A new Peeps craft for kids and an awesome Peeps giveaway!

My love of crafting with Marshmallow Peeps is well documented here on Crafts ‘n Coffee. It all started with my Easter Peeps Topiaries, followed by the tutorial to make Halloween Marshmallow Peeps Trees. Last year, my daughter got in on the Peeps love when she and a few friends made Christmas Peeps crafts. So, when Peeps and Company® contacted me and asked if they could provide a special giveaway for Crafts ‘n Coffee readers, you know I said “yes!” And when my daughter saw what was in the giveaway, she immediately commandeered volunteered to take over . . . so, today I have a very special guest post, Peeps craft, and giveaway for you. (Please note: The giveaway is closed.)

You can win all these goodies on Crafts 'n Coffee! Plus, fun ideas for crafting with marshmallow Peeps.

Once my daughter saw this prize package, she commandeered today’s post!

Hello everyone! This is the first ever post of its kind here on Crafts ‘n Coffee! A post … not written by my mom! It was bound to happen sometime, why not now? So, as my mom said, when I saw the prize package, I was all over this one. I’ll talk about the prize package some more at the end, with all the details. But now, today’s craft, the Peeps Wreath — it was fun.  A fun idea and a great project? That’s what we have here. This Peeps Summer Beach Party Wreath is fun, kid-friendly and easy! I loved making this, and hope that you will, too.

Summer fun craft for kids: Marshmallow PEEPS Summer Beach Party Wreath. Super easy! And, all kids love candy crafts!

Peeps Summer Beach Wreath made with the new, Lemonade and Bubblegum Marshmallow Peeps.

To make a Peeps Summer Beach Party Wreath, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand foam: 12” wreath
  • Acrylic craft paint (we used Apple Barrel® from Plaid) in Beachcomber Beige and Caribbean Blue
  • Glitter in gold and blue
  • Marshmallow Peeps®: Lemonade and Bubblegum
  • Swedish fish
  • Gummy rings
  • Seashells (optional)
  • Low-temp glue gun or thick, white craft glue*
  • Tools needed: Stiff bristle paintbrushes; two disposable plates

*NOTE: If younger kids are making this wreath, be sure they use a thick white craft glue instead of a glue gun.

The supplies you'll need to make a summer-fun Marshmallow Peeps wreath.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your summer Peeps Wreath. (Note: I’ve found that Apple Barrel Paints from Plaid work great on STYROFOAM Brand Foam.)

To make a Peeps Summer Beach Wreath:

1. Squeeze a small amount of beige paint on a disposable plate. Paint a section of the wreath beige for the beach. Make sure to get the sides too. Then, squeeze the blue paint on a plate and paint the rest of the wreath blue. You could use a lighter coat in some areas to look like light on the water.

It's easy to paint Styrofoam brand foam. Be sure your paint is an acrylic craft paint, widely available in craft stores everywhere. (You don't want a paint with solvents, as the solvents may eat the foam). Then, using a stiff paintbrush, just brush on your paint. Easy peasy!

With an acrylic craft paint, painting the wreath is quick and easy.

2. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle a bit of the gold glitter on the sand, and the blue on the water. Wait for the wreath to dry, about one hour.

A summer beach wreath kids can make and decorate with marshmallow Peeps.

While the paint is still wet, sprinkle on a little glitter and your beach and water will sparkle.

3. Decorate your wreath:

  • I used Swedish fish on the inside of the wreath, so they look like they’re swimming in the ocean.
  • To make a Peep swimming in a gummy ring, take a Peep and, this a barbaric thing to do, but chop off the head. Then, glue the head onto the ring. You now have a floating Peep!
  • I made some water wings (ha ha ha) by cutting a ring in half and gluing the ends together.
  •  Decorate the wreath with floating and regular Peeps.
  • Add a few seashells on the beach (optional).
  • Just have fun and be creative!
Have fun adding sweet details to your Peeps Summer Beach Party Wreath. s

Decorate your beach with Peeps, life rings, water wings, and seashells.

So, about the prize package from Peeps and Company that I mentioned before. It is amazing!! First, there are the PEEPS. I volunteered to try them, so no one else would have to eat any (I’m a good person that way!).  My verdict, the Lemonade PEEPS are sweet, but lemony. The Bubblegum PEEPS actually taste like bubble gum!  Now for the rest  . . . There is a giant PEEPS eraser, which is awesome! I actually want to eat it…. But, it wouldn’t taste that great. There are PEEPS PANTS (note from Mom – youth sizes, only)! They are pretty cool, but the star of the package is…. A PEEPS PILLOW!! It has the same design as the pants. It is SOO soft and squishy… I wuv it! It’s a pretty cool prize package! Where else can you get all of these awesome items? My mom will fill you in on how to enter to win these insanely fun goodies. I’m really glad I got to do this post. ¡Adiós!

You can win all these goodies on Crafts 'n Coffee! Plus, fun ideas for crafting with marshmallow Peeps.

What a fun giveaway! The winner will receive pajama pants (in a youth size) and pillow in the fun, new Pop Art Peeps pattern. Plus, there’s a giant Peeps eraser, perfect for back-to-school, and the new Lemonade and Bubble Gum Marshmallow Peeps. Wow!

A quick recap of this prize package packed with Peeps Pop Art gear:

If you’d like to enter, shout out who would enjoy these goodies the most. You? Your daughter, nephew, neighbor, or?? Let me know below by midnight on Monday, August 19, and I’ll announce the lucky winner on Tuesday, August 20.

And, if you really love the new Peeps Pop Art Gear, Peeps and Company is offering Crafts ‘n Coffee readers a 20% off discount on purchases, no minimum purchase required. Just user code CNC2013 when you order.

