Last-minute gift idea: Clever ways to give cash as a gift

As much as we’d all like to find the perfect, heartfelt gift for everyone on our list, sometimes, there’s nothing like giving a little cold, hard cash. To help make what may seem so impersonal a little more fun to give and to get, how about crafting a Money Tree? Money Trees are more creative than a gift card, and you can use any denomination you want. Make your tree with all singles, or throw in an Andrew Jackson or two.

DIY a money tree for easy, last-minute gift idea

A Money Tree from Then She Made.

Amy from Then She Made shows you how to make this quickie Money Tree with dollar bills and straight pins. How fun is that?

last minute gift idea: how to make a money tree

A DIY Money Tree from Buttons Galore.

Over at Buttons Galore, Dana Gustafson made her version of a Money Tree, and she decorated it with a chenille garland, mini ornaments and buttons.

And no, if you plant these trees they will not grow and bloom with more bills!

I hope you are finding the time this weekend to savor the season, and spending a little downtime with family and friends. It’s o.k. if you’re not able to bake that last batch of cookies or make the house look perfect. Slow down, breathe, and take in the wonder around you.

Happy crafting.



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5 Responses to Last-minute gift idea: Clever ways to give cash as a gift

  1. Lisa M says:

    What a great quick idea.
    Thanks for all the fun ideas so far this year!

  2. Sherry says:

    So clever and adorable! I may need to use this. If I can’t find more gifts at the stores today, there may be a forest of these under my tree, Thanks!

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