A Christmas Craft for the kids: A Golden Noodle Christmas Tree (and this week’s giveaway announced)

Here’s a fun Christmas craft for the kiddos from last year – a Golden Noodle Christmas Tree. Kids love crafting with pasta because it’s easy to use — it can be painted, glittered, and glued; and it’s available in so many fun shapes. Like most moms, I think pasta crafts are great because pasta is inexpensive. Here’s another hint from a mom – you can also make this pasta Christmas tree with a cone of STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam. The cones are sold in stores everywhere, and they can take a little rough handling, too.

easy Christmas crafts made from pasta for kids

Golden Noodle Christmas Tree by Kathleen George.

This week, I’m giving away a book for the crafty kids in your life — Rosie O’Donnell’s Crafty U. Yep, Rosie really is a crafter, and she believes in families crafting together. This is a fun book with 200+ pages of 100 craft projects. To win, leave a comment below telling me about a craft you made as a kid or with your kids using STYROFOAM Brand Foam. Please leave your comment by midnight on Thursday, December 13 and I’ll announce the winner on Friday, December 14.

Rosie O'Donnel's Crafty U for kids

Rosie O’Donnell’s Crafty U is this week’s giveaway.

Happy Christmas crafting!


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21 Responses to A Christmas Craft for the kids: A Golden Noodle Christmas Tree (and this week’s giveaway announced)

  1. Barbara Hodges says:

    As a kid, we didn’t have a lot of money but Styrofoam was cheap and accessible. We made bunting out of painted and glittered balls and snowmen which, in the heat of an Australian Christmas were totally out of place but meant Christmas had arrived! Our house was always beautiful at Christmas, full of lovingly created decorations, some of which have survived to this day. I am now 62 and still using Styrofoam but now, my grandchildren are at my side at the craft table! Some traditions are worth passing on! Thanks for the memories.

    • Sharon says:

      Wonderful story! I’m so glad that you share your love of crafting with your grandchildren, making happy memories for them. Thanks for sharing. Sharon

  2. Sharon K. Lozano says:

    My daughter just adopted 10 year old twin boys! I would love to give her this book as she was brought up crafting and now she can pass it on. Thanks, Sharon, which is a beautiful name. Sharon K. Lozano

  3. Ashley Flores says:

    My daughter and I made cake pop stands out of styrofoam to hold all the cupcake shaped cake pops we made for her 6th birthday party at school. It was a huge success and a big hit. 🙂

  4. my daughter and i have been making christmas ornaments out of styrofoam 3′ balls, using a snowflake punch and sequins and strait pins, they are beautiful and very easy to make, we are giving them to her classmates as gifts for her Christmas party

  5. Sandra Evans says:

    As a teen we would take yarn and make a bow of say 25 wraps around a 2inch cardboard slip off, tie in the middle and then use a straight pin in the middle of the bows, with bow sides facing each other up an down ( to look like a row of branches) and starting at the bottom put them in (use glue for permanent)rows around all the way to the top, we pushed them very close together. We used small ornaments or sequins to decorate and they were gorgeous..Have done wreaths with them also…Have shared the craft with nieces and Great nieces and nephews…Angel Hugs and Merry Christmas

  6. elsayed says:

    Foam trays are perfect to use as frame of collage picture using colored crepe paper

    • Sharon says:

      Meat trays are great for crafting with kids, though they’re not made by Dow and they’re not genuine STYROFOAM Brand Foam. For a little more on that subject, you can read “Foam Trivia” on the blog. Thanks for stopping in, and I’ll stop with my commercial message now! Sharon

  7. Debbie Bourassa says:

    My Mother, sister and I made a Christmas Tree out of styrofoam balls back in the early 1960’s.
    Toothpicks were spaced out all over each ball and balls were stacked on a styrofoam ring to form
    a tree. It was then sprayed with snow and glittered and a star on the top. My sister and I thought that
    was the best tree ever. We had so much fun making them too. Great memory. Thanks for reminding
    me. : )
    Merry Christmas!

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you for sharing your memory, Debbie. Your glittering tree sounds a lot like Pat’s below. I’m curious to know if you’re related?? It sounds like a beautiful tree and I really think we need to recreate this in the future. I think it would look just as pretty today. Sharon

  8. Donna O'Neil says:

    My daughter loves helping me craft. She last helped me make my burlap covered foam board.

  9. Sharon says:

    When the kids were younger, we made Christmas trees from styrofoam cones and used jewelry to decorate them.

  10. Joyce Matthews says:

    I have crafted with my kids since they were little all grown and married now. So now I craft with my grankids….the most special thing we created this year was a foan layered cone with foam ornaments that we had cut out with glitter on it…..it was so pretty.

  11. Pat K says:

    We would make a STYROFOAM toothpick Christmas tree from STYROFOAM balls. We would stick toothpicks in about 15-20 balls with glue. Stick them in a STYROFOAM wreath and form a tree
    , then spray with fake snow. Decorate with tiny ornaments. We would pack away the tree with plastic and it would last till next year with a quick spray of more snow.

  12. Diana Ross says:

    How pretty! I would love to make this with my grandkids when they are out for the Christmas holiday:) Rosie’s book would be such a treasure for us! We are always looking for new ideas, I have eight grandkids from ages 15 to 3.

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