How to make a Springtime Paper Butterfly Topiary and Egg (And winners announced)

I have another springtime paper craft today, and it’s one the kids might like, too. Paper is pretty, it’s cheap and it’s easy to craft with, so it’s just about perfect. Patty Schaffer used a pastel spring green and aqua palette to make her Butterfly Topiary and Butterfly Easter Egg. If you’d prefer different colors, no problem, just change the paper. Here’s how Patty made her pretty, springtime Butterfly Topiary and Easter Egg.

paper and paint chip butterfly topiary and butterfly egg

Butterfly Topiary and Butterfly Egg by Patty Schaffer.

To make a Butterfly Topiary and Butterfly Egg, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 9” x 4” cone; 3-3/16” x 2-7/8” egg
  • Scrapbook paper, three – four 12” x 12” sheets in coordinating colors
  • Paint chips in coordinating colors
  • Pearl head pins, 1-1/2”, 300
  • Tools needed: Small butterfly punch
  • Note: If you’d like to display your topiary on a pedestal, you’ll also need a candleholder, 2-1/2” coarse thread drywall screw, and E-6000 Adhesive

To make a Butterfly Topiary:

1. Punch out butterflies from scrapbook papers and paint chips.

How to make butterfly paper punch topiary for spring er

Patty used a sweet collection of pastels, but you can mix and match colors and patterns to suit your own style.

2. Place a scrapbook paper butterfly on top of a paint chip butterfly, and insert a pearl head pin through both layers. Slightly pinch together the wings on the top butterfly to add a little dimension.

3. Pin the butterfly around the base of the cone.

4. Make more butterflies, following Step 2, mixing and matching the colors as you go. Continue pinning butterflies around the cone, working from the bottom up. If there are gaps between the butterflies, try swiveling the butterflies to cover the spaces.

5. Optional: To attach the topiary to a pedestal, glue a drywall screw onto the top of the pedestal using E-6000 adhesive. When glue is dry, center the cone over the screw and gently slide it onto the screw.

DIY a springtime Easter Egg

Butterfly Egg by Patty Schaffer.

To Make a Butterfly Egg:

1. Make butterflies, following Steps 1 – 2 above. Then, pin your butterflies onto the egg till the egg is covered. If you have any gaps, swivel your butterflies to fill in the space.

While I’m on the subject of eggs, do you remember last year’s Easter Eggstravanganza? I’m planning another Eggstravaganza this year, starting March 3. I hope you’ll make plans to follow along.

how to decorate Easter eggs

Easter Eggstravanganza 2012.

With a big “thank you” to the O’Neil Sisters, I have three winners to announce today. Congratulations Donna O’Neil! You’ve won the e-book Spa Crafts and the book Steampunk Chic (what a coincidence that you share the same last name!). Cynthia P. and Birgitte also win copies of  the book Spa Crafts. Please contact me, ladies, so I can arrange for your prizes.

Is anyone crafting this weekend? Care to share your crafty plans?

Happy crafting.


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10 Responses to How to make a Springtime Paper Butterfly Topiary and Egg (And winners announced)

  1. I like doing crafts, in fact for the past 20 years or so. I did it for shows at one time, but now I do it for pleasure and gifts. I saw the picture of the Valentine Topiary. It was in the Womans World magazine. I made 2 so far and love doing it. I really appredciate your ideas. I am anxious to see and do more.
    Thank you.
    Deanna Lattanzio
    “Wicker Seahorse” (crafts and boutique)

  2. Katiria says:

    UGH this weekend I have to work because we are consolidating offices and I will be sorting and packing for the move onthe 1st. I actually should be labeling boxes right now (SHHH!). Maybe I can convince my boss to let me make one of these topiaries for the new office 😉

  3. LisaM says:

    Love the butterflies. I think I have a couple eggs and a coupon to use for the pins. My silhouette will get a work out cutting butterflies…..My little darling won’t be bored this weekend. Thanks all the great ideas. I know what I am doing when the snow hits tonight. Can’t wait for the Eggstravaganza. 🙂

  4. Birgit says:

    The Butterfly Topiary looks just lovely!

    Congrats to the lucky winners. 🙂

    Happy (and for me snowy) Friday,

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you, Birgit. Hope you’re keeping warm. Sharon

      • Birgit says:

        Just to make sure, Sharon — it’s not me who won the copy of the spa e-book, is it? You wrote Birgitte, you see. Or did you happen to mean me? I have seen so many variations of my name, but, usually, people change the first i and r rather than adding extra letters. Anyway, would be lovely to know. 🙂

      • Sharon says:

        Oh my gosh, I am sorry, I did spell your name wrong, Birgit. You are a winner of the book Spa Crafts!

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