Easy, no-sew Burlap Pumpkins for your fall decorating

As promised, I’m sharing Patty Schaffer’s Burlap Pumpkins today, the perfect match for yesterday’s Burlap Cornucopia. Pair them together for a beautiful fall vignette all season long. I also have a little giveaway planned, so read on.

Beautiful, DIY Burlap Pumpkins for fall. And, no sewing! Tutorial on CraftsnCoffee.com

Easy, no-sew burlap pumpkins using Styrofoam balls for your fall decorating

No-Sew Burlap Pumpkins by Patty Schaffer.

To make a Burlap Pumpkin, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 6” and 4” balls (or sizes of your choice)
  • 1 yard orange burlap
  • Coordinating cotton fabric (a fat quarter or two is more than enough)
  • Scrap of corrugated cardboard
  • Green patterned papers
  • Green ink and sponge applicator
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Serrated kitchen knife; bar of soap or old candle; scissors; small nail scissors; wooden skewer or other pointed tool; 7/8” beading pins

 To make a Burlap Pumpkin:

1. Wax your knife blade with an old candle or bar of soap. Cut a slice from the top and bottom of the foam balls so that the balls do not roll, and they are shaped more like pumpkins.

2. Using the tip of the wooden skewer, draw deep creases into the foam balls, similar to the lines on a pumpkin. Vary the width of the sections so it’s more realistic.

3. Cut pieces or orange burlap and fabric to fit the sections. You’ll want to add an extra ¼” on all sides for the seam.

4. Place fabric or burlap piece on its corresponding section and use your knife to tuck the edges into the grooves. If needed, insert pins into the grooves to help hold the fabric in place. Trim excess fabric and threads with nail scissors.

Details for making a no-sew burlap pumpkin

Top off your pumpkin with bits of Spanish moss, a corrugated paper stem, and paper leaves.

5. Glue a small amount of Spanish moss to the top of each pumpkin.

6. Cut a strip of corrugated cardboard 1½” x 6” and roll it up till it’s the desired thickness for a pumpkin stem. Glue the stem in place.

7. Cut leaves from green patterned paper. Crumple the leaves, then flatten and ink the edges and the wrinkled surface. Glue leaves to the top of each pumpkin.

Cute, no-sew Burlap Pumpkins. Love the burlap + fabric combination. Tutorial on CraftsnCoffee.com

Display these No-Sew Burlap Pumpkins all season long.

How to make a burlap cornucopia and burlap pumpkins for a Thanksgiving centerpiece nkyo

How pretty would these look on your Thanksgiving table?

If you like Patty’s style, you might also want to check out her etsy site P.S. it’s in the details. Patty shares her beautiful paper creations, brimming with buttons and other whimsies, in her etsy shop.

**Please note: Giveaway is Closed**

Now for today’s giveaway. I mentioned yesterday that I love the STAK Tree® shape, which Patty used to make the Burlap Cornucopia. And I’d love for you to try it, too. So, this week, I’m going to give away a prize package with a 12” STAK Tree and three holiday crafting magazines: Phyllis Hoffman Celebrate Christmas, Cloth Paper Scissors Gifts and Crafts ‘n things. Now, these are not the current year issues, but they are still packed with fun, sparkling, and irresistible Christmas craft, decorating and gift ideas.

STAK Tree and Christmas magazine giveaway!

You could win these three Christmas craft magazines and a 12″ STAK Tree!

To win this package, tell me about your Thanksgiving plans by Thursday, November 15. Are you cooking? Dining out? Traveling to visit family somewhere? Please leave your answer below, and I’ll announce the winner of the STAK Tree and Christmas crafting magazines on Friday, November 16.

**Please note: Giveaway is Closed**

Happy crafting!


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82 Responses to Easy, no-sew Burlap Pumpkins for your fall decorating

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  11. Jan Reid says:

    This year we will spend thanksgiving at home with the traditional favorites. My daughter wo is serving in the navy will be home for the last time before deployment.

    • Sharon says:

      You must be so proud of your daughter! Please offer her my “thank you” for serving our country. I wish you all a wonderful Tthanksgiving holiday. Sharon

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  13. Let’s see . . . 24 guests . . . seven houseguests . . . eating, chatting, laughing, horseback riding . . . and crafts for everyone! 🙂 Can’t WAIT!!! 🙂

  14. My daughter wants us to have Thanksgiving dinner with her this year. I usually host the dinner for the family on holidays, so this will be a treat for me, especially this year because my husband has been in the hospital for the last month.. (He may get out today!)
    Glemma C.

  15. ColleenB. says:

    Totally love them burlap pumpkins. How cute those would be down the center of the table.
    Will be having family over so I will be preparing our Thanksgiving feast to eat late in afternoon and of course gotta watch the football games that are on tv. Everyone says that I prepare enough food for an army so will have plenty if anyone wants to drop in.
    What we also do, is what we call ‘adopt a family’. We buy all the Thanksgiving meal fixins (groceries) and give to a family that is in need so that they themselves can enjoy a nice family meal.

