How to make a Paper Loop Christmas Wreath (and we have a winner!)

After the Christmas in July feature, I had several readers ask for more Christmas crafts. So, Merry Christmas! I’ve planned several easy, sparkly and colorful Christmas crafts this week. Like this Paper Loop Christmas Wreath accented with glittering balls. I’m sharing photos of the wreath in several different color schemes, so use your favorite Christmas colors. Or, consider this Paper Loop Wreath for Halloween. I think it would be fun in a punchy combo of orange, black, purple and white.

This Christmas wreath is so pretty and couldn't be easier. Paper loops are made from scrapbook paper, and the glittered balls add sparkle. Use a wreath of STYROFOAM Brand Foam for the base.

Paper Loop Christmas Wreath by Kathleen George.

You’ll notice the loops are made from double-sided paper, so they’re as colorful on the inside as out. Designer Kathleen George chose to make her own double-sided paper by gluing two sheets together. If you find double-sided papers that you like “as is”, you can skip this step.

Cute Christmas wreath, easy too. Use scrapbook paper for the loops and sparkling balls made with glitter, glue and balls of Styrofoam brand foam.

Here’s the Paper Loop Christmas Wreath in a different color scheme.

To make a Paper Loop Christmas Wreath, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 12” x 2” half wreath; 24, 2” balls; block or scrap piece
  • Scrapbook paper*: Four shades of green; and one each bright pink, patterned pink and patterned red
  • Micro glitter: Hot pink, red, green and light green
  • Wire, 5”
  • Spray adhesive*
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; toothpicks; stiff paintbrush; box lid or newspaper

* If you are using double-sided paper, you will use only 4 – 5 sheets of scrapbook paper and you will not need the spray adhesive.

To make a Paper Loop Christmas Wreath:

1. If your paper is already double sided, skip to Step 2. Otherwise, glue together sheets of paper using spray adhesive. Let adhesive dry.

2. Cut paper into 1” x 5” strips; glue into loops with low-temp glue. You’ll need 15 – 20 dark green loops and 12 loops from each of the other colors.

3. Glue green loops to the wreath, overlapping loops ½” and alternating the shades of green.  Arrange the red and pink paper loops at the top, bottom and each side of the wreath. Cover wreath completely.

4. Add a dab of glue on one end of the toothpicks and insert into the 2” balls of STYROFOAM Brand Foam.

5. Spread newspaper over your work surface, or work over a box lid. Brush glue onto balls, covering them completely. Working over newspaper or a box lid, sprinkle balls with glitter, making six glittered balls of each color. Insert toothpicks into foam block or a scrap of foam while glue dries.

7. Arrange glittered balls on wreath, and insert toothpicks into the wreath form. If needed, add a dab of glue on the toothpicks first, before inserting them into the wreath.

8. Make a hanger from the wire, and insert ends into the back of the wreath. Add a dab of glue and let glue dry before hanging.

A pretty spring wreath DIY, made with only scrapbook paper and a wreath of Styrofoam brand foam. Easy!

Here’s the Paper Loop Wreath refashioned for spring.

Now, to announce the winner of last week’s sweet Peeps Pop Art Prize Package (I love alliterations). The winner is Ellen! Please contact me, Ellen, so I can arrange for your prize.

See you soon with more Christmas cheer.

Happy crafting.


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11 Responses to How to make a Paper Loop Christmas Wreath (and we have a winner!)

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  2. Lyn Lee says:

    Thanks for sharing this brilliant idea for a wreath! It caught my 5 year old’s eye and we’re putting it together now!

  3. Kelly says:

    Cute. Easy to make… And i know where to buy all this things not like the others. >o<

  4. Rebecca says:

    My girls will have a blast creating these for all the holidays! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Taffie says:

    These are SO pretty! Simple to make, not too expensive, supplies readily available–perfect!

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you! With so many pretty patterns and colors available, scrapbook papers are perfect for all sorts of crafts. And yes, they’re cheap, too. I hope you’re inspired to create your own loopy wreath. Sharon

  6. Katiria says:

    Wow, those look very beautiful. I would be afraid to crease them or wrinkle them

    • Sharon says:

      I agree, Katiria, you’d have to be careful when you stored this wreath. A wreath box would keep it safe for future years. Thanks for stopping in. Sharon

  7. Cookie 17 says:

    These are so cute not expensive either, Halloween orange black purple any color work,Thank’s Cooki17

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you. I thought the same thing, Cookie — scrapbook paper is inexpensive and so pretty. I hope you get a little “loopy” and make your own! Sharon

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