Fun and easy Halloween candy crafts for kids of all ages!

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a candy craft or two, right? It’s candy, candy everywhere you turn, and always something new, too. Last year, it was candy corn M&Ms. This year, I just heard about Starburst Candy Corn. Halloween candy is bright and colorful (and did I hear yummy?) — perfect for Halloween crafting and decorating. Today, I’m sharing a few Halloween candy crafts from years past, and several new ideas, too.

I’ll start with my favorite. I loved Marshmallow PEEPS as a kid, and now I think they’re a lot of fun to craft with. I’ve used the PEEPS to make holiday decorations for Easter, Christmas, and Halloween. Here’s the tutorial for the Halloween Marshmallow PEEPS Cones.

Making these Marshmallow Peeps Halloween cones is super easy. This is a Halloween craft for all ages!

Halloween Marshmallow Peeps Topiary Trees are fun and super easy to make.

Over at the Hub Pages, Heather shares a Halloween Gumdrop Tree. The colors she uses are perfect for Halloween, and the PEEPS accents couldn’t be cuter.

Super-cute! DIY a Halloween Gumdrop Tree. Love the peeps, too.

Heather has made Gumdrop Trees since she was a kid.

Dum Dum Trees or Lollipop Trees are a great idea for a party centerpiece. Last year, I dressed up a Dum Dum Centerpiece Tree with googly eyes to make a Halloween Lollipop Tree.

A fun tutorial to make a Halloween Lollipop Tree.

Add googly eyes and eyeballs and you have a Halloween Dum Dum Tree.

I am always in awe of whatever Stephanie Lynn from the blog By Stephanie Lynn – Under the Table & Dreaming, creates. From her crafts to her parties, every last detail is beautiful. I should not have been surprised when she made this amazing tiered, Dum Dum Lollipop Cake. Wow! Stephanie Lynn points out that Dum Dum Lollipops are free of the top major allergens and can be eaten by many kids with food allergies. So, this “cake” is perfect for a special celebration if your little one has allergies, too.

Beautiful Dum Dum Lollipop Cake by Stephanie Lynn - Under the Table and Dreaming.

Stephanie Lynn made this three-tier Dum Dum Lollipop Cake to celebrate her son’s October birthday.

Here’s another fun party idea – a Quick Candy Topiary. If you’re having a party, add it to your dessert table where it’s both decorative and functional. It’s a quickie craft — you simply pin your candies onto the cone of STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam. The pumpkin base is adorable, but if you don’t have the time, you can skip this step and simply display the cone without it.

Cute idea for a Halloween party. It's a decoration AND dessert. Pretty quick to make, too.

Quick Candy Topiary is perfect as a centerpiece — and dessert.

The Autumn Candy Topiary is a variation that uses frosting to adhere the candies.

A "sweet" centerpiece idea. Who wouldn't love a candy cone? Great idea for Thanksgiving or Halloween.

This Candy Cone would work for Halloween AND Thanksgiving.

This year’s new candy, or at least new to me, is Starburst Candy Corn. Have you seen it? Tori Spelling is helping to promote the candy, and she shares her Chrysanthemum Balls made with Starburst Candy Corn, along with a few other projects. The colors are much softer and more muted than traditional candy corn.

Tori Spelling made these Chrysanthemum Balls using new Starburst Candy Corn and Styrofoam balls. Great colors.

Tori Spelling made Magnificent Chrysanthemum Balls with Starburst Candy Corn.

And finally, when the candy fest is over, here are a few fun crafts you can make with the candy wrappers: Recycled Candy Wrapper Picture Frame and a Recycled Candy Wrapper Pencil Cube.

Recycle those candy bar wrappers and decoupage them with Mod Podge on a picture frame. This custom size frame is cut from a 1" sheet of Styrofoam.

DIY a pencil cube using recycled candy wrappers and a Styrofoam cube. Save those Halloween candy wrappers for this one!

Have you bought your Halloween candy? What kind did you buy? I confess — I have mine, but I try to avoid temptation by stashing my Halloween candy in the basement in a bag that’s knotted shut. Out of sight, out of mind, right? How about you?

Happy crafting.


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3 Responses to Fun and easy Halloween candy crafts for kids of all ages!

  1. Thanks so much for featuring my Halloween Gumdrop Tree. You’ve totally made my day! I love this assortment of projects you’ve gathered– feeling very inspired to create! Thanks again 🙂

  2. LisaM6 says:

    Yummm! Okay, we don’t get trick or treaters here. But I did buy a bunch today so we can have a family movie night again. And a few bags for the craft shows I do this fall. Time for me to craft and not eat all the goodies. Love all the candy ideas. Good thing I ate lunch before I opened my emails today. 🙂

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