Candy Corn Crafts week: DIY Ruffled Candy Corn Door Décor

How pretty would this Ruffled Candy Corn look on your front door? After making yesterday’s Duct Tape Candy Corn Door Hanger, one idea lead to another and this Ruffled Candy Corn Door Décor was born. If you aren’t a fan of creepy Halloween decorations, this Ruffled Candy Corn Door Decor is a sweet alternative.

If you don't like creepy Halloween decorations, check out this Ruffled Candy Corn Door Decor on Lots of other fun, candy corn craft ideas, too.

To make Ruffled Candy Corn Door Décor, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 12” x 18” x 1” sheet (if this size is not available, use a larger sheet and save the remaining foam for a later use)
  • Fabric: 1/3 yd. each yellow and orange, and 1/8 yd. white
  • Ribbon, 3/8” wide in candy corn print
  • Thread
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; serrated knife; old candle or bar of soap; pencil; newspaper; ruler; straight pins; wire knippers; optional: sewing machine

To make Ruffled Candy Corn Door Décor:

1. Using a pencil and a ruler, draw your candy corn pattern on the newspaper. My candy corn pattern measured 11-1/2” wide at the base, 3” wide at the top, and 17” tall. Cut out your pattern.

Fast Halloween craft

Pin pattern to the foam sheet, then score your lines with a sharp pencil and a serrated knife. (Note: this photo is from an earlier project.)

2. Pin the pattern to the sheet of STYROFOAM Brand Foam. Using a ruler and sharp pencil, draw around the pattern, scoring foam. Wax knife blade with an old candle or bar of soap. Use knife to score the lines again. Position foam sheet so that the score line is along the edge of a table. Press down, breaking foam cleanly along the scored line. Using knife, round the corners. Sand all sides and rough edges with a scrap piece of STYROFOAM Brand Foam.

Ruffled layers on Ruffled Candy Corn Door Decor.

If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can add a running stitch by hand.

3. Cut the following 2-1/2” wide strips from fabrics:

  • Yellow: 23” and 24”
  • Orange: 15”, 18” and 21”
  • White: 8” and 10”

4. By hand or by machine, stitch a basting stitch 1/4” from the edge along each fabric strip. If hand sewing, pull your thread to gather each strip. If machine sewing, gently pull the bobbin thread at the end of the strip (it’s easiest to gather a ruffle when pulling the bobbin thread where you ended stitching vs. the beginning). Carefully pull threads and ruffle each strip. Do not pull forcefully, as the thread may break.

3. Starting with the yellow, 24” ruffled strip, pin the ruffled strips to the foam candy corn. Pin the ends of each fabric strip to the back of the candy corn, and adjust the position of each ruffled layer till the candy corn is covered. Glue the ruffled layers in place.

4. Tie a 12” length of candy corn ribbon in a bow. Pin and glue in place. Trim ribbon ends, if needed.

5. Knot together ends of a 10” length of ribbon for a hanger. Pin and glue the knot to the back. Let glue dry before hanging.

A pretty Halloween decoration for your door. See for the tutorial to make your own Ruffled Candy Corn Door Decor.

Ruffled Candy Corn Door Decor.

Now you can have it your way — Candy Corn Door Hanger made with ruffles or duct tape. Which do you prefer?

Candy Corn Door Hanger -- cute in ruffles or duct tape. Which would you choose?

We’re halfway through Candy Corn Crafts week, and I’ll have another quick and easy candy corn craft for you tomorrow.

It's Candy Corn Craft week on Crafts 'n Coffee! Seven days of candy corn themed crafts for Halloween. Lots of fun and calorie-free!

Happy candy corn crafting.


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20 Responses to Candy Corn Crafts week: DIY Ruffled Candy Corn Door Décor

  1. Are you hemming each row of ruffles, or just cutting and nothing else ?

    • Sharon says:

      No hemming! I kept it easy and just cut the strips. Let me know how your Ruffled Candy Corn turns out — I’d love to see a photo. Happy crafting! Sharon

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  6. Haas says:

    The ruffled candy corn door ornament would make a pretty skirt for a little girl also in those colors and prints. Seen your picture on “For the Love of Mason Jars” on FB

  7. I LOVE both of these! I think the ruffle candy corn is so cute! Great job!

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  9. Average But Inspired says:

    This is so cute!

  10. Cathy says:

    I love candy corn and this is adorable… stopping by from Snap…..

  11. Ezekiel Vaz says:

    lovely art and craft…

  12. LisaM says:

    Love the ruffles….could alway change up the colors since they have candy corns for valentine’s day too. Velcro would make it easy. Great idea.

    • Sharon says:

      I love your idea, Lisa, and never thought about making this a year-round door hanger. I’ve also seen candy corn in pastel shades at Easter, so you could celebrate that holiday with a Candy Corn Door Hanger, too. Thank you. Sharon

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