A sweet & easy Valentine’s Day Wreath blooming with paper “flowers”

I usually like my cupcake liners filled with cake and frosting, but I’ll make an exception for Rebekah Meier’s Valentine Cupcake Liner Wreath. Made with flattened cupcake liners, Rebekah’s pretty Valentine’s Day wreath looks like it’s blooming with paper flowers. I’ve seen other wreaths made with cupcake liners, and I know that Rebekah’s wreath is much faster and uses far fewer cupcake liners. Here’s to Rebekah’s Valentine Cupcake Liner Wreath, our first Valentine’s Day craft of 2013!

how to make a cupcake liner wreath for Valentine's day crafts

With pompom centers, the cupcake liners look like paper flowers.

To make a Valentine Cupcake Liner Wreath, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 10” wreath
  • Cupcake liners, 1 – 2 packages
  • Craft foam, 9” sheet
  • Crepe paper, 1 roll in red
  • Pompoms, 10 small
  • Round toothpicks, 10 – 12
  • Ribbon, one yd. of red check
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; straight pins

To make a Valentine Cupcake Liner Wreath:

1. Wrap crepe paper around the wreath and secure ends with straight pins.

2. Wrap an 18” length of ribbon around the top of the wreath for a hanger and pin and glue in place.

3. Flatten cupcake liners with hands. Pin liners around the wreath till the wreath is covered.

cupcake liner flower tutorial to make a cupcake liner wreath for a Valentine's day craft

Flatten the cupcake liner, add a square of craft foam to the reverse side, and a pompom center to the front.

4. Cut 10, 1/2” square pieces from craft foam. Gently pinch the centers of 10 cupcake liners and glue the foam squares to the wrong side of each liner. (The wrong side is the plain side.) Turn over, and glue a white pompom to the center.

5. Gently insert and glue a 1” length of toothpick into the center of each craft foam square.

6. Arrange the cupcake liner “flowers” around the wreath. When you’re pleased with your arrangement, insert the toothpicks into the wreath. If needed, remove the toothpick, add a dab of glue, and insert again into the wreath.

7. Tie ribbon into a bow and glue to the top of the wreath.

Valentine's day craft tutorial for a cupcake liner wreath

Change up the colors and patterns and make this wreath for any time of the year.l

There are so many pretty cupcake liners in the stores, and it would be easy enough to adapt this wreath to just about any holiday or season. In fact, I often find it hard to pass up another cute little box of cupcake liners. How about you – do you have a collection of cupcake liners stashed away in your kitchen cupboards?

Happy crafting.


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16 Responses to A sweet & easy Valentine’s Day Wreath blooming with paper “flowers”

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  3. Marti says:

    That is adorable! I love all the cute cup cake holders and am always looking for creative ways to use them other than for cooking! LOL I’d love for you to share this and participate at our Craft Party! Just follow the link…..http://sew-licious.blogspot.com/2013/01/saturday-show-licious-craft-showcase-16.html


  4. So cute Sharon! I’ll be featuring this on Craft Gossip today 🙂

  5. So pretty! Thanks so much for sharing! XO, Aimee

  6. this is really cute!!!!

  7. Home Seasons says:

    Love this idea! Must go pick up some fun patterned cupcake liners asap 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  8. Peach Lee says:

    This project is jest too cute! ♥

  9. LisaM says:

    What a fun wreath.

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