Candy Corn Crafts week: DIY a Folk Art Candy Corn Girl

Today I’m sharing the sweetest Folk Art Candy Corn Girl from Rebekah Meier. Hands-down, this is my favorite candy corn craft of the week. Just like the Folk Art Halloween Totem Rebekah shared earlier with Crafts ‘n Coffee readers, her Folk Art Candy Corn Girl is a keepsake craft. To make her folk art figures, Rebekah builds a body from shapes of STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam, and then covers it in air-dry clay. It’s not one you can make in an hour, but it’s definitely worth making.

Rebekah Meier made this beautiful folk art Candy Corn Girl.  Her tutorial on Crafts 'n Coffee makes it look pretty easy.

Frightfully Cute, Folk Art Candy Corn Girl by Rebekah Meier.

To make a Folk Art Candy Corn Girl, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 1” and 1-1/2” balls; 4” cone; and 3” disc
  • Air-dry clay, 1 package (Rebekah uses Creative Paperclay®)
  • Acrylic craft paint: Black, Light Buttermilk, Canyon Orange, Tuscan Red, Cadmium Yellow, Hauser Light Green
  • Gel stain in Oak
  • Spray varnish, satin finish
  • Gesso
  • Rickrack, black
  • Crepe paper roll, black
  • Chenille stem, black
  • Thread, black
  • Wood dowel, ¼” dia.
  • Thin wire, about 2″ length in black
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Tools needed: Scissors; round toothpicks; sharp pencil; fine sandpaper; paper towels; water tub; ½” flat and liner paintbrushes; clay tools: acrylic clay roller, cutter blade, smoothing tools

To make a Folk Art Candy Corn Girl:

1. Using toothpicks and glue, attach the 1-1/2” foam ball to the narrow end of the foam cone.

2. Using acrylic clay roller, roll Paperclay into a 1/8” thickness.

3. Completely cover the body with clay, smoothing out all lines and seams with wet fingers and clay tools.

4. While clay is still wet, create facial features, drawing triangle eyes and nose, and an indented mouth, using the sharp pencil.

5. Let clay dry. If cracks appear, patch with more clay and let dry.

6. Cut dowel into two, 3” lengths. Insert into bottom of foam cone and secure with glue.

7. Sand body with fine sandpaper until smooth. Wipe off dust with paper towel.

8. Using flat paintbrush, apply one coat of gesso. Let dry.

Pumpkin head detail for Rebekah Meier's Candy Corn Girl.

Add a jack-‘o-lantern face to the pumpkin head.

9. Paint the candy corn figure:

  • Head: Canyon Orange.
  • Eyes and mouth lines: Light Buttermilk
  • Nose and mouth: Tuscan Red
  • Eye, nose, and mouth outline: Cadmium Yellow
  • Eye dots: Black
  • Body stripes: Use a flat paintbrush and Cadmium Yellow, Canyon Orange, and Light Buttermilk. Refer to the photo for placement of the stripes.
  • Legs: Light Buttermilk and Black stripes.

10. Mini Pumpkin:

The Candy Corn girl is accessorized in pumpkins, of course.

The Candy Corn Girl carries this cute pumpkin.

  • Cover 1” foam ball with clay, referring to Steps 2 & 3 above.
  • Insert round toothpick into top for stem.
  • Paint with Canyon Orange.
  • Paint black triangles for eyes, nose, and eye highlights.
  • Outline eyes, and mouth with Cadmium Yellow.
  • Create mouth lines with Light Buttermilk.
  • Trim toothpick and paint with Hauser Light Green.
  • Spray with varnish.
  • Insert 2” length of wire into each side at the top, forming a handle.

11. Insert dowel legs into foam disc, and secure with craft glue. Let glue dry. You may need to support the body while waiting for the glue to dry.

12. Following Steps 2 & 3, cover the disc with clay. When dry, paint disc Black.

13. Apply Gel Stain to entire body and base. Wipe off excess with paper towel. Let dry.

14. Spray entire body and base with varnish. Let dry.

15. Fold in half a 14” strip of crepe paper, and trim off approximately ¼” from the long, open edge. Gather folded edge with black thread. Place gathered crepe paper around neck and pull gathers tight. Knot off and trim excess thread.

crepe paper button on Candy Corn Girl.

Crepe Paper Button.

16. Following instructions in Step 15, fold, trim and gather two, 8” strips of black crepe paper. Pull ends together to create a circle shape and secure with craft glue. Glue completed crepe paper buttons to body.

17. Glue rickrack around body.

18. Arms: Wrap a black chenille stem around the top of the body, under the crepe paper collar. Bend arms and hang jack-‘o-lantern on one arm.

It's Candy Corn Crafts week on Crafts 'n Coffee! Seven days of candy corn themed crafts for Halloween. Lots of fun and calorie-free!

Join me tomorrow for the next installment in Candy Corn Crafts week.

Happy candy corn crafting.


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11 Responses to Candy Corn Crafts week: DIY a Folk Art Candy Corn Girl

  1. Nancy D says:

    Love this one too! I’m in the process of making the Halloween totem. So much fun! Guess I will have too add candy corn girl to my project list now! By the way, have you tried the M&Ms white chocolate candy corn? I’m not usually a fan of white chocolate but these are yummy!

    • Sharon says:

      I’ve seen the M&Ms white chocolate candy corn, and I will have to try them this year. Like you, I’m not a white chocolate fan, but if you say they’re good . . . I hope you’ll share a photo of your Halloween Totem on our Faceoboke page — I’d love to see it. Happy crafting! Sharon

  2. DesignedByBH says:

    Wow! That looks ambitious! I’m definitely crafty, but I’m not sure I could pull this one off! I love your idea of having the candy corn crafts week!

    • Sharon says:

      It helps that Rebekah breaks it down, step-by-step, and you can do it over the course of a few days. And not to worry — I have some very easy candy corn crafts planned for later this week. Thanks for stopping in. Sharon

  3. LisaM says:

    What a fun girl. She nice and colorful.

  4. I nominated you for a versatile blogger award, I enjoy your creativity very much! I wanted to say thank you!

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