Valentine Wreath Week: Repurpose a sweater & make a cozy Valentine Sweater Wreath

I recently stopped in a Goodwill store, looking for a little inspiration . . . and I walked out with a bag full of potential! When I wanted to make a Valentine Wreath, I knew the red and cream sweaters from the Goodwill would be perfect. The stretchy sweater fabric is easy to work with, and makes for an almost-instant wreath. In fact, I made both recycled sweater wreaths in one night. The textured cables and ribbing are pretty “as is” but these are Valentine Sweater Wreaths, so I dressed them up a bit.

how to make a recycled sweater wreath for Valentine's day

I covered this wreath in a creamy, ribbed sweater, and then added ready-made felt roses.

how to make a recycled sweater wreath.

I love the textured cables on this Sweater Wreath.

how to make felt heart flowers for a Valentine wreath

I fell in love with this patterned felt, and paired it with solid white and solid gray felt.

Confession – I purchased the felt roses on the creamy Valentine Sweater Wreath. I know you can make your own, but the purchased roses were so pretty, and so much faster. Then, after I fell in love with this patterned felt, I knew I had to use it on the second sweater wreath. I decorated the red Valentine Sweater Wreath with flowers made from felt hearts.

To make a Valentine Sweater Wreath, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 12” wreath
  • Old sweater
  • Straight pins
  • Felt roses and hearts OR if you’re making felt heart flowers, you’ll need:
    • Felt, heart buttons, needle & thread, narrow ribbon
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors

    repurpose a sweater to make a valentine craft

    You don’t need much more than this to make a Recycled Sweater Wreath.

To make a Valentine Sweater Wreath:

1. Cut a sleeve from an old sweater and carefully cut it open along the seam. Wrap the sweater fabric around the wreath, pulling it smoothly all the way around, and pinning the sweater to the back of the wreath. Cut away any excess fabric from the back. If one sleeve doesn’t completely cover the wreath, cut a section from the second sleeve and pin in place to completely cover the wreath.

how to make a Valentine Day Sweater Wreath

Wrap the sleeve around the wreath ring, stretching and smoothing as you go. Pin the edges to the back of the wreath.

2. Embellish your wreath. I used purchased felt roses and felt hearts on the creamy wreath, and made felt flowers from felt hearts for the red wreath.

To make Felt Flowers with Heart Petals:

how to make felt flowers for Valentine's Day

Flowers made out of felt hearts for a Valentine’s Day Wreath? Perfect!

1. For each flower, cut out four 2” hearts and three to four, 1-1/2” hearts. Stitch together the point on each heart, which creates a fold and adds a little dimension. Stitch four 2” hearts together, forming a flower. Repeat with the 1-1/2” hearts. Glue together the two layers of petals, and add a heart button to the center. Arrange flowers on the wreath and glue in place.

2. Cut out three, 1-5/8” hearts. Glue to ribbon, and then pin to the back of the wreath. Adjust the ribbons till you like how the hearts hang.

I have lots of leftover sweater fabric, and designer Patty Schaffer is already working her magic with it. Next time you see these sweaters, do you care to guess what they might be?

Happy crafting.


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25 Responses to Valentine Wreath Week: Repurpose a sweater & make a cozy Valentine Sweater Wreath

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  2. Terrie says:

    I am new at all this, I found you on Bing. I LOVE , LOVE your work!!!! It is exciting.
    Thank you for the inspiration,

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  4. Mary Ellen says:

    I used the same method to make coats for my 2 little dogs. Simply cut sleeves from old sweatshirt
    or sweater add holes (measured to dog) near front and cut semi rounded bottom to fit over doggie
    unmentionables. This technique gives me endless sweaters and coats to keep my furry friends warm.

  5. Joey says:

    Your sweater wreaths inspired me to make one. But, I didn’t have a sweater to repurpose. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. navywifeypeters says:

    I LOVE the red wreath! I love the texture of the red sweater material. I love the flowers and the hanging hearts! So cute!!! I love it!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

  7. homastyle says:

    Thank you so much for visiting Homa Style and linking your Valentine wreath.
    Have a wonderful Valentines Day!
    Remember to visit again on the last Wednesday of February for the Inspire Me link party.

  8. homastyle says:

    You made this look so easy.
    I’m having a Valentine link party going on now and would love you to link up.

    The link is:

  9. pattisj says:

    These are beautiful!

  10. Ann H. says:

    I’m loving these wreaths! You are so clever!!! Thank you for sharing.
    Ann H.

  11. simplyseashell says:

    Sharon! Wow! Super cute and super easy! You really got your craft on with this one. I totally “heart” the white one. 🙂

  12. Maureen R. says:

    Yah! Sweaters are my favorite thing to repurpose and upcycle because they are so versatile.

    • Sharon says:

      You’re right about that, Maureen. These were so easy to make, and the fabric is super to work with. It stretches to cover, doesn’t fray, and I have a lot left for . . .?? More to come on the leftovers! Sharon

  13. LisaM6 says:

    What warm and inviting wreaths. Love the sweaters and roses add a nice touch.

    • Sharon says:

      Awww, thank you, Lisa. You know me — I like a quickie craft and these were so easy. The sweaters have so much style that you don’t have to do much to them. Sharon

  14. E.C. says:

    Very creative, you are really clever. That white one is so lovely and elegant. This is a great idea.
    I hope you don’t mind, I’m going to reblog this post.
    Thanks for sharing.

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