The prettiest Spring Yarn Wreath ever – embellished how you like it

Kathleen George shares with us the prettiest Spring Yarn Wreath. The variegated yarn, in shades of lavender and lime, does the design work for you, layering on the stripes as you go. Kathleen used my favorite tip for making yarn wreaths fast – use a thicker yarn. The thicker the yarn you use, the faster you’ll wind your wreath. Then, embellish your Spring Yarn Wreath with felt flowers, buttons, or whatever you like. We couldn’t decide which version we preferred. Which one do you prefer?

A thick, variegated yarn makes it easy to wrap up this springtime yarn wreath.

Spring Yarn Wreath with felt flowers.

Here’s version number one, decorated with felt flowers cut by hand or with a die-cutting machine. For version number two, we pinned on felt buttons shaped like flowers, and regular buttons, too. However you decorate it, I hope you’ll give this wreath a whirl.

The prettiest spring yarn wreath. Make it fast with a thicker yarn.

Spring Yarn Wreath with felt flower buttons.

To make a Spring Yarn Wreath, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 12” half-round wreath
  • Variegated yarn
  • Felt, two coordinating colors
  • Buttons, coordinating colors
  • Pearl head pins & craft pins
  • Optional: Sizzix flower layers #3 and Leaves #2 (or use the pattern provided)
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Tools needed: Scissors

To make a Spring Yarn Wreath:

1. Wind your yarn into a ball (this helps prevent tangling).

2. Pin one end of the yarn to the back of the wreath. Keep winding the yarn around the wreath, making sure not to leave any bare spots.

3. When the entire wreath has been wrapped, cut the yarn and pin the end to the back of the wreath.

4. Using Sizzix flower dies or the patterns, cut six sets of layered flowers and six leaves from felt.

5. Assemble the flowers and glue to the wreath. Pin a button in the center of each flower. Glue a leaf on either side of three of the flowers.

6. Glue and pin a loop of felt to the top back center for a hanger.

Here’s another way to decorate your wreath. This version of the yarn wreath is decorated with purchased felt flower buttons and a variety of other colorful buttons.

The prettiest spring yarn wreath ever, decorated with buttons and felt flowers.

Here’s an alternative — decorate your wreath with felt flower buttons and other colorful buttons.

Super pretty spring yarn wreath made fast with a thick yarn.

How would you decorate your wreath?

How would you decorate your Spring Yarn Wreath?

Happy crafting.


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19 Responses to The prettiest Spring Yarn Wreath ever – embellished how you like it

  1. Dolores says:

    Loved this wreath but would like to know what brand yarn you used, how many skeins, and where it was purchased. Thanks

    • Sharon says:

      Hi Dolores, Thank you! I’m so glad you like this wreath. The yarn was purchased at Hobby Lobby and it uses less than a skein. I’m not sure of the brand and I do not have the packaging any more. However, if you have a Hobby Lobby nearby, be sure to check out the yarn aisle. They always have the most beautiful yarn! Happy crafting! Sharon

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  4. Jackie says:

    You have inspired me to make one of these today! Thanks for the wonderful Idea!

  5. Gorgeous! I am in love with that yarn!

  6. roylcoblog says:

    Simple but effective. I love how seamlessly you wound up the yarn around the styrofoam wreath! The flowers are a wonderful touch.

  7. Joan E. Floyd says:

    Hi….both are exceptually beautiful…..I have plastic covered straw wreaths…would they work as well? Love the varigated yarn! Thanks for sharing. Love making wreaths and hope to make this style as well. Again thanks…Joan

    • Sharon says:

      Hi Joan, Thanks for stopping in. I can’t vouch for the straw wreaths, as we’ve not used them. I do know that the texture of the wreaths of STYROFOAM Brand Foam helps to hold the yarn in place, making it easier to wrap the wreath. Happy crafting! Sharon

  8. savedbylovecreations says:

    This is beautiful, Sharon! I just did some terrariums with purple moss and green succulents and this wreath has that same lovely color combo happening. The 2nd version is my favorite. Pinning to my DIY Wreath board.

    • Sharon says:

      Thanks so much, Johnnie, and thanks for stopping in, too. Love your succulent terrariums — what a great gift idea, and the price can’t be beat. Sharon

  9. Allie Gower says:

    This turned out beautifully. I love the little sparkle from the pins in the buttons.

  10. Geri Johnson says:

    I love the colors in that yarn Sharon! Can you tell us the brand & color name? It’s so pretty with the felt flowers & pretty buttons! Love it! 😀

    • Sharon says:

      Hi Geri, I know it’s a yarn from Hobby Lobby and it might be one of their house brands. However, I’ll see if Kathleen still has the label. Variegated yarn makes such a pretty wreath! Stay tuned, Geri. Sharon

  11. annehaun says:

    This is so lovely – have to make one!

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