  16. Nancy Carr says:

    I will have dinner at a local restaurant on the ocean with friends. It is hot and hopefully it will be breezy at the ocean as well as wonderful food.

  17. katiria says:

    Since I’m not a good cook, every year I use Thanksgiving day to decorate for Christmas and it usually takes me all day. Those lights are always tangled! Then, for dinner I make spaghetti. Afterwards, I have to stand in line for Black Friday this year because Target has the lowest price for a present I have to get my son. (shh it’s a secret) I should be home in the wee hours 😦

  18. Mary Madison says:

    I am flying out of Albany, NY at 600 AM to spend the holiday with my daughter and son-in-law in Port Orange, Fla. They were just married in June and are excited, and I think a little homesick over their firrst major holiday as a married couple. Sure hope it’s warmer there than here in upstate NY

  19. Well last December my Baby (and only) brother left to go to Afghanistan but giving GOD all the praises that he will be coming home in 7 days! So you can imagine that we will have a houseful of people and among those people will also be 3 of the young men that served with my brother. I don’t have to have Turkey and the wonderful dishes that we like to have on Thanksgiving, even if it was just pizza, I’ll be happy because my best friend will home. Now I’ll stop typing before I get all teary eyed lol

  20. Happy Fall Ya’ll! I adore your pumpkins and the technique is so different than most tutorials for burlap pumpkins…love it. Thanx for sharing.
    As far as my Thanksgiving plans…my husband, son and I will travel to Louisiana to my Mother’s home to celebrate this blessed holiday. We celebrate Thanksgiving every year in Tallulah, LA…this will be a bitter sweet year, because it will be the first Thanksgiving celebrated without my Daddy. He gave up his battle with colon cancer on Dec. 9th, 2011 and now celebrates in Heaven with our Savior…Daddy will be dearly missed, but our family will continue our traditions in his memory.
    Thanksgiving Blessings, Tiffany Steers

  21. Pam Johansen says:

    We will be driving 2 1/2 hours to New Orleans, taking a plane to Houston and driving another 3 hrs to San Antonio all to meet our new granddaughter that will be 2 days old on thanksgiving day!!

  22. My husband is an EMTand this Thanksgiving will be his first one off in 7 years, so we will be doing dinner at home with a deep fried turkey and all trimmings. Our children will be with us with the 2 new grandbabies. I am definitely blessed this Thanksgiving!

  23. mistyfuji says:

    I will be cooking a big dinner for my family. Unfortunately, it’s just immediate family (husband & 3 children)…I was hoping my mother, sister & her family would join us but they don’t want to travel all the way to VA because the drive is too long. My mom is flying out Friday night at least so I get to spend some time with her. Thanks for hosting. Love your site.

  24. Kayla says:

    We will be joining 25 other family members in Portland OR for Thanksgiving dinner followed by our legendary and long awaited soccer game…ALL the cousins play; from ages 4 to 45 in rain, sleet, hail or snow…when it gets dark, we just use headlights~ it’s a blast!

  25. Joan Warren says:

    We are going to the Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara. My niece died last February – she was only 34 of pancreatic cancer – so the emotions are still a bit raw – we thought being away would make it easier than cooking and celebrating at Grandma’s house this year.

  26. Nancy Toy says:

    Hi Sharon, Just wanted to say that the pumpkins and cornucopia are very pretty and unique. I will be having Thanksgiving at my home and doing the main cooking and having my family make dishes that they like. My 16 year old grandaughter wants to contribute this year so that will be special. Having the family together is the best part! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  27. My youngest has autism & a Pastor, who worked also for school transportation, use to drive him to his autistic school. At the time we didn’t attend church. My youngest was having a lot of behavior issues & it was more than I could handle. After sharing with the Pastor, she started talking to our son & his behavior improved. Then he asked if we could go to (her) the Pastor’s church. That was a year ago & still every Sunday my 8 yr old wakes up & says “It’s time to go to church!” Our Pastor & the church have become a wonderful support system for us & we are very thankful…So for Thanksgiving my family of 5 will be serving those who have no where else to go for Thanksgiving..

  28. Ana Marcela Herrera says:

    We are staying home this special day, we are gonna have very special moments. Love your burlap pumpkins! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!

  29. Stacy Brown says:

    Thanks for the question Sharon! After reading the posts above, I am engulfed in memories…this year I will be cooking for my husband and my 90 year old father. My dad grew up with fond memories of buffet type dinners, so this Thanksgiving we are having as many small dishes as I can pack on my table! And I am hoping to have as many different desserts as I can find the time to create! This Thanksgiving will be honoring life, love and celebrating fun memories!

