a Halloween cloche from a soda bottle

Halloween Eyeball Cloche designed by Kathleen George

Or, a Tarantula Cloche.

A purple tarantula in a soda bottle cloche? Perfect Halloween craft.

Halloween Tarantula in a Cloche by Kathleen George

My favorite is the Ghost Cloche. All of the cloches are made from plastic soda bottles.

Three itty bitty Cheesecloth Ghosts decorate this Halloween Cloche. Adorable! And, the cloche is made from a repurposed plastic soda bottle. CraftsnCoffee.com

Halloween Ghost Cloche by Kathleen George.

This spirited collection has a few more Halloween ghost crafts.

Tutorials for Halloween Ghost Crafts. Fun ideas!

Check out the Halloween ghosts on Crafts ‘n Coffee.

It wouldn’t be Halloween without pumpkins, and you’ll find a patch of pumpkin crafts here.

Pumpkin craft round up on Crafts 'n Coffee. Such cute faces!

Seven more pumpkin crafts on Crafts ‘n Coffee.

My favorite round up of Halloween crafts this year was Candy Corn Crafts week. If you missed it, take a peek. Or, if you’re looking for a few fast crafts to make this weekend, you may very well find the perfect Halloween project here. The links will take you to the first day of Candy Corn Crafts week, and then you can keep on clicking for the rest of the round up.

It's Candy Corn Craft week on Crafts 'n Coffee! Seven days of candy corn themed crafts for Halloween. Lots of fun and calorie-free!

Like I said earlier this week, I am determined to make a Cheesecloth Ghost (or two) this weekend. What are your weekend plans? Will you be working on any Halloween projects?

I’ll see you next week, when Rebekah Meier shares several new Christmas crafts (yep, I said “Christmas.”)

Happy crafting.


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10 Responses to A last-minute round up of Halloween Crafts

  1. LisaM6 says:

    This weekend will be more about baking stuff for the neighbors…..apple sauce, banana bread and cookies. I am sure they will like the little baskets. Then hopefully finish a couple of my projects.

  2. МАРИЯ says:


  3. Wendy says:

    I love your crafts.

  4. Joyce says:

    FABULOUS collection of beautifully designed items! The purple spider is my favorite!

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you, Joyce. I paged through your beautiful blog today — so many fun and creative ideas! I’m honored that you stopped in at Crafts ‘n Coffee today. Sharon

  5. Katiria says:

    I loved seeing all these crafts together in one spot. This weekend I will be putting the finishing touches of a Minion costume I’m making out of papier-mâché.
    Bundle up and keep warm!

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