How to make recycled soda can flowers for a spring wreath

Today, I have a recycled craft idea for you. Have you seen the beautiful soda can bouquets? Well, we’ve displayed our soda can bouquet on a DIY flower wreath. Aluminum soda cans (or as we say in my neck of the woods, pop cans), are so flexible that it’s easy to cut out and texture the flowers and leaves.

DIY a spring wreath with recycled soda can flowers

Recycled Soda Can Flower Wreath by Kathleen George.

There are two ways to make the flowers and leaves:

  1. Kathleen George used a Sizzix machine to cut out the flowers and leaves, and to add the texture.
  2. No Sizzix machine? No problem. You can cut out the flowers and leaves with scissors (preferably not your best pair), and texture the pieces with a dull pencil.
DIY soda can flowers for a spring wreath

Kathleen chose to display the inside of the cans for her flowers, but you could also use the more colorful can exteriors.

There’s another variation to consider, too. We used the reverse, silver side of the cans, which shows off the texture. But, you could skip the texture step and instead, display the colorful side of each can.

To make a Recycled Soda Can Flower Wreath, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 12” wreath with flat back
  • Acrylic craft paints in gold and silver
  • Soda cans, eight or so
  • Metallic buttons, eight
  • Wire, 6” length
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Stiff bristle paintbrush; Exacto® knife; old pair of scissors or knippers; dull pencil; gloves
  • Optional: Sizzix machine; Sizzix dies: Leaves #2, Flower layers #3; Cuttlebug Texture die
DIY a pretty, Spring Flower Wreath with repurposed soda can flowers

If you don’t have a die-cutting machine, just use scissors to cut out your flowers and leaves, and a dull pencil to add texture.

To make a Recycled Soda Can Flower Wreath:

1. Wash out your soda cans and let them dry.

2. Paint the wreath ring gold and let dry. Using a dry, stiff brush, lightly dry brush silver paint on the wreath, adding silver highlights.

3. With the Exacto knife, cut an opening below the top rim in the side of each can. Insert your scissors or knippers into each opening and cut the tops from the cans. Cut down to the bottom rim of each can and cut away the bottoms. Flatten out the body of each soda can. Caution: The cut edges are sharp and you may want to wear gloves.

4. Cut 12, 3” x 4-1/4” pieces from the flattened cans (this is the size required for the flower die).

5. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, texture six of the pieces of aluminum using the Cuttlebug texture die. Or, draw patterns on the reverse side of each piece using a dull pencil.

6. Use the Flower layers #3 die to cut out 12 sets of flowers – six textured and six plain. Or, trace a flower onto each piece and cut out with scissors.

7. Glue the flowers to the wreath, alternating the textured and smooth layers. Glue a button to the center of each flower.

8. Cut 12, 2″ x 3″ pieces of aluminum. Texture six of the pieces. Cut out 12 leaves – six textured and six plain.

9. Glue the leaves to the wreath, alternating textured and smooth leaves.

10. Twist wire into a loop for a hanger. Insert ends into the back of the wreath and add a dab of glue.

An Earth Day craft idea: Repurpose soda cans to make a wreath.

What have you made from old soda (or pop) cans?

Have you made anything from soda cans? Please share!

Happy crafting.


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15 Responses to How to make recycled soda can flowers for a spring wreath

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  3. Sar Tann says:

    This is really cool. When I was a kid my next door neighbor used to make barbie furniture out of old soda cans. To this day it was the most beautiful doll furniture I’ve ever seen. The were very victorian in looks and so beautiful.
    I’ve also used my die cut machine to cut out shapes from soda cans but I’ve never thought to add them to a wreath. No you got my mind ticking. lolol Love this!

    • Sharon says:

      I’m picturing that furniture, and it had lots of curly-q’s, right? Don’t you wish you had a few pieces now? I hope you’re able to DIY the wreath.

  4. Debbie says:

    My head is spinning with ideas! Thank you for the inspiration.

  5. mi hai dato un idea per riciclare le mie lattine di cocacola

  6. Cheryl Rehmann says:

    I make windchimes out of wine bottles. I am always looking for new decorating ideas for them. I think these will be an awesome new idea for the chimes, and it will really make them upcycled.

  7. LisaM says:

    Sharon~ these are great! I made some butterflies out of them. I have yet to do anything with them. But they are hanging out in on a clothes pin. I want to use the alchol inks to change the color of them. Love this idea.

    • Sharon says:

      Butterflies made from soda cans would be so pretty sparkling outside. Did you use a die-cutting machine to make them, or did you cut them with scissors? Sharon

      • LisaM says:

        I used a die from Sizzix and my old red sizzix diecutter. I embossed them too and just need to try and finish the ones I made. I have grand idea just not the follow through right now. 🙂 kids!

      • Sharon says:

        I think it’s amazing how easy it is to cut the cans. So many possibilities! Thanks, Lisa.

  8. Katiria says:

    I was looking for a good Earth Day craft. If I have time to try this, I’ll share my pics

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