You can do it: A new DIY Wall Art idea for your home

I think Crafts ‘n Coffee readers really love their homes – the DIY wall art ideas I’ve shared are always popular. Wall art made with scrapbook paper? Yes, please! Fabric & foam wall art? You love it! So, today I’m sharing a new DIY wall art idea that’s pretty cool and can definitely be customized for your own home.

easy DIY Wall Art Ideas

Disc Wall Art by Kathleen George.

To make this super contemporary accent piece, Kathleen George layered various sizes of discs of STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam. She walks you through the process on While the art is very cool and colorful, the project’s name is incredibly uninspired. We call it Disc Wall Art, ugh!

easy, DIY wall art

Before & After.

You can make this wall art piece smaller or larger by adding, removing and rearranging the foam discs.  And of course you can switch out the colors. When you’re finished, it’s super lightweight and easy to hang.

A sneak peek . . .

A sneak peek . . .

What do you think? Would you hang this one in your house?

I have an equally cool idea to share tomorrow, and here’s a sneak peek . . .

Happy crafting (and home decorating).


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6 Responses to You can do it: A new DIY Wall Art idea for your home

  1. amy says:

    Hi Sharon. Do you still have the directions for the disk wall art? I’ve tried using you link and site but I either get an error or can’t locate it. Thanks!

  2. LisaM says:

    Those are great. Just think you could make them into Volleyballs, Basketballs, Soft or baseballs, hokey pucks….the list goes on and one.


    • Sharon says:

      I love this idea, Lisa — a collage of balls, perfect for a kid’s bedroom. Thanks for the creative suggestion! Sharon

    • Katiria says:

      That IS a great idea. Sports related for boys and it could also be bubbles for an under the sea/mermaid theme.
      My husband and I did a similar project a few years agon we painted some 6 inch circles in yellow like polka dots across our wall. It was just for about 7 months. We liek to keep things fresh 😉

      • Sharon says:

        Leave it to our southern Florida reader to think of a beach theme! Now that you mention it, I can see these as bubbles, too. Polka dot walls would be a lot of fun! Thanks, Katiria. Sharon

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