A collection of cozy, DIY wall art in the yummy shades of fall

We’ve had a cool August – not that I’m complaining! There’s something about the promise of fall that makes me want to nest a little and take the time to work on projects around the house. If you feel that way, too, then check out this roundup of ten, DIY wall art projects in autumnal hues. Dress your walls in warm earth tones, metallics, and shades of orange and green and surround yourself with the season’s prettiest colors.

All of the photos and titles link up to the tutorials, so click on through.

Falling Leaves Wall Art

This is beautiful! Love these yummy fall colors. This really is a DIY project -- see the tutorial.

Falling Leaves Wall Art.

Rectangle Wall Sculpture

Elegant and very cool wall art you can make yourself! It's not that hard -- the tutorial has step-by-step instructions. #DIY Wall Art

Rectangle Wall Sculpture

Woodland Birch Bark & Twigs Wall Art

So pretty for the fall! I love this woodland look with birch bark and twigs. DIY it on CraftsnCoffee.com. (Either mail order birch bark from reputable online sellers or pick it up from the forest floor. Please do not pull it off of live trees.)

Woodland Birch Bark and Twigs Wall Art.

Textured Art Triptych

Very pretty DIY wall art with lots of great textures. It looks complicated but it's simply various textrued papers layered onto a sheet of Styrofoam brand foam. Make it in a crafternoon!

Vibrant Bistro Wall Art

Brilliant -- DIY wall art made with scrapbook papers! Cheap & easy! #DIYWallArt

Vibrant Bistro Wall Art

Green Apple Wall Art

Easy, DIY wall art for the fall season made with photo-realistic scrapbook papers. Would be fun for the holidays, too -- I've seen candy cane and candy corn scrapbook papers.

Green Apple Wall Art

Green Polka Dot Wall Art

Love these colors for the dining room. Also love that this is super quick wall art made with cloth napkins. How cheap & easy is that! I could make this in an hour!  #DIYWallArt

Green Polka Dot Wall Art

Bright Green Marimekko Wall Art

I love this vibrant Marimekko print. This is such a smart way to make wall art -- it takes just a small amount of an expensive fabric to make a BIG impact. Foam + Fabric Wall Art. #DIYWallArt

Bright Green Marimekko Wall Art

Disc Wall Art

More DIY wall art made with Styrofoam brand foam. So cool! Really easy & lightweight to hang, too.  #DIYWallArt

Disc Wall Art

Disc Drama Wall Art

You can make these (tutorial shows how) and then arrange them however you like.  It's called "Disc Drama Wall Art" and wow, it is dramatic! #DIYWallArt  CraftsnCoffee.com

Disc Drama Wall Art

And speaking of falling leaves, look what I found on my windshield.

The first maple leaf of fall.

Here comes fall!

And on the tree at the back of my driveway.

Yellow ash leaves

They’re changing!

This means apple picking, pumpkins, trick-or-treat and lots more seasonal fun is on the horizon. Are you seeing signs of fall in your neighborhood?

To welcome fall, I have a beautiful fall wreath planned for tomorrow. See you then!

P.S.  Remember to enter our fun Peeps giveaway going on this week.

Happy crafting.


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6 Responses to A collection of cozy, DIY wall art in the yummy shades of fall

  1. Sharon says:

    what is the brand of paper that you used for the Vibrant Bistro Wall Art?

  2. Birgit says:

    The birch bark is amazing — would be right my style! 🙂 Fortunately, we don’t have signs of fall around here yet. Well, some leaves are already falling down, but that’s because of the heat we have had to endure lately…

  3. LisaM says:

    Those are all great wall decor. I really like the birch and leaves.
    Gee, I wish the leaves would change here….tooo hot for that. 🙂

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