DIY Halloween Duct Tape Deco Spheres

Remember the Duct Tape Deco Spheres from a while back? And how smitten I became with duct tape crafts? And then I made those Duct Tape Topiary Trees and my Halloween Duct Tape Wreath? So, yeah, I have a lot of duct tape around here. And lots of thin strips of duct tape. Which means that I had to make one more duct tape craft – Halloween Duct Tape Deco Spheres.

Halloween duct tape crafts

While the patterns are all different, I think these Duct Tape Deco Spheres are fun displayed together.

I love this bright mix of patterns and colors. The yellow and purple look great together, and the zebra stripes add a little zip, too. Halloween is not about subtlety, is it? I’ve displayed mine in a bowl, but you could pile them in a glass vase or hurricane, too. Or just line them up “as is” in a row along your mantel or windowsill.

I don’t think these need step-by-step instructions, so I’ll just walk you through it. To make a Duct Tape Deco Sphere, you’re going to tear a length of duct tape from your roll of tape. Tear off a length that you find easy to work with – it could be as short as 18”, or as long as 30” – 36”. Much longer than that, however, and your tape will tangle. Tear your long strip into three narrow strips.

how to make duct tape crafts

Just tear your duct tape to make three, thinner strips. Note: This photo is misleading — before tearing your strip of duct tape into three thin strips, tear the strip from from the roll.

Then, wrap the tape around the ball. It will stick to itself and you’ll find there’s no need for glue.

easy duct tape crafts for home decor

Just wrap the tape around the ball — there’s no need for glue.

These are super simple and look pretty cool, which means they’re super-satisfying to make. If you’ve not yet done any decorating for Halloween, you can whip up a dozen of these tonight. Really, they’re that fast (and addictive).

Happy crafting!


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7 Responses to DIY Halloween Duct Tape Deco Spheres

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  2. Bonnie says:

    These are really cute!

  3. Home Seasons says:

    What a cute idea! Love the printed duct tape, especially the candy corn one!

  4. Lynn says:

    I love your duct tape ideas. I’m totally addicted to the duct tape collection. Hubby just shakes his head when he sees a new pattern of duct tape enter the house. LOL

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