A quick & cozy Christmas craft to make today: Ball of Yarn Ornaments

I know you have a few odds and ends of yarn around the house, right? I know I do. Well, here’s a fun and easy Christmas gift idea to make for moms, grandmas, teachers, or anyone who likes to knit and craft – Ball of Yarn Ornaments. This is a Christmas craft the kids can make, too. Wrap up a few of these easy yarn ornaments today, and you’ll be glad you did come December!

Easy Yarn Ball Ornaments. Love the mini knitting needles! These are a great stash buster, too.

Yarn Ball Ornaments by Kathleen George.

To make a Ball of Yarn Ornament, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 2-1/2” ball
  • Yarn
  • Wooden beads, two 8mm
  • Wooden skewers, two
  • Embellishments: Ribbon roses, silk leaves, buttons, berries, etc.
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Tools needed: Scissors; pencil, craft knife*

*NOTE: If working with children, please be sure adults only use the craft knife.

The perfect gift for teachers, moms, grandmas and others who love to knit.  Super easy to make, too.

Dig into your stash and use up your leftover yarn. These Yarn Ball Ornaments are pretty in any color!

To make a Ball of Yarn Ornament:

1. Wrap the yarn around the ball in many different directions, covering the ball completely. Cut the yarn, and using the pencil point, insert the end of the yarn into the foam ball. Add a dab of glue to secure the end.

2. Tie an 8” length of yarn into a loop. Using the pencil point, push the knot into the foam ball. Add a dab of glue to secure.

3. Glue on your chosen embellishments.

4. To make the knitting needles, cut the wooden skewers to 6”. If needed, carefully whittle the cut end till bead fits on the end. Glue on the bead.

5. Carefully push the wooden skewers through the foam ball, inserting them crossways.

And you’re done! How great would it be to use up bits and pieces of yarn from your stash, while getting a head start on your Christmas gifts?  When do you start planning and shopping for Christmas? Do you shop the after-Christmas sales for the next year? Or, do you shop all year round? Are you a last-minute, Christmas Eve shopper? Do tell.

Happy crafting.


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9 Responses to A quick & cozy Christmas craft to make today: Ball of Yarn Ornaments

  1. Molly says:

    Making this ornament for a friend with her mother’s knitting needles…may have to cut them down.

  2. handimom says:

    Cute, and yes, easy! I’m a crocheter, so I may try it with a small crochet hook for my fellow crocheters. I’m also a Christmas ornament junkie, so I will be making some with the knitting needles as well!:) I’m looking forward to seeing more Christmas crafts from you! Thanks for sharing!

  3. studiorose says:

    Wouldn’t a whole tree full of these be gorgeous? I have so much yarn I could make enough for at least a dozen trees! Fun idea; thanks for sharing this!

  4. LisaM says:

    Those are definately cute. Unique too. What a fun ornament.

    • Sharon says:

      Thanks, Lisa. And don’t forget easy — I love easy! I bet you have some yarn scraps around that you could use to whip up a few of these! Sharon

  5. annehaun says:

    These are adorable – will be making some soon.

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