A round up of repurposed snowman crafts

Crafts ‘n Coffee featured several of the cutest snowman crafts last year, all designed by Kathleen George. As I was looking through them, I noted that they’re all made from repurposed materials. So, today, I’m going to repurpose our repurposed snowmen (can you do that?) and share the most popular snowman crafts from last year. They are so cute – I hope you don’t mind revisiting them. Save that soda bottle, sock, glove and sweater – we’re going to make snowmen!

how to make a snowman in a cloche made from a plastic soda bottle

The Snowman Cloche wins in the Sweet Personality category.

It’s a Snowman Beauty Pageant, and I’ll start with the runners up. Number four in the repurposed Snowman Beauty Pageant is . . . the Snowman Cloche. I think this one definitely wins in the Sweet Personality competition, don’t you? Repurposing a two-liter soda bottle for the cloche is simply genius, too.

how to make snowmen from a repurposed glove

The congenial Glove Snowmen are all made from a leftover glove.

Second runner up is the Handful of Snowmen, crafted from an old glove. I think this crew all deserves the Congeniality Award – somehow, they manage to live together congenially in rather close quarters.

How to make a sweater snowman from an old sweater, knitting snowman

The Sweater Snowman not only wears a repurposed sweater, but he’s knitting, too. He definitely scores first in the Talent competition!

Tied for first and second place in the Snowman Beauty Pageant are the snowmen made from an old sweater and an athletic sock. The Sweater Snowman definitely wins first place in the Talent competition.

how to make a snowman swag from a sock

This Snowman Swag has figured out that accessories can make — or break, an outfit. You’d never guess they’re wearing an old athletic sock.

The Snowman Swag is the winner in the Snowman Beauty Pageant. Sporting cheery hats and scarves, all in a coordinating palette of red and white, the Snowman Swag also snags first place in the Best Dressed category.

Do you have a favorite? Which one would you vote for?

Thanks for stopping in today.

Happy crafting.


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7 Responses to A round up of repurposed snowman crafts

  1. Janet Clark says:

    love the snowmen. glad to see your email in my inbox.

  2. Tammy says:

    O my goodness I have never seen such beauty in one place before. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Jane says:

    Hi, I loved this craft from the 1st moment I saw it. Every year I make personalized Christmas ornaments for my immediate family members. The older members received a single snowman with the year & their name. And the 4 snowmen heads were perfect for my 4 young grandsons, that are brothers. I made some changes by crocheting their hats & scarfs. Plus I tweaked their faces, a little. Everyone loved them. Thanks, so much, for the idea!

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