Halloween spider crafts large and small, a collection of 10 in all

Indoor, outdoor, large and small, I have 10 Halloween spider crafts for all. In my web today are Halloween spider wreaths for your front door, glamorous glittered spiders, easy spider crafts that kids can make, and even a spider headband. For more spider crafts, don’t miss yesterday’s Halloween Duct Tape Wreath with a spider theme, and Monday’s Tarantula in a Cloche.

easy Halloween wreaths to make

Halloween Spider Wreath from Summer Scraps.

Summer from Summer Scraps combines strips of tulle and a glittered spider to create a Halloween Spider Wreath that’s colorful and even a tad glamorous.

DIY Halloween spider decorations

Front Door Spider with Lizzie Jane Baby.

Lizzie Jane’s cute, Front Door Spider lives on a web Lizzie Jane spun across her entire front door. Be sure to check out her tutorial on Lizzie Jane Baby.

how to make an outdoor Halloween spider

Ginormous Outdoor Spider from All You.

This Ginormous Spider from All You magazine is really clever, and his legs are made from inexpensive foam pipe insulation.

how to make pottery barn glittered spiders

Glittered Halloween Spiders from Momnivores Dilemma.

From ginormous to these mini, Glittered Spiders inspired by a Pottery Barn catalog. Nicolette from Momnivores Dilemma figured out how to recreate the Glittered Spiders she admired in the PB catalog.

kids DIY yarn spider crafts for Halloween

Furry Yarn Spiders from Clean & Scentisble

Jenn from Clean & Scentsible shares a classic technique that’s easy for kids – she wraps balls of STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam in eyelash yarn to make Furry Yarn Spiders.

yarn spider Halloween craft ideas for kids

Super-size Furry Yarn Spider from Sugar Bee Crafts

In a guest post on Sugar Bee Crafts, Shatzi super-sizes the Furry Yarn Spiders and makes hers with large, 5” – 6” balls of STYROFOAM Brand Foam.

how to make cute Halloween spider crafts for kids

Daddy Long Leg Spider on StyrofoamCrafts.com.

Here’s one of my favorites by Kathleen George – a Daddy Long Leg Spider perched on legs made with repurposed clothes hangers.

Halloween spider decorating ideas

Bouncing Halloween Spider on StyrofoamCrafts.com.

How about using a cone for a spider? This Jumping Spider bounces on an elastic cord.

easy Halloween costume ideas for kids

Halloween Spider Headband from Fiskars.

And for the grand finale – a Spider Headband. I would love to wear this spider headband on Halloween! Laurie shares how she made it, and several other Halloween headbands, on the Fiskars site.

Did any of these creep you out? I hope not! I’ll have more Halloween craft ideas tomorrow – none of them with eight legs, I promise.

Happy crafting.


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6 Responses to Halloween spider crafts large and small, a collection of 10 in all

  1. Katiria says:

    I like the head band oo, but my favorite craft today is the “Halloween Spider Wreath from Summer Scraps”.

  2. I am loving all these spiders! Don’t get me wrong-I hate spiders! But these ones are just so cute and happy! 🙂

  3. Lisa M says:

    Those are too darn cute. The headband is just to fun. I’ll have to show my little girl and see what she thinks. Thanks for some great ideas.

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