Rah, rah for vintage football & cheerleader craft designs (and hooray for last week’s winners, too)

It’s Friday and it’s September, which means that football fans everywhere are getting ready for a little Friday night or Sunday afternoon action (or both). To get in the spirit, I thought it would be fun to share a few sports theme craft projects from my collection of vintage craft books. Plus, I have a football centerpiece idea from StyrofoamCrafts.com that would be fun for a homecoming or other football party.

Kappie's Bear Buddies Vintage Craft book

Bear Buddies was published in 1987.

Bear Buddies by Lois Pritzlaff was published in 1987 by Kappie Originals, Ltd. As you can see, chenille bumps and stems were all the rage back then (actually, they’re still popular today, especially for children’s crafts). These were pretty easy crafts and used basic supplies, like felt, pompoms and STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam.

Vintage football crafts

Football Bear

vintage crafts made from chenille

Cheerleader Bear

It would be easy to dress the Football Bear and Cheerleader Bear in team colors. I think they would still be popular today, don’t you?

For a real look back, here’s a Football Centerpiece from a 1966 KAP Kraft book – almost 50 years ago! There’s a LeeWards price tag on the book, and I don’t think that craft store chain has been around for quite some time.

vintage crafts for the football season

Football Centerpiece from 1966.

DIY a football or homecoming party centerpiece

Use your favorite team colors to personalize this festive football party centerpiece.

If you’re hosting a homecoming bash or Sunday afternoon football party, StyrofoamCrafts.com has a Sports Centerpiece that would be perfect. Change up the paint colors and customize it to cheer on your favorite team.

And speaking of cheers, let’s hear it for our two winners who will receive the holiday edition of Stitch Craft Create magazine and a craft apron. Congratulations to #10 Kathy H. and #24 Nancy. Please contact me to arrange for shipping. Thank you to all of my readers who responded and provided feedback. I hope you’ll continue to  share your comments.

I’m curious – do you like the Bear Buddies? Would you make these bears today? Should I include the instructions next time?

Thanks for stopping in today. Happy crafting!


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8 Responses to Rah, rah for vintage football & cheerleader craft designs (and hooray for last week’s winners, too)

  1. Mary Ellen Mandeville says:

    I really like the bear buddies a whole lot and would love to try making them as well, I just love vintage craft books from the 1980’s and I hope to get a tutorial on how to create these adorable

  2. Katiria says:

    I love those bear buddies, I would make these bears if they were easy to do. I don’t know if the instructions would be complicated. It would be awesome to make them

  3. Sharon says:

    O.K., ladies, thanks for cheering on these bears. It appears that teddy bears never go out of style! I’ll work on posting the instructions sometime next week. Sharon

  4. Sharon says:

    Please, Please provide the instructions for the Bear Buddies. Just love them

  5. Nancy says:

    The bears are darling! Would love the instructions! I think my cousin needs a little New York Giants bear!

  6. LisaM says:

    Those bears are too cute. I would like to learn to make them.

  7. Laurie says:

    I think they’re adorable! Yes, include the instructions!

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