Disclaimer: Peeps and Company provided the PEEPS candies for today’s craft project, and is also providing the Peeps Pop Art Gear for the giveaway.

**Please Note: This Giveaway is Closed.**

Thanks for stopping in today!

Happy crafting.


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37 Responses to A new Peeps craft for kids and an awesome Peeps giveaway!

  1. Diane says:

    I just think peeps are so cute and taste good too. I would use them with my granddaughter. She would eat them, I would try to get her to craft with them. Thanks for entering me into the drawing.

  2. Jessica w says:

    One of my best friends growing up, LOVES peeps.

  3. Ana Marcela Herrera says:

    I Love Peeps! It’s a perfect project for my little sister and me.

  4. Love them Peeps! I would probably divide the prizes among my 8 grandkids–they all love them, too!! New flavors??? Yum! Yum!

  5. Nan says:

    We sponsor a PEEPS diorama contest each year at Platteville Public Library, Platteville ,WI. This would make great prize(s) for the winners.

  6. Ashley Flores says:

    My daughter would love this prize package! We read about the giveaway together and she is so excited to try the lemonade Peeps and she wants to wear the Peeps pajama pants for good luck the night before the first day of school. That big Peeps eraser would certainly help her on her first day of 3rd grade!

  7. Denise Royal says:

    I love Peeps. I have a lot of stuff in Peeps already. Could always use more.

  8. Lisa says:

    I would love them, But my daughter would probably get them because she would love them too.

  9. Pat K says:

    Gotta love those peeps! Great projects!

  10. Ellen says:

    I love peeps! Great post! 🙂

  11. Heather says:

    Fabulous project!! Love me some PEEPS!!!!!
    I have to admit, I’d hoard the peeps prize for myself…maybe….probably…. 🙂

  12. Amy Pinion says:

    Well, my oldest daughter would like the pillow, my middle daughter would like the pants, and my son would LOVE the candy!!! The eraser would be my treat – no calories! 🙂

  13. Dawn says:

    Great post today, crafty young lady! Kendall and Derrick say “hello” and they love your Peep wreath project. We had a lot of fun making the Peep topiary trees last spring. Tell your Mom “hi” from us. Dawn and the kids in IL

    • Sharon says:

      Aww, “hello” back at you! This is mom here, while Sara is off having more fun. Maybe you’ll make a few more Peeps crafts? And do share your spring Peeps topiaries on the Facebook page — I’d love to see them! Happy crafting to you all! Sharon

  14. Kevin Dart says:

    wow great rainy day project,my daughter had to move in with us she brings 3 babies under 3 fun for all

    • Sharon says:

      It sounds like you have a very busy household! I’m so glad you found a few moments to stop in today. I hope you make a few crafting memories with your grandbabies. Enjoy! Sharon

  15. wendy m says:

    my daughter loves peeps and she would flip over this of course the pants wouldn’t fit her but they would make a great throw pillow

  16. wilma says:

    Just want to mention that painting on STYROFOAM is easy. The paint stays, and the textured surface gives it a sand-like look. Reminds of the summer shores along the coast.

    • Sharon says:

      I agree, Wilma, even young kids can have fun (and success) painting STYROFOAM. (Just be sure your paint doesn’t include solvents.) Thanks. Sharon

  17. wilma says:

    Hi , I think I recognize the hands of the “mystery” guest postperson, and want to say what a great writeup. Hope you got compensated with extra Peeps, and best of all , the fun working in the project. Love the PJ but my girth might not fit into youth size. So I’ll take myself off the race and let others win the pj and peeps. You did inspire me to get some PEEPS and make a PEEP craft with STYROFOAM ! This will help to stretch out the summer a bit ! Well done kiddo. You may have a writing career ahead of you.

  18. Marlenel says:

    What a great giveaway package. Peeps youth pants, giant eraser, peeps pillow and lemonade and bubblegum peeps be still my heart.

  19. Bonnie Evans says:

    I WOULD LOVE THIS AND I AM 67 Yrs old LOL… But I suppose I could give it to my great nephew who is 3 EXCEPT for the pillow I would KEEP it for him until he got older and wouldn’t get peeps goo on it.. His Mom is so tiny she can probably wear the pants, OR being the crafter that I am I could turn them into MORE Pillows. So thank you from Bonnie Evans

  20. Birgit says:

    Oh my gosh — a giant PEEPS eraser! 🙂 I collect erasers, so this prize would be extra sweet. Anyway, I presume non-American readers are excluded from the giveaway, aren’t they? Peeps aren’t even available around here (Germany).

    Well, yeah, it would be yours truly who would enjoy these goodies the most (I have even already thought of turning the pants into table runners…).

    Happy crafting,

    • Sharon says:

      Hi Birgit, so glad you stopped in today! Bummer that there are no Peeps in Germany! I’m not sure about the prize shipping overseas, and I shall have to check in on that one. A Peeps table runner would be so fun! You could also make some wall art . . . hmmm . . . Thanks so much for the comment. Sharon

  21. Laurie says:

    This wreath is so cute! I love the beach theme. It’s a perfect project for summer!
    The prize package looks like lots of fun. I know my niece would love it!

  22. LisaM says:

    Yummy! I would say my 7 year old daughter would love to eat them.
    What a fun tut.
    Thanks, it is always fun to see what you come up with next.

    • Sharon says:

      Indeed, I think your 7-year old would gobble them up, and probably love those PJ pants, too. Thanks for the comment, Lisa. I had fun watching from behind the scenes this time! Sharon

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