Boo! I’ve conjured up spirited ghost crafts for Halloween

Have you ever made Cheesecloth Ghosts? Halloween Cheesecloth Ghosts are a classic Halloween craft, and I remember making them as a kid. This year, I hope to make a few of these Ghost Crafts with my daughter. I found two tutorials for making Cheesecloth Ghosts – one for porch ghosts from Simply Designing, and another for cute little mini ghosts from Crafts Unleashed. Both are so simple, and fun for kids & adults. And in case you want more ideas, I’m sharing a link back to a few of the ghost crafts from last year.

Ashley from Simply Designing was scared silly by the $59 price tag for three Pottery Barn Porch Ghosts. So, she fashioned her own Halloween porch ghosts and estimates they cost her less than $20. Aren’t they fun?

how to make porch ghosts with Simply Designing

Porch Ghosts from Simply Designing

For a mini version, check out the tutorial from Crystal on Crafts Unleashed. Crystal hung hers on her chandelier, and I can imagine these little Halloween Ghosts haunting all sorts of nooks & crannies around the house.

how to make ghost crafts

Halloween Cheesecloth Ghosts from Crafts Unleashed

For a few more ideas, see the ghost crafts round up from Crafts ‘n Coffee last year.

Tutorials for Halloween Ghost Crafts

Check out the Halloween ghosts on Crafts ‘n Coffee.

Tomorrow, I have a quick idea for your Halloween decorating. See you then!

Happy crafting.


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10 Responses to Boo! I’ve conjured up spirited ghost crafts for Halloween

  1. Michelle says:

    Totally love these! I want to make a bunch of little ones to hang in our trees out front and maybe a few big ones for the front steps – although I’d have to figure out a way to hang them since there is no roof over our entry. I was looking for ghosts like this at Target yesterday, when all along I really knew it was better to make than buy. Thanks for offering a timely solution!

  2. LisaM says:

    Those are too funny. Love ’em all. 🙂

  3. Katiria says:

    I like the mini ghosts hanging from the lamp. I remember making this when I was in grade school but those were made out of napkins-and had floppy heads. These are better LOL

  4. Well, those are just adorable!

  5. Love the porch ghosts. Is that a balloon for the head do you think? great blog 🙂

    • Sharon says:

      Thanks for stopping in. The heads on the porch ghosts are big ol’ balls of STYROFOAM Brand Foam. They are so much more durable and longer lasting than a balloon, and you can insert your hanger right into them. Have fun with this one! Sharon

      • Thanks for that 🙂 I might have a go at Papier-mâché molded over a balloon, I have a bit of a thing about making things for free and I have the rest of the supplies at home 🙂

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