An easy, tie-dye & wiggle eye Halloween wreath

Wow, I am honored that my Tie-Dye & Wiggle Eye Halloween Wreath is featured in Crafts ‘n things weekly newsletter. If you have just an hour or so to make a Halloween wreath this year, this is the wreath for you. Crafts ‘n things has the tutorial, so check in over there and see just how easy it is.

Easy Halloween wiggle eye wreath

Tie Dye & Wiggle Eye Wreath

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Halloween magazine giveaway from Crafts 'n Coffee

I’m giving away these four, inspiration-packed Halloween magazines.

In other news, in the wiggle eye vs. googly eye contest, it appears that the googly eyes are winning. What do you call them?

Happy crafting!


easy Halloween crafts for kids and adults

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4 Responses to An easy, tie-dye & wiggle eye Halloween wreath

  1. Lisa M says:

    I call them goggley eyes. Great wreath.


  2. Katiria says:

    I’m not surprised you were featured in Crafts ‘n Things weekly newsletter, that wreath is very pretty. Congrats

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