  30. Cynthia Helms says:

    Will be traveling to visit with family and will celebrate my mom’s 80th birthday on Thanksgiving day. I’m taking a pumpkin/chocolate swirl and an apple pie with me and can’t wait to share with my grand kids!

  31. cathy etter says:

    We lost both of our Mom’s this year so I am blessed, thankful and filled to the brim with gratitude to be spending Thanksgiving with my husband, food will simply be the icing………

  32. I grew up in southern Indiana and my favorite memory of Thanksgiving is going to the Hadi Shrine Circus every year. My Dad (now deceased) would work the circus and take me and my brother. He looked so handsome in his tuxedo!

  33. These are so so so cute! I am featuring them at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com.

  34. Nancy D says:

    Not sure what we are doing for Thanksgiving. I’m recovering from a foot surgery so I don’t think I’ll be cooking this year! Maybe this year we will go out to dinner. Sure will miss the leftovers though. To me that is always the best part of Thanksgiving dinner 🙂

  35. Helen says:

    We are headed for our daughter’s. My other children will be there also. It will be fun to be with everyone, but especially the grandkids. I don’t know what I will be cooking yet, but we will be taking some things along. I love the pumpkins and cornucopia.

  36. Cathy Martin says:

    We will be gathering at the nursing home where my Father in law lives now since his stroke. I bring the crafts. There is too much food and my Sisters in law are much better cooks, so a few years back I started bringing simple ornaments to make. It is fun and cuts down on the snacking.
    My Great niece (10) is already asking what we will be making!

  37. de says:

    Grilling a butterflied turkey with mesquite in the high desert in SoCal.

  38. Cindy says:

    I like to try new recipes at Thanksgiving and this year I am making a yummy carrot cake! The pumpkins and cornucopia would look very festive on the table.

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  41. Elizabeth says:

    We will be having thanksgiving with our 2 daughters and their families. My son-in-law always cooks and he is an excellent cook!

  42. Kathi says:

    About 25 -30 of us will be going to my sisters this year for Thanksgiving. We love this holiday. And we all bring our special goodies. Can’t wait. Next year we will have two babies joining our
    happy family!

  43. gloripotimus says:

    My husband, dear Mother-in-Law and I will join my mom at the nursing home where she lives for a delicious Thanksgiving meal. The chef and his crew prepare a traditional Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings. The dining room is set with linen-covered table cloths & napkins, fresh flowers, hot coffee and iced tea in their own carafes. After THEY clean up and clear the room we have a wonderful “Frank Sinatra type concert” from a local talent. This will be our 4th year to celebrate Thanksgiving this way, and I’m so grateful for the Nursing Home making it possible for us to be together for such a delightful day.

  44. Lyn Smith says:

    Unfortunately we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Oz, but I just love the cornucopia & pumpkins & would love to win this package. Thanks for the chance.

  45. Connie K. says:

    We’ll be having a big family dinner at home. I work full time so I don’t cook big meals very often – but Thanksgiving is always a celebration.

  46. studiorose says:

    Alas, I have to work this Thanksgiving. The holiday pay will come in handy for buying gifts, but I’d sure rather be home stuffing my face! 🙂 Love these pumpkins and the cornucopia made from a “tree” kit is really clever.

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you. So sorry you’ll be working, and I thank you and everyone else who has to work that day. Make sure you get first dibs on the leftovers! Sharon

  47. May Jerzak says:

    Because I’m a single mom, my children and I used to go to our Aunt’s house in PA. But, ever since I cooked my first turkey a couple of years ago, in the Reynolds Oven Bag, my kids went crazy over it and now we stay at home.

  48. Deanne Hl says:

    I am cooking for family. What a lovely holiday Thanksgiving is!

  49. m-a says:

    Hi, here in Quebec, the Thanksgiving is past. It is not a great day like for you.
    I love your cornucopia. Thank you
    Have a nice day and and a very nice Thanksgiving.

    • Sharon says:

      Thanks for chiming in. You’re right – I forget that Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving a month earlier. I hope it was a lovely celebration for you! Sharon

  50. Staying home and cooking for the family.

  51. annehaun says:

    I am the designated cook so will spend the day in the kitchen. I keep wondering when do your children take over this duty??? Love your burlap pumpkins.

  52. Donna O'Neil says:

    I am going to be cooking. We are going to get a Heritage Turkey and make all of the usual yummies. We aren’t going anywhere this year since I am going to be 8 1/2 months pregnant by the time Thanksgiving rolls around.

    • Sharon says:

      Best wishes to you, Donna. You have every excuse in the book to snag seconds – and even thirds, of the pumpkin pie! Sharon

    • carmen says:

      As i live in Europe i still celebrate thanksgiving with e big turkey and all the trimmings sweet potatoes cranberry sauce etc!!!!but most of all is the family gathering giving thanks !happy thanksgiving

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