Pretty, DIY Flower Arrangements Celebrate Springtime

I’m celebrating spring a day early with pretty, springtime centerpiece ideas. These easy, DIY flower arrangements are all made with silk (or everlasting) flowers, so though they’re quick to make, you’ll enjoy them for a long time. Any of these centerpieces would be pretty for Easter dinner, or even a bridal shower or wedding.

DIY easy spring flower arrangements

We’ll start with the Zinnia Flower Cubes by Diane Flowers. These Flower Cubes are similar to everyone’s favorite flower pomanders, but with a twist – they’re square. Fun! Imagine a row of these down your Easter table, or even on the head table at a wedding. I love the versatility, too – you can add candle cups and use them as candleholders, or stack two or three and make a flower column.

Easy Easter centerpiece ideas

Zinnia Flower Cubes by Diane Flowers.

Diane used zinnias in yellow, cream and purple, but you could easily change this. Any flower with full petals would work, from carnations to gerbera daisies. If your flowers are smaller, you’ll need more, of course. And the colors are totally up to you.

easy spring arrangements

Diane used cream, purple and yellow zinnias, but you can easily change it up with your favorite flowers and colors.

To make a Zinnia Flower Cube, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 5” cubes
  • Zinnias in yellow, cream and purple: 16 – 20 (You’ll need four for each side)
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Candle cup (optional)
  • Wood skewers (optional)
  • Tools needed: Wire cutters or floral shears

To make the Zinnia Floral Cubes:

1. Trim the flower stems to 2”. Insert four flowers on all four sides of the cube, alternating colors. If you’re going to see the top of the cube, insert four more flowers across the top. Do not cover the bottom.  The STYROFOAM Brand Foam should securely hold the flower stems in place. If you like, you can add a dab of glue to each stem as you insert it.

how to make a floral column

If you’re going to stack your cubes and make a floral column, you don’t need to cover the tops of the bottom cubes.

2. To stack the cubes, insert and glue two wooden skewers hallway into the top of the bottom cube. Add glue to the top of the cube, then carefully lower the top cube onto the wooden skewers. Let the glue dry.

3. If you’d like, insert and glue a candle cup to the top of the cube.

Floral Cube and Floral Column tutorial

The pedestal and candle cup are optional, and you can display your floral cube and floral column just like this.

I have seven more pretty spring flower arrangements linked up from last year on Crafts ‘n Coffee. Click on thru for the tutorials. Enjoy! (And can I just say that I love this photo collage? It really looks like spring!)

DIY easy spring flower arrangements

What’s blooming in your garden right now? Crocus? Tulips? Daffodils?

Happy crafting!


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8 Responses to Pretty, DIY Flower Arrangements Celebrate Springtime

  1. Jane says:

    Hi Sharon,
    Beautiful Spring ideas! Love all of them.
    I have a question. Last year I spotted on-line these adorable Easter Eggs that were wearing tiny little straw hats. I have seen small ones, size for table favors but not these really small ones that would fit the top of an egg.
    It’s possible the picture or camera made everything look small rather than the real size?


    • Sharon says:

      Hi Jane, That’s hard to say, without seeing the photo. It’s possible that they really were teeny, tiny hats, something that’s not widely available. Or, perhaps it is the angle of the photo? Have you tried googline for tiny straw hats? It sounds like a cute idea! Thanks for stopping in today. Sharon

  2. LisaM says:

    How beautiful. They look so Springy. We could use some with out ground now covered in that dratted white stuff. lol Great ideas.

  3. Katiria says:

    Your flowers are very pretty. I’m glad they’ll last forever. Our garden hasn’t been too successful, but I see a watermelon starting to grow. It is about the size of a tomato. I can’t wait to see if my peppers, tomatoes and onion grow.

    • Sharon says:

      How cool — a grow-your-own watermelon! Let us know how it turns out. We’re still seeing snow here, so gardening time is a ways away . . .

  4. annehaun says:

    These are lovely – thanks for sharing.

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